Give The Gift Of Music, Donate Musical Instruments To Charity

Give The Gift Of Music, Donate Musical Instruments To Charity

Have musical instruments laying around that you and your family no longer play or use? Donate used guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, flute, clarinet, and more. Did you know used musical instrument donations can make a big difference in the lives of of those less fortunate? Donate vintage instruments or donate audio equipment to Collectibles with Causes!

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Music is a beautiful gift that all children should be able to have access to. Many schools across the country have cut their musical education programs from their curriculum because music instruments that are used in schools can be very expensive and the budget for them just is not there. With your generous musical instrument donation, an opportunity for learning can become available to our children. A donation of a musical instrument may open a door for these children and give them the opportunity that they may have never had before. You can create a lasting impact with Collectibles with Causes by gifting a musical instrument to benefit those less fortunate.

As you can imagine, a musical instrument can change someone?s life. Your donations are needed and very much appreciated. Donate Cecilio, Bach, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Ibanez, Korg, Ludwig, Martin, Pioneer, Roland, Selmer, Shure, Yamaha and Zildjian!

As a guide, here are some examples of musical instruments you can donate:

  • Donate Guitars
  • Donate Flutes
  • Donate Saxophones
  • Donate Violins
  • Donate Drums
  • Donate Clarinets
  • Donate Pianos
  • Donate Electronic Instruments
  • Donate Amplifiers, Effect pedals, Cables etc.
  • Donate Microphones, Recording Equipment and Gear
  • Donate Sheet music, DVDs & Books Related to Music Lessons
  • Donate Tuners, Music stands, Accessories etc.
  • Donate Storage and travel cases for instruments
  • Donate DVDs and software related to music production.
  • And much more!

Collectibles with Causes is a part of an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Any gracious contributions can give you a great tax benefit. To donate an instrument today, simply fill out this simple form.

Questions? You can reach out to one of their representatives here!


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