58 Fictional Company Names for Demo

58 Fictional Company Names for Demo

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If you are in any kind of SaaS or software business that involves giving people a demo of your product during the sales process, you definitely run into an issue if picking good dummy data for your demo instance.

We in YayPay had this too, and at first, as a quick solution, came up with a bunch of random names like Eclair Inc, Cupcake LLC etc..

But then everyone got so bored with those meaningless names that we run an internal campaign to come up with the list of around 60 know fictional companies from different movie franchises, TV shows, books, even games.

For our application, we added some known personalities from these companies as well.

Anyway, here?s the list. Feel free to use it in whatever way you want at your own risk 🙂

Fictional Company Names

Sheet1 Company Name, Origin, Person 1, Person 2 Burns Industries, The Simpsons, Charles Montgomery Burns Dunder?


What other companies would you add?


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