CyanogenMod 12.1 installation on Amazon Fire 5th gen. [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]

CyanogenMod 12.1 installation on Amazon Fire 5th gen. [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]


After couple of days of using Amazon Fire 5th generation table I considered that I am sick of Fire OS and I wanted to give a shot to smth new. So I decided to install the CM 12.1 ROM.

To do this I got Amazon Fire tablet previously downgarded from 5.1.3 firmware to 5.1.2, rooted and free from amazon updates and add?s. Check this to know how I did this. Also you will need MicroSD card to store some data files. So let?s starts.

First thing you need to do is to install application called FLASHFire. APK could be obtained from Play Store or directly from developer. For this review I used FlashFire version 0.50. Then we going to download OpenGApps {ARM, 5.1, mini|micro|nano|pico} and CM 12.1 ROM . After you downloaded just place OpenGApps and CM 12.1 ROM into the root directory of your MicroSD card.

!NB: In case you don?t want to brick your device please double check that you downgraded to 5.1.2 firmware and got SuperSU working onboard.

Image for postSettings -> Device options ->System Updates

Open FLASHFire and ?Grant? root access in msg from SuperSU, then check.

Image for postFLASHFire got root access

Press ?+? and you will see FLASHFires operations menu. Mostly we will need you only ?Wipe? and ?Flash ZIP or OTA?.

Image for postFLASHFire operations menu

First select ?Wipe? and check boxes ?System data?, ?3rd party apps?, ?Dalvik cache? and ?Cache partion? and confirm.

Image for post?Wipe? selection

Then tap ?+? button again and hit ?Flash ZIP or OTA?. Provide destination to your CM 12.1 ROM whereever you placed on your MicroSD card. Choose ?Mount /system read/write? and confirm.

Again ?+? button, ?Flash ZIP or OTA? and path to OpenGApps on your SD Card [I personally prefer pico version, but you are free to choose between mini, micro, nano and pico] . This time select ?Auto-mount? option and confirm.

Image for post?Mount? options

Last thing we are going to do is to change the position of ?Wipe? so it will be on top of the list before flashing.

Image for postBefore movingImage for postAfter moving

Everything setued up, so don?t be shy and hit ?FLASH?. Application now will do everything automaticlly. And quite fast I would say.

Image for postThis screen is good sight ? means that you are on half-way point!

Finally you will see screen with handsome blue droid and it means you are succeed.

Image for post

My congratulations ? now you are free from Amazon slavery!

See you!



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