Cheap Wall Covering Ideas For Living Room Without Paint

Cheap Wall Covering Ideas For Living Room Without Paint

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There are many people who do not like colored and painted walls. They prefer the natural and classy white walls instead of the painted or patterned walls. even if they want to make some changes to their houses, they will use creative ways to cover the wall instead of painting the wall.

On contrary, people who live in rented houses and apartments are bound to live at the place without customizing the walls using their preferred paint colors.

Therefore, all of these people prefer creative wallpapers to decorate the wall. They can use plants, fabrics or any other way to create a pretty place without risking their security deposit. They can also look for wall covering ideas on the internet and follow the ideas to add some creativity in their house.

1- Covering the walls with papers

There are various wallpaper types available in the market, but the traditional wallpaper can be expensive. It also has complicated installation process. Since it is more permanent type, taking off the traditional wallpapers from the walls is very difficult.

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However, there are peel-off wallpapers available in the market. These wallpapers are not expensive and they can be easily removed from the walls without leaving any residue. It is the perfect option for the rented apartments and homes. The easy installation and removal enable you to decorate the wall as per your preferences, without making your landlord uneasy. You can select your wallpaper from a variety of patterns, colors and shades.

2- Upgrade the walls

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If the walls have holes, they can be filled using caulk. However, making the wall look admirable will need extra efforts. You can plan a gallery wall by framing it. You can also hire a professional company to do it for you. The professional offer online printing and framing services. The printing is done on high quality paper and ink. It can transform your space and cover the wall faults at the same time.

3- Using fabrics

Using the wall murals and fabrics can transform your place as well. you can create an elegant and textured wall by using tapestries. These tapestries are hung over walls which create a luxurious and artful design. The professionals install the tapestry flush with the wall and smooth it out to create a neat look.

4- Labels and signs

The neon labels and signs are trending these days. If you do not want to cover the whole wall, but still transform the place into something totally different, than you can use a neon sign. You can also get customized neon signs for yourself.

Other than the neon signs, decals can also be used to make patterns and shapes on the walls. deals can easily be rearranged as per your likings. You can decorate the wall by using murals, tapestries and decals, whatever suits your mood and preferences best.

5- Tapes and boxes

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The craftsman can transform your walls just by using colored tapes and making patterns out of it. They use a special tape, called washi tape, which has low tack and it is slightly transparent. This Japanese paper tape is used to decorate walls without ruining the surface. You can select various patterns and colors from the available prints to create modern wallpaper designs.

6- Book walls and shelves

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If you are a book reader and you have a great collection of books then you can convert your wall into a library. By using creatively designed shelves, you can add texture to your room by displaying your books on the shelves in a neat style. You can also add small pots of flowers, even the artificial ones, to add more beauty. You can also get decorative shelving options from online stores within your budget.

7- Tiles

The tiles, especially magnetic tiles, are a real thing. You can use these tiles to the surface of the wall. The tiles are linked to the wall by using magnetic mounts which are placed on the wall. The contractors can place these mounts on the walls masterfully without damaging the wall surface or the tiles.

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There is a variety of magnetic tiles available in the market. You can hire the wall covering contractors to do the job after selecting tiles of your choice.

8- Curtains

The curtains are typically used to frame the windows as well as doors in the house. However, they can also be used to cover a wall. You can use an extra long rod that fits your wall and by a curtain fabric big enough to cover the whole wall. The curtains can add color, warmth and beauty to your space by spending as little as you can manage. The quality of the curtains might be lower for the cheaper curtains. However, they serve the purpose of adding decorative appearance to your living space.


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