1 — Optical illusions

1 — Optical illusions

A logo is the face of a company. An exciting logo surely captivates the attention of the viewer.

For a business, it is essential to have a logo design which is meaningful and according to the latest trends.

2019 has been witnessing not just a shift in logo designs but its branding as well.

Today, more and more people use smartphones to browse various things on the internet.

Therefore designers across the world strive hard to create things which appear beautiful on a small screen as well.

Same goes with logo designs and their branding.

Some business houses haven?t changed their logo for decades now, which will not affect their goodwill, but make them appear less attractive in comparison to others who are keeping pace with the latest trends.

Changing your logo in a couple of years, not entirely, but minor changes to be brought to the logo to make it appear attractive and modern, bring a must needed refresh in the outlook of a business.

A modern logo design with a new tagline is the right way to start redefining your brand.

To market your business successfully and reach out to the masses, you must adopt a logo which is trendy, intricate and interesting, which instantly make people curious about your brand.

Let?s explore which are the latest modern logo design trends 2019:

  1. Optical illusions
  2. Badges
  3. Shapeshifting logos
  4. New vintage
  5. Minimalist illustrations
  6. Overlaps
  7. Metallic logos
  8. Multi-colour gradients
  9. Geometric shapes
  10. Creative logotypes
  11. Bright colours
  12. Minimalist typography

Logo designs are of two types: logomarks and logotypes.

Your current logo may have both or one of them, but if it doesn?t appear trendy in terms of shapes and colours, it will not garner much attention of the audience.

Now, let?s explore the modern logo design ideas above for a better understanding of these terms:

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Optical illusions are a different type of images when observed give away two or three different perspectives.

These images are designed intricately to trick your mind.

At times, your eyes and mind register two separate impressions of the same image.

This is called an optical illusion.

With the help of technological advancements, graphic artists can incorporate optical illusions in an image quickly.

An ambigram is one of the examples of optical illusions.

It?s a typographical design that can be read as one word or more words when turned, mirrored or displayed from various points of direction.

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One of the most famous ambigrams is rotational.

It?s tough to create a rotational ambigram as the word can still be read when rotated to 180 degrees.

2 ? Badges

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Badge logos are distinctive circular, ovular or triangular designs, which often has dark coloured, hard and defined lines which run along the perimeter of the logo.

Generally, badge logo designs have a bold appearance as thick lines are used to define it, features are bold and capitalised, and many colours are added to the logo; it makes it look attractive.

Insignia style badge logos are very popular this year.

3 ? Shapeshifting logos

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This trend is catching up very fast.

Every industry irrespective their size are adopting shapeshifting logos.

Shapeshifting logos are created by multiple variations in a logo, and it constantly shifts its shape displaying various shapes.

There are four sub logo trends under shapeshifting logos:

Generative ? it includes living logos, which always change their shape and are based on brand language or an algorithm.

Responsive logos ? these logos are designed in a manner which easily adapts to any screen size such as mobile, desktop or tablet.

Contextual logos ? these logos can be easily modified according to the place they are used in.

Variable logo ? these logos are a minor change in the primary logo to adjust to the campaign they are used for.

4 ? New Vintage

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As the name suggests, the new vintage logos are designs based on various items used in the past.

Designs of these items are combined with contemporary style and spirit.

It adds authenticity and craft to the brand.

Designers who aim to create new vintage logos opt for basic shapes like circles, ovals, diamonds, shields etc.

These logos exhibit the blend of badges or stamps with contrasting colours and objects that signify the objective of the business.

Another way to create a new vintage look is to adopt different geometric shapes combined with different vibrant colours to create maximum visual impact.

5 ? Minimalist illustrations

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It?s an approach to create a logo in a simplistic and clear manner.

This trend has been constant for some years now.

These logos look good both in small and big sizes.

Also, minimalist logos go well with all types of marketing materials and brand designs.

Minimalist and geometric logo styles complement each other well.

A combination of these two logo styles helps graphic artists design elegant, conceptual and simple logos.

6 ? Overlaps

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It is a dynamic approach to create logos.

It adds duality and extra layers to the image to make an attractive logo.

It boasts creative and innovation as it helps designers in creating a second or third element out of a logo?s overlapping space facilitates more innovative options and attractive blend of colours.

7 ? Metallic logos

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These logos have been around for some time now, but in 2019, they have been given more importance, and they are no more confined to jewellery brands anymore.

The shiny effect of metallic designs gives an elegant and luxurious appearance to a logo and make them appear outstanding.

That serves the main objective of a business to adopt a modern logo design.

There are several ways to pull off a metallic logo which can help in evoking the right kind of feeling in your customers.

For example, high tech metal, luxurious gold, subtle silver, gaudy gold, heavy metal etc.

8 ? Multicolour gradients

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Multicolour gradient stipulates a range of position dependent colours, generally used to pack a region.

The colours fabricated by the gradient change constantly with a position, producing smooth colour transitions.

Instagram is the best example of a multicolour gradient logo design.

It not only appears elegant but unique as well.

In 2019, more and more businesses are opting for gradient logos.

9 ? Geometric shapes

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Geometric shapes are boon to the graphic artists as they can create different types of logos using geometric shapes.

Each shape carries meaning and can be moulded to according to any business logo requirements.

Geometric shapes can be combined with other logo designs to innovate new ones.

Logos made using geometric shapes are generally simple and can be made both in big and small sizes.

10 ? Creative logotypes

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It involves a full brand name written in a bold, creative and recognisable way.

The literal meaning of logotype is one piece of type that prints a word, a group of letters or a logo.

The main feature of the logotype is that it immediately attaches a business name with the visual identity and reduces the chances of brand confusion.

This is a great design for those who are starting a new business as not to be confused with an already existing brand.

11 ? Bright colours

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Bright colours are always in to attract the audience?s attention.

Bright coloured can be easily adapted to the requirement of different brands.

They give a vibrant look to the logo and helps in catching the immediate attention of people.

Bright colours can be easily combined with other trends to make a logo appear more attractive.

2019 is no different; it seems this year also bright coloured logos are dominating the scene.

12 ? Minimalistic typography

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Minimalistic logo styles are frequently illustrated into minimalistic typography.

Minimalistic logos are already trending in 2019 let it geometric, black & white or colourful.

Graphic artists create minimalistic typography logos by using just a letter or two of the brand?s name.

These modern logos also use full brand name on some marketing materials like business cards, brochures, billboards etc.

2019 has already shown it is vibrant with different designs of logos from bright to metallic to minimalistic and many more empowering different brands.

There are different types of logos catering to the needs and taste of different people.

A graphic artist can blend and combine different logo designs to create a unique logo for various brands.

Brands who wish to have simple and elegant logo should opt for a minimalistic and straightforward modern logo design.

It?s no secret that logo design trends 2019 are following the graphic design trends of 2019.

More and more brands are coming up with creative logos that illustrate a distinct artistic vibe.

A logo is not merely a symbol; it is the first impression of a brand.

A dynamic logo can instantly make the audience curious to know more about the brand, whereas a dull logo fails to create an impression on the people, which in turn, harms the brand.

The logos mentioned above are already trending in 2019, and many brands are exhibiting a successful blend of different logo designs which are liked and hailed by many.

Author Bio: Lisa Allen, an assistant writer/author, working for assignment writing services, is a PhD holder from the University of Sydney with years of experience in the academic field. I had already written for many sites like Trans4mind, Mindmajix, Thrive global, I Must Read, Buzzfeed, Theodysseyonline, Tribulant and more. Catch me on About.me.

Originally published at https://inkbotdesign.com on June 5, 2019.


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