Review — Scam or Legit (Complete Guide) Review — Scam or Legit (Complete Guide)

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The popularity of cryptocurrency Bitcoin promotes the development of sites to earn bitcoin without investing in the Internet, but among these projects are questionable, trying to deceive users, so consider one of the oldest and most reliable faucets for earning Bitcoin ? FreeBitcoin, how to register, how to earn and withdraw.

What is

Official site of the Freebitcoin faucet ?

Freebitcoin is one of the most famous bitcoin faucets, which has been operating since 2013.

The service is very popular among cryptocurrency collectors, has proven itself as an honest and reliable resource for free bitcoin earnings without investments.

In recent years, has paid its users more than 193,000 BTC.

Registration on the website

First, you can create a bitcoin wallet, if you do not already have one (for example, here:

Then we move on to registration on the official website of Freebitcoin:

On the main page of the faucet website in the menu select ?Sign UP?.

Fill in a simple registration form, specify your E-mail, password to the account, check that the field ?Your Referrer? were the numbers: 15886687 (if not, re-enter the site of the faucet at the link above).

Enter the inscription indicated on the protective captcha and press the ?Sign UP? button.

After registration, confirm your E-mail (follow the link in the letter from Freebitcoin in your e-mail).

We also immediately set the address of your bitcoin wallet in the faucet settings:

In the personal account of Freebitcoin in the menu we choose ?PROFILE?.

Select on the page ?Change Withdrawal Adress? (Change Address for payments).

Indicate the address of your bitcoin wallet, save the changes and confirm the transaction (a letter with a confirmation link from will be sent to your E-mail, which you need to go to immediately).

Now you can earn money by visiting the menu in the personal account of Freebitcoin section ?Free BTC? (Free BTC) and clicking on the center of the screen on the ?ROLL? button and solving the protective captcha.

How to make money on

Free Bitcoin every hour

All registered Fribitcoin users have the opportunity to win free coins every hour for entering a captcha.

This can be done in the ?FREE BTC? section. A table with number ranges is displayed on the screen. The amount of the reward depends on the range of your ?lucky number?.

In this draw you can get for free from 0.00000024 BTC to 0.024 BTC.

Also at the bottom of the screen there is always a timer until the next draw.

For each captcha you get a bonus of 2 free lottery tickets and 2 Reward Points.

Free lottery

Every week Freebitcoin holds a lottery (?LOTTERY? section).

The minimum amount of remuneration is 0.0006 BTC, and the maximum is 0.31 BTC. During the lottery, 10 prizes are determined.

In order to participate, you need to accumulate lottery tickets, which are issued free of charge for various activities on the site or buy them on the site.

In the ?LOTTERY? section you can view the balance of your tickets, the number of available tickets and the approximate chance of winning, and there is a separate window for their purchase.

The price of one ticket is only 1 Satoshi.

The more lottery tickets you participate in, the better your chances of winning.


MULTIPLY BTC ? fast lottery from Fribitcoin. You need to guess the range of numbers that the system will give at random.

When betting, select the ?BET HI? button if you think the number will be more than 5250 and BET LO if less than 4750. The minimum bet is 1 Satoshi.

For each game you get as a bonus 1 lottery ticket, 1 Reward Points for each bet 0.000005 BTC and one gold ticket for every bet 0.005 BTC.

Bitcoin deposits on Freebitcoin

For storing earned satoshi in your account, you can receive interest on the entire balance, as in a regular bank (you can find all the details of the deposit program in the tab ?EARN BTC?).

To do this, you must have at least 30,000 Satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account.

While storing funds, your account is not blocked, you can withdraw bitcoins at any time.


For all its users, the Freebitcoin faucet offers to try bitcoin mining directly through its browser.

To start mining, you need to specify the power in the mining section, and then the system will automatically detect a possible hashrate and start extracting satoshi. Extracted bitcoins are automatically credited to your account balance.

Withdrawal of funds from

The output of bitcoin occurs through the menu section ?WITHDRAW?.

Freebitcoin offers its users 3 withdrawal options:



INSTANT (instant).

In turn, these options differ in the withdrawal time and the size of the commission. It is better to choose AUTO and receive earnings automatically on your wallet on Mondays.

Regardless of how you withdraw funds, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0003 BTC or 30,000 Satoshi.

Go to the official website

Pros and cons of


Reliable service for earning bitcoin, which works for more than 5 years;

You can really earn bitcoins without any investments;

Very simple and fast registration;

There are different ways to earn money that can be used simultaneously;

There are several options for withdrawing funds;

You can set account protection with 2FA;

Beneficial bonus and referral program.


In most cases, little is paid every hour;

To earn more substantial amounts, you need to spend a lot of your time and have a lot of referrals.

Reviews of

The Fribitcoin faucet has been working for many years and this site is used by millions of users from all over the world. Reviews of Freebitcoin can be found varied, there are negative, but most positive, as this faucet always pays and gives everyone the opportunity to earn without exception.


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