Couples Massage Oops Happy Ending

Couples Massage Oops Happy Ending

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My husband Michael decided to surprise me with a couple?s massage. When we arrived at the resort, we were given keys to the locker room and told to relax until someone came to get us for our massage. Getting into the locker room I and starting to put things in a locker, I excused myself to the restroom as Michael began to change into his robe. Coming back the locker room was empty, so I came up behind him and grabbed his butt telling him ?cute butt.? It was then I noticed off to my left Michael was playing on his phone dressed in the same type of robe in front of a different locker. I got beat red in embarrassment realizing what I had just done and started apologizing to the guy I just touched as Michael looked over at me with a confused look on his face wondering what was going on. I told the guy again how sorry I was, and he smiled and said ?don?t worry about it.? Then I went over to Michael and apologized to him letting him know I thought that was him. Since they were both Asian and the same height is my excuse to this day! We got called in for our massage, where it was a nice relaxing time. Afterward, we had some wine relaxing in the sauna with just towels on where I started getting touchy-feely with Michael and he said, ?no someone might come in and see us,? but I still didn?t take ?no? for an answer and started working on his favorite spots. I like to push the edge where he doesn?t want to get caught. Finally, we got into the passionate kissing as I was running my hand down his body and started to reach for his towel when he pushed my hand away saying, ? no someone might see us.? I told him, ?who cares, let?s just enjoy for a bit.? And started to work on him again this time removing the towel letting him free. It didn?t take long that he removed mine and I said ?see isn?t that better?? I slowly ran my hand over him making him stand to attention. Our kissing became more intense as we both are playing with each other. I can feel he is getting close so I stop because I want him to enjoy the moment rather than be done quick. So he said to me, ?why did you stop?? I said, ?what if someone sees us?? Giving me a Filpino look, he knew I was just being a jerk. So he pushes me up against the wall in the sauna and proceeds to put his mouth to work on other things. Getting me to the edge, he stops looks at me and says, ?how does that feel?? I reply, ?now I know why I love you.? Giving me a Filpino look again, he says,? you just want to f? me.? Really as I push his back and start working on him. Getting him to the point of no return Michael is pushing himself on to me telling me not to stop then at the last moment pushes me off of him and leaving a mess on my chest. So I asked, ?feel better?? I get a smile and he says he wants a shower. I said I have to use the restroom too. He makes sure to pull me close so my still hard c? is press between his cute butt and says, ?we aren?t done yet.? I watch him go into one of the showers stall close the curtain while I go do my thing. I come back and open the curtain to the shower stall, where Michael had gone into removing my towel only to find the guy I had grabbed his butt from earlier in the shower. Turning beat red I apologize again. The guy just smiles at me, looks and sees how hard I am and says, ?since you?re here, you might as well join me.? Just then, Michael peeks his head out from the shower next to me and begins to laugh and says, ?you did it again huh.?

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