Cast wheels vs forged wheels. What is the difference?

When looking for wheel online, you have probably noticed that some wheels are cast and others are forged? What is the difference? The term refers to the way wheels are manufactured. In fact, forging and casting are two main types of wheel production. Some countries have quality standards that regulate manufacturing of wheels. For instance, Japan and Germany have standards on governmental level, which oblige all wheel manufacturers to comply with certain criteria.

Casting is the process of wheel manufacturing when aluminum is heated until it is molten. In such condition it is poured into a mold where it acquires its final shape with the help of vacuum. When it is cooled, it is possible to make modifications like drilling or trimming. Casting wheels are considered to be quick and inexpensive in terms of manufacturing. However, they have a major disadvantage- the nature of its manufacturing results in occurrence of porosity. To eliminate this disadvantage manufacturers have to design heavier wheels that allows creating of structure integrity.

Forged wheel are manufactured from a solid piece of metal called billet. The billet is heated and undergoes intense pressure to be changed. In other words, forged wheels are one-piece wheels. Forged wheels are stronger because of grain refinement due to thermal cycle and process of deformation. Consistent forging allows achieving the same structural integrity with less material in comparison to cast wheels. However, considering the price of equipment needed to manufacture forged wheels, this type of wheels is more expensive than cast wheels.

Advantages of cast and forged wheels

It is difficult to say that one of the types of manufacturing wheels is the best as both are good and have their benefits.

Advantages of cats wheels:

  • Wide range of alloy choice;
  • Less expensive due to less expensive tooling process;
  • No limits in casting weight;
  • It is easy to produce complicated parts;

Advantages of forged wheels:

  • Better performance and handle due to forging process;
  • The manufacturing process excludes occurrence of cavities, porosity, and shrinkage;
  • Mechanically stronger wheels because of tight grain structure. It also ensures better wear resistance.

Whether to choose forged wheels or cast wheels is only up to you. No matter what kind of wheels you buy, make sure they are genuine product of a reliable wheel manufacturer.


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