Guide to Playing GO Pokémon on a rooted device

Guide to Playing GO Pokémon on a rooted device

Pokmon Go had an important upgrade yesterday, but for all the wrong reasons. In a desperate attempt by Niantic to counter measures of cheating, GPS spoofing and bots, they have decided to block full access to root devices on Android and Jailbreak on iOS. This unleashed the fury of communities like XDA and Cydia

Not only that, but some r / pokemongodev reports say that some Chinese phones such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oneplus come factory rooted and that there are users who have no idea what a root is or they have not done so they get the message Of error. This should be enough signal for Niantic to act and realize the gigantic problem they have created.

If you see the screen do not panic, it is not a ban but rather a kind of softlock application. That is, when you remove all types of root or hide it should go all normal.

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The root or rooting your android device is to acquire permits superuser, which means you can use and modify your device without any restriction and thanks to the latest update of Pokmon GO know that all users root their phones not be Use the application , and not all of you roboise your phone just to cheat on Pokmon GO, so we bring you a guide on how to enjoy this popular game from your rooted device. For more Information Please Visit! ?????

This root in particular is to change the method of rooteo of our device by the mod Magisk developed by the user topjohnwu of XDA that allows us rooting our device with systemless root method does not modify the system partition and allows us to activate And disable the root of our device at will to be able to use any application and game.


To use Magisk we need our device to have the bootloader unlocked and a personalized recovery like TWRP . It is recommended to install the factory image and bootloader of the device , but will have to undo the root and restore the bootloader.


1) De-rotate the device : Install and open the SuperSU application from the playstore, go to the Settings tab, go down to the Cleanup section and click on Full unroot. Say that you want to restore the boot and you do not want to restore recovery. The device will reboot and we will no longer have root.

2) Get rid of Xposed : Go to the Xposed downloads page and download the uninstaller corresponding to the processor of your device (arm, arm64 or x86) . Once downloaded we save the ZIP in our device and install it from the recovery (Recovery> Install). After flashing the ZIP we will have to do a Wipe cache / dalvik to remove all traces of Xposed .

Note: if you do not know what kind of processor you have, we recommend googlear before or download Droid Hardware Info , here is also a guide to know your type of processor.

3) Install Magisk: In XDA there is a tutorial and its download link. We need to install (or its latest version) from recovery. After installation we reboot the device.

4) Root with Magisk : To roote the device we have to download the Magisk version of phh?s SuperUser 17 (click start download automatically) and install it from the recovery as we did with the Xposed uninstaller and the Magisk installer from the previous steps. We reboot the device and installed phh SuperUser from the Play Store and also Magisk Manager v1.2 .

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Congratulations, now your device is rooted and you can enjoy the freedom that the root gives without ceasing to play Pokmon GO, we simply have to enter Magisk Manager and deactivate the root every time we want to play and activate it when we finish playing . While activating and deactivating the root correctly Pokmon GO will have no way of knowing that your device is modified.


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