Every Action Has Consequences. So How Do You Know What Actions To Take?

Every Action Has Consequences. So How Do You Know What Actions To Take?

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Think of it this way. You want to live a bigger and better life than the life you are currently living. But just like most other individuals in the world, you are not willing to see past your fears. If this sounds like you, I want you to try something that I think you may find helpful. Instead of focusing on your fears, I want you to think about the consequences. And not the consequences of failing, but rather the consequences of never even trying.

?People will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure.? ?Tony Robbins

Think about that quote for a moment and see if it applies to your life. Are you willing to put yourself through endless amounts of pain in order to seek the things that provide pleasure to your life? Or are you going to avoid pleasure because you don?t want to experience pain or the feeling of failure?

It seems like a lot of individuals give up without even trying. They take one look at the things that they want to accomplish in life, and instead of even trying to overcome their fears, they think about what could go wrong and determine that their goals are not worth getting over their fears for.

The thing is, though, the scenarios that we fear in life rarely ever occur as we envision them. So while some individuals give up because they fear a certain scenario that they envisioned, they are giving up based on a scenario that most likely will not occur.

Every single one of our actions in life has a reaction, or also known as a consequence. If you decide to take action towards the things that you want to achieve in life, the consequence would be you not having the amount of spare time that you might like to have. But if you decide that your spare time is more valuable than pursuing your goals, then the consequence to that would be you not accomplishing your goals as quickly as you could have, if ever.

Both of these actions have consequences. It just comes down to which consequence you are willing to live with, and which consequence you can?t imagine yourself having to live with. That is what will determine the action that you take. While it is going to vary from person to person, remember that the choice is yours to make. Don?t let others control your actions or your life. Make your own decisions and follow your own truth.

There is going to be some amount of pain in everything that we do in life because nothing in our life is ever going to be perfect. But like isn?t about avoiding pain. It?s about accepting all of the different types of pain and determining which types of pain are going to lead us to the consequences we are willing to live with.

The consequences of my actions.

I have chosen to prioritize more happiness and positivity in my life. Not something that most 25-year-olds choose to spend their time prioritizing, but it is something that means a great deal to me. Some of the consequences of this decision may include being judged by others for choosing to focus on positivity instead of going out every single weekend.

But to me, it?s what consequence I am willing to live with. Am I willing to be judged by others, and spend more time trying to improve myself and the goals that I want to achieve instead of spending that time with others? Or do the opinions of others, and the need to be around others mean more to me than spending time on improving the person that I am.

These are questions that we have to ask ourselves because these are the questions that will determine our actions.

Personally, I would rather live with the consequence of being judged by others and spend more time with myself. Why? Because I know what it feels like to hate the person that you are, and that is something that I never want to experience again. I want to improve on the person that I am as much as possible, and to me, being disliked by others means far less to me than being disliked by myself.

This doesn?t necessarily mean that I need to completely eliminate one option from my life. It means that I need to find a balance that I am comfortable in living with ? a balance that will bring pleasure to my life, and one where I won?t have to avoid much pain.

The action that you choose, you need to be willing to live with the consequences. Don?t focus on living a life of fear. Focus on living the best life that you can possibly live. Focus on living a better life today than you lived yesterday.

Michael Bonnell

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