Download Cakewalk for Free, Cakewalk is Back! — Sonar Cakewalk| Music Tech Alliance

Download Cakewalk for Free, Cakewalk is Back! — Sonar Cakewalk| Music Tech Alliance

It is a big news for those musicians who compose music on Windows 10. Starting from April 4 in 2018, you can free-to-download Cakewalk worldwide.

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The History of Cakewalk

Cakewalk is a classic digital audio workstation over 25 years. It?s the first composing and recording software I know.

Cakewalk constantly changed the user interface and acquired by Gibson Brands in 2013. After the acquisition, they started to promote the different price DAW product of SONAR, like SONAR Platinum, SONAR Professional and SONAR Artist.

Image for postImage for postThe left picture is the old version of Cakewalk, the right one is the newest Cakewalk which like SONAR Artist I bought before.

In 2018 February, Bandlab Technologies announced the acquisition of certain assets and the complete set of intellectual property of Cakewalk Inc. The development and operation of Cakewalk has transferred to BandLab Technologies.

Cakewalk by BandLab is a free, streamlined version of SONAR Platinum. The price of SONAR Platinum originally is $499 dollars. You can imagine you win a lottery when you download it.

Download Cakewalk for Free

No matter what SONAR version, plug-ins or bundles you?ve bought in the past ? anything that worked with SONAR before will work with Cakewalk and will integrate seamlessly.

If you?re a new user on Windows 10 who wants to install Cakewalk, you have to install and log in to BandLab Assistant firstly via Facebook, Google or a new BandLab account.

Image for postThis is BandLab Assistant. After you install the Cakewalk, the button will display ?open? to start your Cakewalk.

As a user who wants to learn more the skills of Cakewalk, you can watch the Youtube tutorial or the resource of CakeTV and SONAR University originally on the Cakewalk sites.

About BandLab Technologies

Thanks for the kind and great company, BandLab to make Cakewalk freely download. The company set up in Singapore and has won the Microsoft Start-up Partner of the Year Award in 2016.

The more detail about the music product of this company, I will write in next post. Looking forward to it!

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