Cleaning the Dirtiest Bubble’s with Ease!

Cleaning the Dirtiest Bubble’s with Ease!

Image for postTools you will need to clean your bubble to new!

As stated in this post, keeping your bubble clean makes it much easier to identify the quality of your crystal. Though most people over cook or burn the hell out them, even the most experience users. You can read more about how to properly heat your bubble along with what kind of things to look for in better crystal here:

Test your crystal and proper use of a bubble!

So at least in the city I used to deal in, a big problem was that users did not care at all how to or want know how to?

What you need:

  1. Magic eraser (or similar Melamine foam product)
  2. Cotton swabs (plastic stick one work best)
  3. Paper towel/napkins
  4. Lighter
  5. Water
  6. Optional: Spray bottle

Image for postGuest bubble gets pretty dirty

How to clean your bubble:

  • Start off by ripping two pieces of the magic eraser off. One about the size of a dollar coin and the other about the 2x-3x the size of the bubbles hole.

Image for postThese are the sizes I find work best. They also last for many cleanings

  • Take a wet napkin or paper towel and scrub as much of the heavier soot/char from the outside of the bubble. This helps make your magic eraser last longer.

Image for postDon?t worry about getting it all off on this step.

  • Spray water inside of the stem and down into the bubble. A spray bottle is more precise but using a tap with warm water will work fine also. Fill the bubble up around 1/4 full.

Image for postI found a spray bottle works best and you can keep it around you for easy convenience.

  • Take your lighter and boil the water in the bubble. Once its boiling twist the bubble so the boiling water hits all the sides. Be careful not to spill any out as it will burn you.
  • Hold it so the bubble is facing downward with the stem angled up. This will allow for the condensation/heat to more easily flow up the stem cooking any stubborn residue off. The stem will heat up fast so wear gloves or a cloth so you don?t burn your fingers and drop your bubble.
  • Take a piece of paper towel or napkin and twist it so it will just barely fit in the stem. Force it into the stem and twist while your pushing it in. This helps get it inside and also scrubs the stem in the same step.

Image for postI reuse this napkin a few times as its easy to use once formed into this shape

  • Use the larger piece of magic eraser. Now dampen one end of the piece and then scrub the outside of the bubble. Try to get all of the outside char and burned on soot off with this step. Use your fingertips/nail to feel the outside of the bubble to make sure its smooth.

Image for postGetting the outside clean now makes it easier to see spots you missed in the next step

  • Use the smaller piece of magic eraser. Squeeze it into the bubble hole. Once in then add a couple drops of water.
  • Use your plastic stick cotton swab (the more firm style q-tips tend to apply to much force and can break the bubble) and push the piece of magic eraser around scrubbing the inside of the bubble clean. Again . This is why cleaning the outside is important, by having a clean it will help you see all the spots missed inside the bubble allowing you to get it all in one pass.

Image for postBe careful not to let it come off of or puncture through as it can break your bubble

  • Use a cotton swab to push the piece of magic eraser down the stem. Then to get it out, just put your mouth on the bubbles hole and blow. The piece of eraser will just shoot out. It will also dry and get the remaining residue out of the stem

Image for postDoesn?t have to be this far down. It will blow out easily.

  • Use one last cotton swab to dry the inside of the bubble.

And that?s it! No harsh chemicals or anything needed! Your bubble is now like new! Now its ready to reload and go!

Image for postReady for your next clean hit!

How often should I clean my bubble and why?

As a personal preference I would clean my bubble after each use before reloading. It is much faster and easier process and when I am using quality product I like to keep it clean and pure of any burnt or left over residue. This does seem like a lot to most people but even if that seems excessive to you or your not at home you should still try to clean it after a days use. It will help you be able to have more purer and cleaner hits and makes it much easier for you test the quality as stated in this post.

I hope that was informative and help you get a lot longer life and much cleaner hits out of your bubble going forward!

If you have any tips or tricks of your own please leave a comment!

Safe using,



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