Exit The Matrix: How Sophia Stewart Fooled The Black Internet

Exit The Matrix: How Sophia Stewart Fooled The Black Internet

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A decade ago, in the corner of Brooklyn known as Bushwick, I did the knowledge to Latin rhythms, cuisine and women. (Are Tacos really a Latin thing?) Beyond all that, I had one of my best writing gigs, laying down verses for what was the premier martial arts entertainment website in the United States.

I built with dragons and learned how to catch bullets with my teeth. I also realized that with enough hype, anyone could be a master, or reach the rank of the specialized Japanese assassins, known as ninjas.

Frank Dux is a ninja who tricked Hollywood into creating a film about his life story, that really wasn?t really his life story. Back in 1988, they called it Bloodsport. It was a hit. In the wake of the film?s success, he ran game on the media, got paper and weaved himself into the history of American martial arts, proclaiming that he was one of the country?s first legitimate ninjas.

When we built, he constantly name dropped. He was the first to do this, and he was the first to do that. It took some time, but after a few ciphers and articles, I realized he had a cubic zirconia flow. I learned my lesson, be mindful of fake ass ninjas.

Fast forward till the now. The president is wack. I?ve stopped bedding Latinas (not by choice), and I?ve stopped eating tacos (by choice). I also stopped pandering to Caucasian editors, asking them to tell Black narratives in publications that don?t pander to people who look like me.

When I thought of a very necessary story, I immediately thought of Sophia Stewart, the so-called Mother of the Matrix. The internets said and keeps saying, there will be a reboot of the film, I searched, but I could not find one lengthy article on her.

I reached out for a build.

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Her response: ?Would love for you to do a piece on my victory. Great. Please call me.?

As I arranged the interview, she sent close to 19 emails, each with documents, I didn?t ask for. She requested a pic. I was alarmed by the request, but I figured that she had been burned by so many industry people, she probably came to the conclusion, that she could only put her faith in Wakanda.

I was amped up. I thought we were going to get into some serious Octavia Butler, Sam Delany, Nnedi Okorafor afro-futurism shit, how she used voodoo to create her epic sci-fi universe, ultimately helping me and the internets understand the journey of a real Black writer.

I planned the interview for a week in advance, so I?d have time to finish my research. I listened to some interviews she had online. Homegirl talked a good game. She bragged about how good she wrote, how she was a child prodigy and how she went to NYU, USC and studied with prestigious professors. She name dropped: Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott and Magic Johnson. The more talked, she started sounding like a ninja.

The following day, I reached out and asked if she had any transcripts available. I also wanted to know if she was still in contact with any of the NFL legends or professors. They could verify who she was or if she really was the truth with her pen.

I also asked her if she had a copy of the Los Angeles Sentinel article she referenced in an interview, in which she mentioned her plan to make an epic Black science fiction film. She told me that I could find it in the book, The Third Eye. Through subsequent emails, she prodded me to purchase it.

I explained that normally when I review or write about a product, person, they usually provide the necessary material. She hesitated and then I told her that I?d find the Los Angeles Sentinel article using some databases.

Homegirl came back with these emails:

SUBJ: You are full of shit- you dumb nigger-Used by the Jews and Whites


Read your article, it told me a lot about you. Why not send it to TMZ so you can get some real press? You fake ass house nigger. Like Martin Lawrence would say: ? Now run and go tell that?.

Sophia Stewart


The internet is not Black or White. Communications have no race or color,

It is just pure knowledge dummy. You are telling someone something good or evil. It is either a lie or the truth. You so dumb you can not tell the difference between the truth or a lie. You better have another taco or the smears you told about the Latin women. Tell the truth, they rejected your Black ass!!!!!

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Two court cases. Look at the Utah Transcript. WB and others are a part of that case asking for money and a default judgment. This was about both incidents in Utah. You need to read and look at Doc 282 and 283 evidence. That is Bullshit what you are talking about. I own Matrix and Terminator, otherwise, I could not sell it you dumb ass. You can not sell other people?s copyrighted work. You are full of shit. I know who sent you now.

Dig for your answers. I am not sending you shit. Why your Black asses are shot by White cops. Your need to help thieves who have always stolen from us and taken Black people into slavery. You doubt my story??? You need prove my story is true.The federal court, FBI and DOJ have already done that. They certainly do not need your help. It is true , niggers never read. You came to smear. You are full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How much did they pay you?

Sophia Stewart Now print that statement


I didn?t trip. I assured her that I simply wanted to put together a decisive piece that could substantiate her claims. She was like, whatever and sent a soft copy of The Third Eye.

Red flags went off while reading the introduction, there were quotes from magazines, that really didn?t support her claim. I?m generalizing, but they read like this:

?Sophia Stewart is the person who claims? ? Yada Yada Magazine

?Sophia Stewart wants to tell her story? ? Blahzay Blah Magazine

?Poopity scoop, scoopdiddy whoop, whoop, di scoop ? ? Lift Yourself Magazine

I went through The Third Eye and found the Los Angeles Sentinel article, where she mentioned that she wanted to make a Black sci-fi movie. Beyond that, there was a screenplay, her bio and court docs (half of the book) that verified that she had filed a lawsuit against the powers that be, way back when.

I couldn?t find any creative genius in her work. While it appears that she had a science fiction film in her mental, it has absolutely no resemblance to the current Matrix films.

A 2005 Los Angeles Times article points out that Stewart used the ignorance of the Black internet and a gullible journalist to promulgate her myth. Her case was later dismissed because she and her attorneys failed to provide evidence.

In 1999, a second-year student penned the erroneous, yet viral article ?Mother of the Matrix Victorious.? The article created a hypebeast, and Sophia Stewart?s myth became legend. The internets believed she won billions. Her ?victory? was nothing more than a defense against a motion to have her case dismissed.

In 2013, Rock Newman interviewed her over the phone. On some real ninja shit, she told him that she studied law, journalism, and psychology. On some Frank Dux shit, she told Newman that she was awaiting a settlement of several billion dollars. Newman said he wanted to marry her and he was going to set up an opportunity for her to come on his show to verify her claims. She never did.

A 2013 Time Magazine article mentions that the settlement or victory that she keeps alluding to, the one she mentioned in her first email to me, it was for attorney fees. Not a-milli that she claimed to get against Warner Brothers.

Sophia Stewart has made a name for herself, by suing the powers that be. She is kind of like the guy who claims he?s Jay-Z?s son. He?s using the hype around the allegations to promote his music career. The thing is, after listening to him people realize that he doesn?t have Carter flow or genius, they?re not buying his story.

Whatever, it?s 2018, my president ain?t black, The Wachowskis aren?t brothers anymore and I have been doing the knowledge to Asian women for six years.

Long and short, homegirl has made a career for herself by capitalizing on the ignorance of people who have the same complexion as me. The Black internet and people like me wanted to believe that Sophia Stewart was slighted by the industry. We wanted to believe that she had Black girl magic, that she was another hidden figure. But when I exited her matrix, I realized that she ain?t none of that.

Sophia Stewart is a fake ass ninja with Bloodsport. Most importantly, she didn?t write The Matrix.


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