FacebookWhy is Facebook loading slow?

FacebookWhy is Facebook loading slow?

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Facebook being slow has been a known problem lately and many people complain about slowness and freezing. It is one of the largest social media websites in existence and therefore requires a lot of stability from the PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can imagine that Facebook uses many different components to make the site work properly.

We have experienced Facebook crashing in various ways. The website does not load completely or hangs. Take as an example that Facebook sometimes freezes during games. In order to load games on Facebook, a good Flash plug-in must be installed. Chatting and other messages that are slow or stutter or become very slow during use is just another problem. The solution to these Facebook problems is quite simple, but please note that the cause can be different. What we recommend is to follow the steps below so that no possible cause is skipped.

Check your downloads and the latest updates.

Check if there is a FlashPlayer or Java update. If not, it is wise to install the latest updates. The same is valid for your Operating System, drivers and any other program that is installed on your device. So take care of it that there isn?t any old version present on your computer.

Which browser is the most suitable one?

Internet Explorer is used by some people for surfing, but can cause the computer to crash when you visit Facebook. Google Chrome could provide the solution. It is the best browser, stable and fast. If you already use Google Chrome, the browser version may be out of date. So check your version of the Google Chrome browser as this is often forgotten.

Other possible solutions.

Always check first if the problem only occurs in your browser. Open Facebook in another browser on your computer, such as Mozilla FireFox, Opera or Google Chrome. If similar problems with Facebook occur in other browsers then the problem is not caused by your current browser. This gives you the opportunity to focus on other possible causes.

It may also be that your device freezes or delays on sites such as Facebook due to spyware, viruses or malware. Use a good virus scanner to solve the problem.

Cleaning the computer and deleting files so that the hard disk gets more disk space is also a possible solution for the slow loading of FaceBook. Good luck!


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