Enjoying A Happy Ending Massage

Enjoying A Happy Ending Massage

Erotic massage isn?t solely the domain of men

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I?ve had a rough morning of dealing with people and their personal issues, so I accumulated a lot of stress in my neck and upper back. When I get stressed, everything stops working for me: I don?t think clearly, I find working out hard, my patients for other people diminishes, and I get a bit snappy and short with people.

When that happens, I go for a massage at a local place and my session always includes a happy ending.

About three years ago, I mentioned to one of my male colleagues at work after a particularly stressful afternoon that I was super tense.

?You should see this masseuse that I use when I?m feeling like that. Her hands are magical and after an hour on the table, I?m loosey-goosey.?

Loosey-Goosey is the medical term for ?relaxed? from what I understand.

I thanked him for the referral, called up and made an appointment to see the lady he recommended, Jade.

The massage place looked like every massage place in Sydney, kind of Asian themed with dark decor.

I was shown into a room with a massage table with a hole in the middle and I knew that this wasn?t a regular therapeutic massage place. Also, when I asked if I could charge the session back to my private health insurer, the lady at reception laughed and said: ?No, dahling.?

I was told to strip down, lay flat on the table face down, put a towel over my body and Jade would be in shortly. I did what I was told and honestly, the music in the room was really relaxing. By the time Jade arrived a few minutes later, apologizing for her tardiness, I was feeling pretty relaxed already.

Jade started into the massage using a nicely scented oil. Combined with the music and low lighting, I was feeling good. Plus, her technique was exceptional, she used the right amount of pressure and I laid there drifting off slightly.

As Jade worked her way down my back, she discarded the towel that had been covering my modesty, and she began working on my legs and glutes (ok, she was massaging my ass).

?Your legs are so strong. So much muscle for a lady.?

I spent a fair amount of time in the gym squat pressing and things, so that made sense. Jade worked my legs a bit harder than my neck and shoulders, but that was fine, it felt nice.

She would occasionally brush against the outer parts of my vulva near my inner thigh when she?d massage that area, and while I took note, it didn?t seem intentional.

Jade asked me to turn over and now I was laying on my back, entirely nude, looking up at the ceiling. Jade got some more oil and began rubbing the front of my shoulders and moved down to massage my breasts.

Again, it wasn?t really ?sexual? and if you?ve ever had your breasts massaged, you?ll know it feels pretty good when done well in a non-sexual way.

I closed my eyes and let her do her work.

Jade moved down, got some more oil and worked my abdomen. I love having those muscles rubbed and at the time, I?d been really working out my abs trying to get a six-pack, so having the muscles massages felt superb.

With my abs relaxed, Jade?s hand brushed over the top of my pubis and moved down to my legs and she gave my thighs and eventually my feet an exceptional massage. I almost fell asleep again while she rubbed my thighs, but the feet sent me into a world of relaxed bliss.

As Jade plucked at my toes, snapping off her fingers at the end of each one, I was in heaven. I can honestly say I?d never had a massage that good before and I decided that my male colleague who?d made the referral was getting a bottle of wine as a thank you.

?Missy, do you want the happy finish??

Jade was standing next to me and looking into my face with a smile. She was clearly offering me a handjob and before my brain could register what was going on, I said, ?Sure, why not!?

Jade smiled and moved slightly further down the table.

I looked up at the ceiling wondering what I was in for. I was curious and a bit nervous all at the same time.

In simple terms, Jade used the flat of her palm to expertly rub my vulva and clitoris area. There was no penetration, but the combination of pressure and her technique felt amazing. Normally, when I rub myself looking for a clitoral orgasm, it takes me four or five minutes to get myself there. Jade achieved the same outcome in less than half that time.

It literally took about two minutes for me to be shuttering and biting my lip on the table.

Jade patted my thigh when I was done and told me to relax. She returned about two minutes later and my head had stopped swimming. She had gotten some hot wet towels and rubbed my entire body to get the oil off. It was an amazing way to end the session.

I got dressed, gave Jade a $20 tip, and all up the session had cost me $60 for the hour, plus the additional $20 for Jade. That was a really good price and I felt guilty paying so little.

On my way back, I grabbed that bottle of wine for my male colleague who?d made the recommendation. I had my secretary tell me when he was alone in his office and I slipped in, closing the door behind me.

I placed the wine on his desk and took a seat.

He looked at the wine and then at me, ?What?s this for??

?Jade was fantastic, I feel great. I didn?t realize it was a happy ending place, so that was a bit awkward at first, but hey.?

He was clearly uncomfortable, ?Oh Beth, I?m sorry. I didn?t think she?d offer that to you. I didn?t know.?

I laughed out loud. He knew that I knew that he went for regular happy ending massages. I needed to take that elephant out of the room.

?Yeah, I was surprised at how good she was with women and how quickly she could get me there.?

All of the stress left his body as he realized we were now in this together.

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