Dabbing For Hitler: How The Alt-Right Turned An Innocent Meme Into “Sieg Heil”

Dabbing For Hitler: How The Alt-Right Turned An Innocent Meme Into “Sieg Heil”

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Our memes, our culture, our dances, our music are all under threat from 4chan and their madness or ?Meme Chaos Magick? or short form ?Meme Magick?.

They believe meme magick was responsible for getting Donald Trump ?The Meme President? elected. *sic #NotQuincy?sPresident

Overview of Meme Magick in it?s purest form.

I talked briefly about Meme Magick in my last post about the perversion of the Evil Alt Right Trash Dove Hitler Bird.

A quick rundown on the situation:

People on the internet actually believe they are harnessing ?memetic energy? and using Meme Magick to shape reality and channel Egyptian Gods into reality. See pic below.


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But You Can Ignore All That For Now.

Image for postThey took an innocent trend and ruin it once again!

?Doing The Dab?, ?Dabbing? or ?Seig Heiling??

What is the difference?

None to sick and twisted mind of evil alt right internet trolls from 4chan.

They have gotten bored after claiming the Trash Doves as the ?New Pepe The Frog? and wanted a new target. So they chose the Dab.

The dab has secretly been an ?Alt Right Salute? since at least October 16th 2016 as noted below in a rare public Facebook post I found while searching for ?Alt Right Dab?.

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While deep undercover in a far right wing secret Facebook group on the early morning hours of February 18th 2016, I managed to find two posts that have not had too much traction, but a sign that the Dab Reich is about to come to a news feed near you.

Image for postImage for postAlt right is sic, they pervert everything!

Another rare public post I found from an Alt Right Facebook page. It seems to decode their secret language of the ?Seig Dab? and how they use it to secretly communicate with each other. They think that Sieg Dabbing is funny and are basically laughing in your face as they use it.

Image for post?LMAO? ??..They?re Laughing Right In Your Face!

Various Other Facebook Posts About Hitler Dabs

Image for postImage for postImage for postImage for postImage for postImage for postImage for post

Someone on 4chan found a video and their newest target for ?meme magick?.

After finding a video on Youtube called ? Hitler did the dab first?. Alt-Right Hitler worshipers started to circulate the video to various boards on 4chan claiming that the Dab is now ?/our/dance? similar to the claim they made that Pek(More commonly known as Trash Dove) is ?/our/bird?

It Doesn?t Stop There!

They also found a picture of a teacher ?doing the dab? in a public service announcement poster in a school with the caption ?D.A.B. Destroy All Bacteria? .

They perverted a simple public service announcement to mean white supremacy, the bacteria being anyone not part of their 40 year old virgin ?Ubermensch?.

Image for postA innocent message perverted for white supremacy.

And of course, their madness does not stop there.

The have another theory about the ?meaning of the dab?. They seem to use it for their white supremacist agenda and for their sick homophobic campaigns as well.

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The ?Hitler Dabbing? memes have started pouring in. And once again, Quincy Frey the professional ?Meme War? deep undercover investigative journalist is here with the real news you won?t see on mainstream media for at least a week or more.

Remember, as ?ironic? as my Trash Dove post was? I was right on the money. It?s /their/bird now, unfortunately.

There is no stopping irony when it comes to the crazy alt-righters that always seem to find a way to take ?a joke? way too far.

Image for postImage for postImage for post?DAB FUHRER?

Anyway, this story is fresh, breaking and still developing.

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We?re not sure how far the Alt Right will take ?Dabbing For Hitler? a.k.a. ?Sieg Heil? a.k.a. ?Seig Dab? a.k.a. ?Dab Reich?, but if it is anything like the Trash Doves Of The Alt Reich, then probably too far.

Literally my reaction right now in the Youtube link below 🙁

We can only hope that this happens to every last one of these self proclaimed ?Meme Magician Hitler Worshipers?.

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Quincy Frey is an author, philosopher, scientist, musician and investigative meme war journalist that graduated with a PHD from the University of LMGTFY.


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