Garage And Roll-up Doors — The Top Things To Know

Garage And Roll-up Doors — The Top Things To Know

Roll-up doors are used in both commercial and residential settings. As their name implies, they are opened via a roll-up mechanism. They come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, and have multiple benefits. One of the most common types of roll-up doors is the garage door, which is used for residential buildings.

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Roll-up Doors ? What Are They?

Roll-up doors are doors that are operated by a mechanism that lets the panels move vertically. The panels are then gathered into a roll. They are perfectly convenient for residential buildings, where space is limited. They are also ideal for small commercial or office buildings. In some areas, roll-up doors are used to cover storefronts during the night, thus offering protection against burglaries and other types of physical damage. Roll-up doors come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, configurations, colors and can be made from various types of materials, depending on their function or role. Talk to your local rolling doors design professional to make sure you choose the right door for you.

Roll-up Doors ? The Main Types

There are two main types of roll-up doors: section roll-up doors and rolling steel doors. Here?s a short description of these models:

Section Roll-up Doors ? These doors have 4 or 5 large horizontal panels; these panels are fixed together and are also rolled up together when the door is open; the panels are rolled up completely on the ceiling if the door is open; section roll-up doors can be made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass or wood;

Rolling Steel Doors ? These doors have only one large rigid panel, which is rolled up to the ceiling when the door is open; the garage opening remains completely open, leaving more entrance room; the rigid panel can be made of any material ? wood, aluminum, steel or fiberglass; the panels are often insulated and can be finished in any color or material; doors made of fiberglass are the most fragile, while those made of steel are the most durable; these types of doors cannot be made of wood, as the material is not robust enough;

Colors And Finishes Available For Roll-up Doors

As any rolling doors design professional can tell you, roll-up doors can be finished in any color or material. This makes them ideal for residential buildings, where design is important. Common colors for residential roll-up doors are white, cream and glossy white, silhouette gray, polar blue, buckskin, royal blue, desert tan, forest and fern green, continental brown, dark teal, cedar red, teal, tangerine, valentine red, sunset orange and marine green. Custom colors are obviously available, but for an additional cost.

The paint used is a special super durable polyester paint, which provides excellent protection against corrosion. The paint makes the door look spectacular even after decades of use, offering greater flexibility and hardness. The paint consists of multiple topcoats and primers that create the final finish. Textured finishes are also available for an additional cost. Talk to your rolling doors design professional to learn more about the available finishes.

Roll-up Door Accessories

Roll-up doors can be installed fairly easy, especially if you hire a good company to help you. To make commercial garage door installation even easier and more affordable, major manufacturers are also offering multiple types of accessories. Here?s a few of them:

Jackshaft Operators ? These accessories can be used for any type of door that has a chain, a shaft, and sprockets; the jackshaft operator can be used during commercial garage door installation and it makes the whole process much quicker and safer;

Pantheon Electric Door Operator ? This electric device makes the installation much easier; the tool uses low voltage DC motors which guarantee efficient and quiet operation; the tool also works in manual setting, which makes it ideal for manual installation, if it is needed; the tool also has an internal reduction gear system which helps the motor if the door is particularly heavy; the tool comes with a 1-year warranty against defects and poor workmanship;

The Benefits Of Roll-up Doors

Roll-up doors have multiple benefits. Here?s a detailed look at some of them:

Easy To Use

The doors are specifically designed and manufactured so they can be lifted and lowered easily. This makes commercial garage door installation much easier. The doors come with advanced features, like ratchet tensioning devices, radial ball bearings, head axles, door stops and have a torque tube assembly. The doors also have magnetic stainless steel latches and door springs.

Highly Durable

Durability is one of the main benefits of roll-up doors. They are ideal for virtually any climate and can withstand storms, powerful winds (for instance hurricanes). They are built to last a lifetime.

Easy Maintenance

Rolling doors almost don?t need any maintenance work. You just simply wash them with water or use a power wash tool. It?s the only maintenance work they need. As long as you do this regularly, they are good to go for decades!

They Look Great

Let?s face it, garage doors are not designed to look great. They are, after all, functional elements for residential and commercial buildings. However, roll-up doors come in multiple designs and finishes ? so they can look awesome. And you definitely want to make the garage door look great, in every setting. There are many colors, materials, and finishes to choose from, so you will be able to choose whatever you want. If you don?t know what to choose from, simply talk to your rolling door professional.

They Are Secure

Roll-up doors offer excellent security, which is very important for commercial buildings. The roll-up doors are used to cover stores during the night, reducing the risks of burglaries and break-ins. The same goes for garages, where security is very important.

Roll-up garage doors can be immensely useful and in some cases, beneficial. By understanding how the benefits of these doors and how your business is structured, you can figure out whether they are the best doors for you.


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