Dr. Jacques Moritz Joins Tia as NYC Medical Director

Dr. Jacques Moritz Joins Tia as NYC Medical Director

By Dr. Stephanie McClellan, Tia Chief Medical Officer

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At Tia, we are building the relationship-based care model of the future by fusing innovations in technology and experience design with the highest quality clinical care. To achieve our vision ? to reinvent the canonical patient <> provider relationship that?s increasingly out-of-reach for women across the U.S. ? requires not only investing in thoughtfully designed technology and spaces, but above all else, frontline care providers doing the hard work essential to successful patient care, the treatment of disease and chronic conditions, and of course, what we at Tia value the most of all ? the prevention of illness in women.

It is with this commitment to finding, training and empowering the very best women?s healthcare providers that I am pleased to announce that Dr. Jacques Moritz ? a renowned OB/GYN native to New York City ? has joined Tia as our second practicing Gynecologist and Medical Director of NYC.

Meet Dr. Jacques Moritz

Dr. Moritz is a board-certified OB/GYN with 30+ years of practice in New York City. He was the Director of Gynecology at Mount Sinai West for 25 years, and is a renowned advocate for patient choice in childbirth. A lifelong innovator always on the cutting edge of women?s care, Dr. Moritz created the only functioning in-hospital birthing center in NYC, and was featured in Netflix documentary The Business of Being Born. He lectures on new technologies in gynecological procedures, has authored chapters on uterine fibroids, and has been listed in New York Magazine?s ?Top Doctors? for the past five years.

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Tia?s Hiring Principles

At a time when OB/GYNs report one of the highest burn-out rates in all of medicine, I am proud to establish Tia as an oasis not only for patients, but for providers, too. To being a ?medical home? where the very best providers like Dr. Moritz can do what they do best ? practice patient-centered care ? and let technology handle the rest.

Building a truly integrative home for women?s care rests puts great weight on whom and how we hire. As a company that values transparency with our patients, here are Tia?s hiring principles that drive how I, as Chief Medical Officer, am building a world-class clinical team to serve more than 1,500 Tia patients in NYC today, and one day in the near future, women nationwide:

#1: We hire the best multi-speciality MDs trained in women?s care, across OB/GYN and Primary Care.

Why? As an OB/GYN with 30+ years of experience delivering frontline women?s care, I?ve experienced firsthand that most women go to their gynecologist wanting a primary care experience, and instead get a surgeon. At Tia, we are committed to blending the very best of primary care, outpatient gynecology, and evidence-based wellness modalities like acupuncture and nutrition into a truly integrative ?whole women?s care? practice. To do so necessitates an interdisciplinary physician team who can work collaboratively to address a woman?s whole health holistically ? inclusive of, but not limited to her reproductive health.

#2: In addition to MDs, we hire Nurse Practitioners and cross-train them in gynecology and primary care.

Why? Nurse Practitioners are dedicated frontline care providers and patient advocates with the education and training to provide the vast majority of outpatient women?s care ? from your annual Well-Woman Exam to a colposcopy or IUD insertion. Moreover, as compared to highly specialized physicians who have specialized training in surgery or procedures, NPs have chosen a career path dedicated exclusively to clinic-based care and patient education.

Empowering mid-level providers like NPs to work at the top of their license ? with ongoing guidance and back up from MDs ? is both high quality and cost-effective. With nationwide OB/GYN shortages, and wait-times for primary care and gynecology exceeding 120 days in both urban and rural areas, the need to invest in innovative staffing models, as well as technology and training to support mid-level providers, is paramount to solving access issues in frontline care.

In Tia?s first six months of operating, we?ve proven that this model works, and that we can deliver a high quality experience at lower costs ? critical to enabling Tia Care can one day serve all women and not just a few. By asking you to rate your satisfaction after every visit, we are proud to report an NPS of 93 a cross all Tia MDs and NPs ? a testament to how we train and use technology to ensure the highest quality care across every provider our patients see.

#3: We hire the best providers, period ? regardless of sex or gender ? while always giving patients choice to see a male or female provider.

Why? One of Tia?s core tenets is that women?s health is an our problem, not a her problem. And that to create true, systemic change for our healthcare system and more broadly, women in the world, we need to bring men into the conversation and invite them to be change-makers, delivering solutions, along with us.

Yet, at the same time, we know that for some patients ? whether due to past experiences, trauma or preference ? prefer to see a female provider. We will always, always respect and enable that patient choice by staffing both female and male providers, both at the NYC Tia Clinic today and future locations.

Starting today, when you book an appointment at Tia, you will be able to indicate a preference of provider (male, female, or none), and book accordingly.

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Welcome Dr. Moritz to Tia! I ? the Tia team and the Tia community ? are thrilled to have you.


Tia is the next generation women?s healthcare platform bringing empathy and innovation together to help women thrive. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, designers & data enthusiasts have seen first-hand how women?s needs have been radically underserved and underestimated, and are on a mission to build a new distinctly female care model from the ground up, online and offline.

We are hiring MDs and NPs with our shared passion for transforming women?s care. Interested? Sent us a note to: [email protected]


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