Using Sketch to Design Animations

Using Sketch to Design Animations

Animations in Sketch with Anima ? The Basics

Anima Animations Editor (was Timeline) is a tool for animation design, right inside Sketch. On this post we?ll explore the key components of Anima animation editor.

Update: Timeline is now part of Anima Toolkit ? Allowing designers to create Responsive and Interactive High-Fidelity Prototypes, all inside Sketch.

We also introduced Anima for Adobe XD, and Figma.

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Anima Animation Editor

Selecting a Group or an Artboard and clicking Anima Panel > Prototype > Animation > `Create` will present the full interface of Anima Animation Editor.

Image for postStep 1: The Anima Panel > Prototype > Animation > Create – To start animating groups or artboardsImage for postStep 2: You are now in Anima Animation Editor


Image for postThe keyframes are the different states of the animation

Inspired by Keynote and the ?Magic Move?, keyframes allow you to control the animation transitions like a storyboard.

Simply drag & drop or play with layer?s properties to animate it. All layers appear on all keyframes and you may show or hide them using opacity to make them fade in or out. You can add as many keyframes as you like.

Transitions & Timeline

Image for postA Timeline for each transition between every keeps you in full control

An arrow above each 2 keyframes defines a transition between them. Selecting an arrow will reveal its corresponding Timeline panel at the bottom.

And this is where lays the true power of this tool ? the Timeline.It allows you to set exact timing and curving in order to refine your animation into a beautiful and precise one.

Image for postImage for postDrag & drop to play with timing, right-click for curving.

The Toolbar

Once you?re in Anima Animation Editor, you?ll see a set of Anima Editor actions in the top toolbar.

Image for postAll is pretty much self-explanatory

Here are the 2 play methods explained:

Play One ? Play a single transition between 2 keyframes.Play All ? Plays all of the keyframes transitions in a loop.

Image for postImage for postOn the left Play One, on the right Play All


When you?re done crafting, click Export GIF or Export Video, in order to save your design.

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These were the basics of Anima Animations. On Anima 3 we?ve enabled to add animations and interactions to High-Fidelity Prototypes. So you can create amazing experiences, right in Sketch. Thanks for your amazing support and ideas, keep it coming!

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As always, we?re excited to hear your feedback!

Join the discussion or show off your designs on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Instagram, and vote for new features at UserVoice.

Stay creative!?? Anima team


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