Finding the version of the python package is very easy.

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If you?re wondering how to know the version number of a specific python package, it?s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I have miniconda with python 3.6.1, conda 4.3.22 & Win 10 64 bit. But the solution that I?m about to provide should work even for those who don?t use conda.

Step 1: Open up your terminal / Console / Command prompt.

Image for postI?ve activated my environment.

Step 2: Type ?python?.

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Step 3: Import your package and use .__version__ command as follows.

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Here, I imported sklearn and used .__version__ property to view it?s version.

import sklearn


That?s it. It must display the version of the package. This technique works for most of the packages.

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