Disgraced Foreclosure Lawyer Mark Stopa Has Twitter Tantrum

Disgraced Foreclosure Lawyer Mark Stopa Has Twitter Tantrum

Attorney Mark Stopa

Disgraced Foreclosure Lawyer Psycho Mark Stopa Has Tantrum Over Criticism Of His Self-Published Book

Mark Stopa

Disbarred and disgraced Florida foreclosure lawyer Mark Stopa has self-published a new book. Not only that, but it also appears he wants to start an astroturf ?movement? around it.

The book entitled ?PeoplevMoney? is nothing more than an attempt by a delusional and narcissistic Stopa to repair his self-inflicted shattered image. Yes, Mark, I read your book.

Apparently, his astroturf movement is nothing more than an extension of Stopa?s attempt to resuscitate the narcissistic image he has of himself as a midget white Jesus.

The disgraced foreclosure attorney wants to blame a corrupt judicial and political system for his downfall.

Carol Asbury attempted to do the same thing before she was hauled off to the big house in 2011. Asbury and two others pleaded guilty to defrauding mortgage lenders in a multi-million dollar straw deal scam.

Ironically, she and Stopa share the same fanbase of disillusioned and angry homeowners who feel they were entitled to free houses based on the whacked-out legal theories of Neil Garfield.

Carol Asbury eventually took responsibility for her actions. Yet, Stopa refuses to take responsibility for his actions that actually led to his downfall.

So, What Really Led To The Disgraced Foreclosure Lawyer?s Downfall?

Attorney Mark Stopa

Contrary to Stopa?s claims, his fall from grace had nothing to do with a corrupt legal system as he alleges.

Stopa also refuses to acknowledge that the ?corrupt? legal system often commended him for his appellate work.

Yet, he doesn?t tell people that. Why? Because it doesn?t fall into the narrative he wants to spin.

Stopa also doesn?t tell people that for almost a decade he pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from desperate people clinging to delusional fantasies of scoring a free house so he could play in the ?corrupt? arena.

Stopa?s downfall was actually the result of his erratic behavior that Pinellas County judge Linda Allan stated may be the sign of mental illness.

Mark Stopa Anger Management

Judge Allan listed Stopa?s refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing. She cited his personal or emotional problems. Those include narcissism, defensiveness, lack of self-insight, paranoia, and lack of impulse control.

The disbarred foreclosure lawyer was also accused of equity skimming on homes owned by his foreclosure clients. However, what started the chain of events the led to Stopa?s downfall were the complaints by six of his clients to the Florida Bar. This led to attorneys and judges complaining about his sociopathic behavior in the courthouse.

Stopa was officially disbarred last month after nearly three years of investigations by the Florida Bar. It also doesn?t help that it was all over Florida media when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided his office in August of 2018.

Psycho Mark Stopa Melts Down On Twitter

Mark Stopa Anger ManagementMark Stopa has a meltdown over criticism of his book

A few weeks ago, before I left for Europe, I was on Twitter when one of my followers shared a tweet from someone under the handle, PeoplevMoney.

So I did a little research and discovered it?s a self-published book by disgraced foreclosure lawyer Mark Stopa.

Stopa also makes the dubious claim his book is a ?#1 international bestseller.?

Stopa?s claim also defies logic since his book only appears to be available on Kindle and only appeals to a couple thousand disgruntled and delusional homeowners.

I called several publishers I know in New York and London. Ironically, no one had any idea what I was talking about.

Finance journalists reacted the same way when I tried to verify Neil Garfield?s claim ten years ago that he was a ?Wall Street Insider.?

Lots of big-name lawyers in the foreclosure defense field liked to spew a lot of bullshit which is why I didn?t work with them.

It?s also the reason I win and they don?t. In addition, it?s also the reason they find themselves in the crosshairs of prosecutors and the Florida Bar.

Mark Stopa Crazy

So I bought a copy of Stopa?s 838-page book to read on the plane. After all, it?s a 10-hour flight from Miami to my layover to Istanbul.

Like I wrote above, the book is nothing more than Stopa blaming everyone else but himself for his downfall.

So, I tweeted my commentary of the book.

You can read it to the left.

When Stopa saw it, he was not happy and became unhinged.

Mark Stopa Crazy

He threatened to sue me (which he later did) and calls me a con man.

Ironic, since Stopa was accused by the FDLE of ripping off his clients in an equity skimming scam. The bar also investigated complaints from his clients.

He later deleted the tweets. Fortunately, I was able to grab screenshots of them.

Stopa?s threats and unhinged behavior just reinforce Judge Allan?s claim that Stopa may have serious mental problems.

Psycho Mark Stopa Starts Acting Like A Chihuahua

Mark Stopa

The twitter exchange lasted about 3?4 hours with Stopa taking breaks every 20 or 30 minutes.

Who knows what he was doing? With his history of anger management issues hopefully, he didn?t hurt himself or someone else.

Hopefully, Stopa just suffers from Chihuahua Syndrome.

He just likes to yap and yap. He thinks he?s tough and intimidating but in reality, he?s just a big mouth.

Like I wrote earlier in this piece, this is just a small example of Stopa?s behavior in the courtroom and part of the reason the Florida Bar couldn?t wait to find a reason to kick him to the curb.

Stopa?s claims he voluntarily surrendered his law license. However, these claims aren?t entirely true.

According to media reports and the Florida Supreme Court, Stopa asked if he could ?retire? as a member of the Florida Bar. The Florida Bar refused the request and continued the process to disbar him.

This article originally appeared on MFI-Miami on 11/18/2019

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