SCPH5500.bin, SCPH5501.bin, SCPH5502.bin — Playstation bios files

SCPH5500.bin, SCPH5501.bin, SCPH5502.bin — Playstation bios files

The Playstation 1 bios files are SCPH5500.bin, SCPH5501.bin, and SCPH5502.bin.

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OpenEmu on the mac is brilliant ? you can quite comfortably play Playstation 1 games once you have it set up.

The problem with OpenEmu is does not come loaded with the Playstation bios files. There are multiple versions on the web and one of them does not work with OpenEmu (SCPH5502.bin is the faulty one). After digging around and testing I found and uploaded the correct ones:


Once loaded, OpenEmu should work and you should be able to emulate Playstation 1 games!

Best Playstation 1 roms

These are a few of my favourite games with their roms for you to start with. For all other roms I?d suggest coolroms and vimms lair. Comment below if you?d like me to list anymore.

  • Final Fantasy 7 rom
  • Metal Gear Solid rom
  • Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater 2 rom
  • Resident Evil 2 rom
  • Rage Racer rom
  • Tekken 2 rom
  • Cool Boarders 2 rom

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