Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro: Which Should You Buy?

Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro: Which Should You Buy?

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Are you a manga artist and looking for ways to step up with your creations? Then Clip Studio is one of the most ideal software to use, which has the navigable interface and excellent features artists of all skill levels can take advantage of.

With many artists utilizing the program, one can already see how popular and trusted the software is. However, it doesn?t come cheap, and there?s the debate of Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro! That?s why I wrote this article, to display you what Clip Studio is most valuable according to your needs.

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So read on as I show you all about Clip Studio Paint!

What Is Clip Studio Paint All About?

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a professional-grade software made by Celsys inc for graphic design and the like. Predominantly, artists use this program, though many artists also use it for other forms of animation, illustrations, and comic arts. In fact, it?s become so popular that there are over FOUR MILLION users worldwide!

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The software is comparable to Adobe Photoshop (their main competitor). However, many illustrators and artists see more advantage with Clip Studio Paint Pro, offering versatility and strengths.

With Clip Paint Studio, you can either use your mouse, a pen tablet, and choose among the wide selection of pens, pencils, and a variety of other tools that can help you create the perfect comic book or manga characters. You can even choose between many vector tools for easier touch-ups, use your own brushes or create new ones, as well as a ton of coloring tools for a more vibrant result!

Their tools have a more natural feel to them with the pressure and response being sensitive enough, as if you were drawing on actual paper! While this factor also depends on the quality of your tablet monitor, the program plays a huge role in sensitivity and response.

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What takes the cake is that Clip Studio Paint Pro also includes 3D capabilities, a smart feature for a more realistic look. There are different artist models you can use as inspiration from the software, with many poses for reference and perspective. That way, you won?t have to hassle yourself in getting a real-life model for your arts.

As for its animation abilities, you?ll be happy to know it has even more useful features compared to main competitors. It has unique features like the adjustable timeline, having your characters come to life! The only sad con is its absence of audio support.

Enhanced 3D Capability

3D capability is a very smart feature. In Clip Studio, one cas easily utilize as well as manipulate 3D models or objects using the new suite of tools which allows drag and drop as additional elements.

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Frame-by-Frame Animation

Some excellent animation capabilities are available with Clip Studio Paint EX. These are enveloped in the extra-ordinary drawing and painting tools. However, there?s one thing to keep in mind ? the PRO version only permits you you to do 24 frames of animation (maximumm). This means that it is only works better for simple stuff or animated GIFs.

Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro: Which Is Better?

Now that you?re familiar with Clip Studio Paint Pro and its amazing capabilities, what?s the Ex and Pro? These are two program types under the main software, each having major differences. Here are the things to take note of when comparing Clip Studio Paint Ex and Pro:

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The Price:

The main comparison between the Ex and Pro are its prices. The Pro costs about $50, while Ex is priced at $220, a HUGE difference between them! That?s because its features and restrictions are different, which I?ll get on in the next section.

What Features Does It Have?

The Clip Studio Paint Ex offers all the features you?d expect from the Clip Studio Paint software. As for Pro, you have limitations, such as the 24-frame limit for animations, as well as 3D conversion and multiple page management.

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Which Is Best between the Pro and Ex?

The ?Ex? version simply has more functions than ?Pro? such as creating animation and managing multiple pages for comics. Due to the high cost of the ?Ex? version, it is recommended to buy the ?Pro? version if you just want to draw. But for those who plan to make CSP their thing, then purchase the ?Ex? version.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you were able to find out the difference between Clip Studio Paint Ex and paint Pro. Now that you know what Clip Studio Paint is and its different software types, invest in the one you need now! Also, if you like the information, do share it with your friends or colleagues.


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