Eastern Front Maps of World War II

Image for postCampaign In Poland, Industry and Communications,1939Image for postCampaign In Poland, Disposition Of Opposing Forces, 31 August 1939Image for postCampaign In Poland, Deployment Of The Wehrmacht, 1 September 1939Image for postCampaign In Poland, 1?14 September 1939Image for postCampaign In Poland, 15?22 September 1939Image for postInvasion of Poland, 1939Image for postRusso-Finnish War, December 1939 ? February 1940Image for postRusso-Finnish War (Winter War), 1939 ? 1940Image for postGerman Invasion Of Russia, 22 June ? 25 August 1941Image for postGerman Invasion Of Russia, Advance On Moscow, 26 August ? 5 DecemberImage for postSoviet Winter Offensive, 6 December 941 ? 7 May 1942Image for postBattle of Moscow, 1941Image for postThe Battle of Moscow, December 1941 ? Febraury 1942Image for postGerman Summer Offensive, 7 May ? 23 July 1942Image for postOperation Blue, Summer 1942Image for postGerman Advance To Stalingrad, 24 July ? 18 November 1942Image for postThe Battle of StalingradImage for postOperation Winter Storm and Operation Little Saturn, December 1942Image for postOperation Ring, January 1943Image for postBattle of Stalingrad, September 1942 ? February 1943Image for postSoviet Winter Offensive, 19 November ? 12 December 1942Image for postSoviet Winter Offensive, 13 December 1942 ? 18 February 1942Image for postBattle of the Caucasus, July 1942 ? February 1943Image for postSoviet Winter Offensive, 19 February ? 18 March 1943Image for postGerman Summer Offensive, Situation 4 July ? 1943 & Battle Of Kursk, 4 July ? 1 August 1943Image for postBattle of Kursk, July-August 1943Image for postSoviet Summer and Fall Offensives, 17 July ? 1 December 1943Image for postRussian Leningrad and Ukraine Offensives, 2 December 1943 ? 30 April 1944Image for postOPERATION BAGRATION. 22 June ? 19 August 1944Image for postRussian Balkan and Baltic Campaigns, 19 August ? 31 December 1944Image for postSoviet Offensive to The Oder, 12 January ? 30 March 1945Image for postThe Encirclement of Berlin, 1945


WWII European Theater

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Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942?1943

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