Economy SpeedPAK tracking from China

Economy SpeedPAK tracking from China

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SpeedPAK is a joint US-directed direct mail service developed by eBay?s integrated logistics strategy partner, Orange Alliance Technology Co., Ltd., based on eBay platform logistics policy, for eBay Greater China cross-border export e-commerce sellers. Launched in 2018, eBay is expanding SpeedPAK service to include delivery to Europe, UK.

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The SpeedPAK provides end-to-end logistics services including: door-to-door collection in 21 cities in China, destination pre-sorting, export declaration, international transportation, import customs clearance, terminal distribution, and logistics track tracking. Designed to provide high quality and stable logistics services, help sellers reduce logistics management costs, improve logistics delivery timeliness, and enhance the buyer platform buying experience.

In addition SpeedPAK, provides 3 types of delivery services such as express, standard, and economy for sellers to choose. On the flip side, comparing with similar fully-tracked logistics services, Orange Connex will have substantial advantage in cost of service. Order data are synchronized with eBay?s logistics platform in real time.

SpeedPAK delivery coverage

At this stage (as of launch in March 2018), the service covers the five major markets, which are United States (including Hawaii, Alaska, PO BOXES, APO/FPO, etc.), the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada along-side with 28 other European countries. Orange Connex will expand its service coverage to more new and emerging markets in the next 2?3 years to create a universally and coherently integrated logistics service system.

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SpeedPAK initially launched with deliveries from the following 21 cities in China: Beijing, Qingdao, Jinan, Xi?an, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Yiwu, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, and Shenzhen.

With SpeedPAK you can track your package door to door.

Economy SpeedPAK tracking

Tracking Economy SpeedPAK from China along with Standard SpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan and Expedited SpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan is easy with our universal package tracker.

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SpeedPAK USA tracking

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SpeedPAK is delivered by USPS in United States. Right now SpeedPAK does not provide USPS tracking number and all tracking information you can get is only from SpeedPAK itself.

The one-stop SpeedPAK logistics service provided by Orange Connex has an average global delivery time of 8?12 business days. The fastest delivery option to the United States allows for 5 business days, and the timeliness has significantly improved comparing with industry average.

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Informed Delivery Page at USPS provides you with USPS tracking number and allows you to track SpeedPAK package while it travels through USPS network. You have to sign up for the Informed Delivery service at USPS web site, but it?s free.

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What is USPS Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is a new service from the USPS that will send you photos of your incoming mail every morning before 9am local time. You won?t get pictures of anything bigger than letter-sized like large envelopes or magazines (for now), but you can preview the exterior of everything from personal letters to junk mail to bills before it hits your doorstep. These mail images can be sent via email, text, or viewed on the USPS Mobile App on Android or Apple phones.

By opting into informed delivery, you can also see tracking information for USPS packages, add delivery instructions for the mail carrier, and request redeliveries if you weren?t home. And, if Informed Delivery tells you you?ll get a letter and you don?t, you can let them know immediately so they can track it down. This service works for everyone living at the household, not just the person who signed up. It even works for P.O. boxes.

How does Informed Delivery work?

The USPS has also taken great measures to limit security concerns with the service. In verifying your identity, you?ll be asked security questions about addresses you have lived at. USPS also sends a physical letter in the mail notifying the household that Informed Delivery was turned on. The letter comes with a code to turn the service off if it was done in error. So if you didn?t opt-into the service and you?ve received this letter, contact the post office immediately.

SpeedPAK tracking UK

After SpeedPAK parcel arrives to United Kingdom it?s handed over to Royal Mail. You will see ETSF Facility Heathrow, United Kingdom, Dispatched status when parcel is imported to UK and Royal Mail Received, Received, Received after Royal Mail accepted package for final delivery.

How long to deliver package with SpeedPAK

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Official SpeedPAK promise is 8?12 working days after receiving package from the seller. From delivery statistics I can confirm that delivery to US takes about 13 days, to UK 10 days, to Germany 15 days.

To get more accurate delivery time for your country, enter your SpeedPAK tracking id into search field above and you?ll get ETA using latest delivery statistics.

About Orange Connex Ltd. and SpeedPAK

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Orange Connex Ltd. is business unit of Citic Private Equity Funds Management Co. Ltd.

OCL has, in turn, debuted SpeedPAK for the region, which is being billed as a new shipping program through eBay, geared toward cross-border activity and eCommerce sellers based in China.

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SpeedPAK is an upgrade to eBay?s other shipping initiatives and, per a statement by the firms, dovetails with eBay?s 2018 corporate goal of driving a better buying experience and bringing in more active buyers.

John Lin, eBay global VP of international cross-border trade, said, as quoted by Caixin, ?Our investment in OCL and the launch of SpeedPAK are of great significance ? as (the latter) enables end-to-end management of shipping processes and greatly enhances the buyer experience. In the future, more buyers around the world can enjoy high-quality products with great prices from China in a more convenient and faster way.?

OCL provides global e-Commerce businesses with first-class service quality, and full-circle supply chain solutions. hrough market analysis, system development, and resource integration, we provide services in logistic, finance, and big data aspects of global e-commerce industry.

Aiming to create a high-quality, one-stop logistics service system for global e-commerce industry in China. Relying on an influential logistics platform to connect with a number of high-quality logistics service providers, the joint venture is built to achieve the complete advancement of the end-to-end logistics industry. By doing such, Orange Connex will greatly improve the quality and timeliness of global logistics services. Which will inevitably enhance buyer?s online shopping experience while catapulting the development of global e-commerce exports in China.

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Orange Connex Ltd. is headquartered in Shangahai, 7th floor, Building A, 523 Loushanguan Rd, Jinhongqiao International Center, Changning Dist, Shanghai, China.


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