Gay Man Accuses Sen. Cory Booker Of Sexual Assault In Restroom

Gay Man Accuses Sen. Cory Booker Of Sexual Assault In Restroom

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Stunning new sexual assault allegations have surfaced against Democrat New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, and the man who is alleging the charges is both gay and a self-proclaimed liberal who says he votes for the Democrat Party.

?If we were to travel just 4 years back in time, you and I would find solidarity on the subject of Cory Booker. As a matter of fact, he was a hero of mine. I was and still am, a liberal in principal with a record of voting exclusively for Democrats since I was 18 with the exception of the 2016 election cycle. But it was in the summer of 2014, when Senator Booker visited my workplace, that my political worldview began to shift,? the accuser wrote in a piece titled ?Cory Booker Sexually Assaulted Me and why it won?t matter to the #metoo movement.?

?I stopped to use one of the building?s single-occupancy restrooms. Upon washing my hands prior to leaving, I heard knocking on the door,? he wrote. ?When I opened the door, Mr. Booker was there. He smiled and very gregariously said ?Hey!? We engaged in some brief idle chitchat in the entryway and then he asked me to speak in private. What happened next, happened so fast that it was hard for me to comprehend what was going on ? He pulled me into the restroom, albeit not too forcefully and slowly pushed me against the restroom wall. He said that ?Being a hero was a serious turn-on.? He continued, ?The Senate appreciates fine citizens like you. Especially this Senator.? He then put his left hand on my groin, over my jeans and began to rub. I seem to remember saying something like ?What is happening?? It was a bit like having vertigo. He then used his other hand to grab my left hand with his right and pulled it over to touch him. At the same time, he disengaged from rubbing me and used his left hand to push me to my knees from my shoulder for what was clearly a move to have me perform oral sex on him. At that point, I pulled away quite violently and told him I had to go. I did not see him again before he left. ?

That said, the person making the claims has contacted an attorney, Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group, who is also a member of the Republican National Committee. He said that he gave his real name and the facts of his case to Dhillon who advised him to contact reporter Ronan Farrow who has made a name for himself reporting on cases of sexual assault.

The alleged victim said he had reached out to Farrow on Oct. 7 but did not hear back from the reporter for four days. He said he responded to Farrow with availability between Oct. 12?15 for an interview but did not hear back from the reporter Oct. 20, the day he published his piece.

The accuser went on to take a shot at the #MeToo movement, the media and actress Alyssa Milano.

?To someone like myself, the #metoo movement is more of a precarious bridge over croc infested waters than it is college safe space. (It) should have been a catch all phrase that included any survivor, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. But instead, it seems, that those have become the very prerequisites that determine what is and is not attention worthy. When Ronan Farrow?s cause was born, it was beautiful and innocent. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, it was C-List actress Alyssa Milano who named it, appropriating the movement by Tarana Burke. And it was ideologues like Milano who nurtured it and gave it a PC framework. The ?me? in #metoo had become a preferred pronoun for liberal women accusing conservatives. And #IBelieveHer became #metoo?s new nickname,? he wrote. ?So therein lies the rub. I?m not a woman. I do consider myself liberal but I no longer consider myself a Democrat. And the perpetrator of my story is a Democratic hero/2020 contender?hardly a tale that can be programmed, categorized or easily referenced by the modern American media apparatus.?

The accuser went on to describe himself as ?a lower middle class nobody. I (have) nothing to lose or gain by coming forward with the truth. Cory Booker, on the other hand, has everything to lose if he doesn?t flip his script in response to this. Watch how quickly he defaults back to the presumption of innocence. And then decide for yourself?is he really Spartacus? Or just another a**hole.?

It is important to note that these accusations come from a single, unnamed, source via a self-published piece. There is no corroboration to the accusations at this time other than the anonymous accuser?s words. The presumption of innocence is, was and continues to be paramount in the United States and it should remain that way for Sen. Booker and anyone accused of crimes regardless of Party.

I have reached out to the accuser, Dhillon and Sen. Booker?s office but have not heard back from them prior to publishing.


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