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September 19, 2016

Most of you know that Dr. Lexi is not a real doctor, but I want the record to be clear, so I don?t get sued by not a real lawyer. Hmmm . . . OK. Anyway, the email I get from men asking for hotwife help and advice on how to make their fantasy a reality, can be divided into two types.

Before I get into that though, I want to explain to all the new people who have somehow managed to find me, why I do what I do, by trying to help real life people separate the wheat from the chaff, or find nuggets of gold in the river sand, to help them understand the difference between fantasy and reality regarding the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle.

The single most important piece of useful information I can give you, is to tell you that the way this Lifestyle is portrayed by the porn and fantasy photo caption writers, is not realistic most of the time.

I may not be a real doctor but I am a real life Hotwife, and I am telling you that I have a very large following of other real life Hotwives who agree with me via Dr. Lexi?s Coconut Telegraph, and the way this Lifestyle is being portrayed on sites like Tumblr, is NOT the way it is in real life.

This is especially true for a real life Soccer Mom Hotwife, with two kids, a husband who wants to share her with other men in her spare time, a dog, a mortgage, and a career of her own.

So what is my point by sharing this with you? Let?s go back to the opening paragraph where I said that the email I get from men asking for my help and advice can be divided into two types.

Type One is the man who has the very normal male fantasy of wanting to share his wife with other men but doesn?t have balls big enough to make the words come out of his mouth, so he drops huge hints via ?pillow talk? hoping that she will take both the hint and the initiative to make his fantasy a reality and is disappointed that it didn?t happen. I?ll come back to this later.

Type Two is the man who has the very normal fantasy of wanting to share his wife with other men and whose balls are as big as Texas, and he tells her that not only does he want her to be impaled by BBC, or spit roasted, or gang banged, he wants to not only watch this in person, he wants to video it! Oh and by the way, he usually wants to pick out the men he wants her to spread her legs for!

Both of these types of men write to me because they did not get the result they were hoping for. Obviously it is easier for me to help a Type One man, than a Type Two man because a Type One man has not dug himself a hole so deep that I have to hand him down a ladder to climb out, so that he can begin to repair the damage to his relationship.

Staying with my Type Two example for another minute, it surprises me not at all, that the Type Two man got his mindset about how this Lifestyle works in real life by looking at photo captions, portraying this Lifestyle as a fantasy instead of a reality, or from one of the Lifestyle ?forums? which do the same thing.

Just so you know, I am not claiming that any of those fantasies portrayed by the caption writers are not possible, but I am definitely claiming that is not the norm, and is not a reasonable expectation of a woman who is brand new to the Lifestyle.

To any of you out there reading this who have ever written to me before, you have probably heard me say, ?Rome was not built in a day and neither is a Hotwife!? It is not possible for me to wrap my arms around the concept of any wife hearing a Type Two man rattling off his request to make this happen, and then agreeing to do it.

Now be careful here. I may not have said what you think I said. There are women out there that would agree readily to fulfill any fantasy for their man with a few exceptions. How do I know this? Because I am one of them.

I am talking about the Type Two men that write to me because it didn?t happen, and they don?t understand why. I never hear from the other Type Two men unless it is to thank me for my perspective.

So what is my point? The Type One man and the Type Two man who ask for my help both get the same advice. The reason a Type One man can?t make the words come out of his mouth is because he does not have Intimacy and open Communication with his wife and is afraid of her reaction because of that lack of Intimacy.

He usually doesn?t understand exactly what the problem is, but he is smart enough to know that there is a problem and he is going to get shot down! A man with no Credibility in the eyes of his wife, and no Intimacy with her, is usually going to keep his fantasies to himself. That brings us to the Type Two man.

The Type Two man has no understanding of Intimacy and open Communication with his wife but gets a negative reaction because she very definitely understands that those things are missing in her marriage. Her reaction to his request to watching her have sex with a man whose cock is the size of a Donkey while he videos it is typically significantly more negative, and the reason I need to hand him down a ladder. This is the type of guy who is lucky if he doesn?t also get a lump on his forehead!


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