Ethernet vs Internet: What’s the Difference?

Ethernet vs Internet: What’s the Difference?

As we all know, both internet and Ethernet belong to types of networks that are used to connect computers. However, to some degree, they differ in many aspects. Then if we want to compare Ethernet vs Internet, what are their differences? In this article, all differences will be compared in detail by Gigalight.

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Internet is one of networks, composed of millions of ones from the local to the private, the governmental, the academic, and the corporate in the globe and connected by a series of techs, such as electronic tech, wireless tech, optical fiber network tech and so on. While the Ethernet is the base LAN standard created by Xerox, and jointly developed into the one by Xerox, Intel and DEC. It adopts the CSMA/CD access control method and is conformed to IEEE802.3.

In fact, the difference between them has been shown from the introduction, but the difference between them i s far more than this. More differences are reflected in these respects.

What Is the Difference Between Internet and Ethernet?

For one thing, in terms of connection range, compared with Ethernet, the connection range of internet is far wider than that of it. Ethernet belongs to one of Local Area Network(LAN), mainly responsible for the interconnections of computers in local areas. Generally speaking, the interconnections of computers in local areas usually happen in the same building or in the neighborhood. However, with the developments of Ethernet cables, the connection range of the Ethernet can be expanded to ten kilometers. Even so, in some sense, it?s impractical to achieve the long-distance interconnection between computers. While internet belongs to one of Wide Area Network (WAN), able to connect networks all over the world. The private, the governmental, the academic, and the corporate network in the globe are connected with each other to share massive information, resources and services.

For another thing, they distinguish in the aspects of transmission media and tech. The Ethernet applies twisted pair and fiber as the transmission media and adopts CSMA/CD(Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection )method. While internet doesn?t use some specific tech or transmission media, it contains all transmission medias and techs.

In addition, they also differ in respect of the network administration. Ethernet can have one or more administrators; while parts of internet are administrated by administrators, but there is no administrators to control the whole internet.

Finally, there are differences in security of network. By comparison, the Ethernet is with higher security than internet. External people have no access to it; while internet is accessible to all of people.


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