Did Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Kill His Wife?

Did Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Kill His Wife?

One allegation that keeps coming against Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is that he killed his wife. Let?s look at the facts, first. Shall we?

Sadhguru?s wife, Vijayakumari, is said to have attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1997.

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There was a case filed against Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev after this incident. Skeptics claim that nothing happened because he is a Godman.


(1) There were hundreds of witnesses to Vijayakumari?s Mahasamadhi since this happened in a program conducted at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore.

(2) Case was filed in Bangalore only after 7 months of her death.

(3) Case transferred to Coimbatore police from Bangalore. After due investigation, the police and courts closed the case as baseless.

For more details in this case, refer to someone who has obviously done a lot of research on this topic.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Wife’s Death: Controversy & Truth

About 7 months after the death, the New Indian Express newspaper reported in August that a case had been filed in the Bangalore police station against Sadhguru, accusing him of causing the death of his wife. The case was transferred to the Coimbatore Police. However, 8 months later, a news report notes that the case was closed after investigation by police, who found no wrongdoing and concluded that there was no case for further investigation.

A case of murder or similar accusations being closed as having no evidence either means the case was closed because of ?pressure?, or the case was opened because of ?pressure.? Which is the case here? It is hard to find any ?hard? evidence because of the very nature of such ?pressure?. However, the New Indian Express and the Tamil magazine Nakeeran noted that the local DMK MLA ? DMK is one of the political parties in Tamil Nadu ? had assured that ?Jaggi would be put in jail.? (this is translated from Tamil).

That gives a possible clue. Probably the case was opened upon pressure. For the police to close a case in a few months citing no evidence, despite pressure from the local MLA, probably means there wasn?t even a shred to pick up and make a case out of. This is conjecture of course, but I think this makes it reasonably clear that there was some pressure for them to forcibly file and make a case out of it.

What does the Isha Foundation have to say about this?

The Isha Foundation has always been transparent about this allegation and have posted their response openly as well.

On 23rd January 1997, Vijji Maa attained Mahasamadhi ? the coveted goal of many a spiritual seeker, what Gautama the Buddha referred to as Mahaparinirvana ? a practice where accomplished yogis with mastery over their life process consciously choose to exit their physical body at an auspicious time. At an appointed time that she had chosen ? which everyone in closer circles was made conscious of, including her own 7 year old daughter ? she exited effortlessly, at will.

Eight months later, those who were set against Sadhguru?s work at the time used Vijji Maa?s Mahasamadhi as an opportunity to file a police complaint, claiming that foul play should be suspected in her passing, the main accusation being that the cremation was hush-hush.

The fact is the cremation happened 12 hours following her passing in the presence of over 2,000 people.

To expose these shamelessly false allegations, we requested a full investigation from the police and judiciary, who found there was no substance at all in the complaint other than an intent to malign, and as per Court Order issued on 8/1/1999, the complaint was dismissed.

Also, who else knows a mother better than her own daughter, Radhe Jaggi. If she harbored any misgiving or anger towards her father, she would have exposed it long back. Instead, Radhe has been very supportive of whatever Sadhguru has been doing so far.

Sadhguru has brought her up lovingly filling the role of a father and mother all by himself. Throwing muck on such a person has absolutely no basis.

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Did Sadhguru run away to escape the case?

Some ?intellectuals? claim that Sadhguru fled to the USA to escape prosecution in this case. I am surprised to hear such arguments because he is very much in India for last several years now and no action has been taken yet!

And he is not a US citizen ? he keeps coming back every few days. Shouldn?t this trigger a logical question in the skeptics? mind about the authenticity of this allegation?

Was the case dismissed because he is a Godman?

There are those who claim that the case was dismissed because he was a Godman. People should remember that he was just a yoga teacher who had taught hardly a few hundred (may be thousand) meditators in 1997. He was not even popular outside Coimbatore area.

So, how can it be that he was so influential to escape such a strong case? Even the Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram Math could not escape the clutches of law once they had a strong case against him! So, this is just a rubbish claim.

What is the truth then?

In the yogic culture, ?Mahasamadhi? is an act of intentionally and consciously leaving your body. The Oriental culture has seen many Tibetan, Hindu and Zen Masters such a this graceful exit from this world. This is seen as the ultimate and a feat that requires utmost dedication and determination in one?s yoga Sadhana.

Sadhguru?s wife, Viji or Vijayakumari, has achieved such an ultimate feat. It is saddening that such a person is not looked upon with reverence for this. And what worsens the situation is spreading lies around such an open situation! That, unfortunately, is the current state of TamilNadu.

If one wants to know more about this beautiful being, Sadhguru?s wife ? Vijji ? check this out: https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/sadhguru/man/vijji

Sadhguru: It has always been hard for me to explain to people what Vijji is. When I say Vijji, I am not referring to her as my wife or as a woman. Even as a being, she has always been truly wonderful in my experience. But as many of you know, she was a person of very intense emotions. In her childlikeness, whatever emotions were within her always found expression, irrespective of the situation. Now she attained Mahasamadhi ? the ultimate aim of all spiritual seekers ? with such effortlessness, and has proved her worth.

This is not child?s play. Even accomplished yogis who spent their lives in spiritual sadhana struggle to attain this. To throw one?s life out of the body without injuring the body takes something else. One has to generate tremendous amount of energy, which requires intense sadhana. She knew the methods to achieve this and she was working towards this. But at this stage, we never imagined that without my assistance, she would be able to generate the necessary energy. Anyway she would have trodden this path, but the swiftness with which she achieved this is too much. She just made this possible with her love, probably the only thing she knew.


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