FWB Meaning: What Does FWB Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does FWB mean? What is the definition of this internet acronym ? Learn how and when to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

FWB Meaning

What Does FWB Mean?

The acronym ?FWB? stands for ?friends with benefits?.

This generally means a friend in which you have a sexual relationship with, but do not label themselves in a relationship. It is not uncommon to see ?FWB? already be involved with other people, while still maintaining their ?FWB? status. ?FWB? often go on dates, as friends, meaning they?re just hanging out; they may use pet names; they talk all the time and are extremely close, and they have a sexual relationship in addition to their friendship. However, they do not claim a personal, monogamous relationship status.

This internet slang term can also describe two people who act as if they?re in a relationship, such as going out together, cuddling, holding hands, but never kissing or having sex. But they still have most of the benefits that come with being in a relationship. They are ?FWB?. It doesn?t have to be sexual to make this acronym work.

Similar Internet Slang Terms

?FWB+ ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + [+] (plus)

?FWBAR ? = F (Friends) + W (With) B (Benefits) + A (And) + R (Requesting/Requisitions)

?FWBB ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Baby) + B (Benefits)

?FWBBTOBIH ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + B (But) + T (The) + O (Only) + B (Benefit) + I (Is) + H (Hugs)

?FWBF ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + F (Forever)

?FWBSA ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + S (Strings) + A (Attached)

?FWBWB ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + W (Without) + B (Benefits)

?FWBWF ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + W (With) + F (Feelings)

?FWBWI ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) + W (With) + I (Intentions)

?FWB zone ? = F (Friends) + W (With) + B (Benefits) zone

?NSA ? = N (No) + S (Strings) + A (Attached)

Often in ?FWB? cases, one of the participants, most often the male but not always, will request the benefits portion of their friendship more than the other person. This makes them a ?fwbar? or ?friend with benefits and requesting or requisitions?. When a single female begins to have baby fever but there are no prospects in her future, she may ask her ?FWB? to get her pregnant, making them ?fwbb?, or ?friends with baby benefits?. Usually, she will raise the child alone, without the ?fwbb?s? help.

Not all ?FWB? couples are sexual. Some may just have the benefits of dating, with hand-holding and kissing included, but never anything explicit. These are ?fwbwb? or ?friends with benefits without benefits?. Some people may start out as friends, that end up having benefits, but there is a chance for this situation to evolve into a relationship later on. This is ?fwbwi? or ?friends with benefits with intentions?. When you?re stuck in an ?FWB zone?, or ?friends with benefits zone?, you should give up any hopes for your relationship to become more and move on. Otherwise, you?ll be stuck an ?fwbf?, and forever is a long time.

Other Meanings

The acronym ?FWB? can also stand for things like: ?fat white b****?; f***- with it b****, which is a female you are interested in sleeping with but don?t want to acknowledge in public; ?fat water buffalo?, which is a derogatory term for someone who is overweight. Can also imply that someone has a big ego. You might also see or use this term to refer to ?Free Will Baptist.?

You may wake up in the morning after a long night out and have a few messages from your friends, ragging on you for ?fwd? or ?Facebooking while drunk?. Get ready to cringe when you see what you did while intoxicated . You can also mean things like f*ing white boy; fing worthless bastard; fed up white b; funny weird b; or fly white boy.

Here is the list of other meanings:

Friend With Benefits

Fort Walton Beach

Full Weight Bearing

Free Will Baptist Church

Floor Wall Baseboard

Foxy White B*tch

Fat White Boy

Fort Walton

Full weight-bearing

Fort Walton Beach (Florida)

Free Will Baptist

Frankfurter Wertpapierbrse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

Full Wave Bridge Rectifier (electronics)

Conversation Examples

Example using ?FWB? as ?friends with benefits?

Speaker 1 : yo what up wit u and Jen

Speaker 2 : man we just FWB

Speaker 1 : cool you care if I hit her up?

Speaker 2 : nah you good go for it

Speaker 1 : preciate it

FWB Meaning Infographic

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