Breaking Up Began The Criminal Nightmare

Breaking Up Began The Criminal Nightmare

She had him arrested for rape, so he conspired to ruin her life.

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?You know you did it, Just admit it,? A cop shouted at Seemona Sumasar on a fateful night. She had been pulled over but Sumasar wasn?t sure why. The cop ling at her added to the confusion.

Once they cuffed her, she began to panic. The police warned her they had enough evidence to put her away for a very long time. The former financial guru still had no idea what was happening. But one thing was for certain, her life would never be the same.

And it all started with a kiss.

Fake Cop Relationship

Jerry Ramrattan bragged about being a detective for the NYPD. He met Sumasar while she worked at Morgan Stanley and ran her own restaurant. The pair hit it off right away and started dating.

However, the honeymoon phase would not last long for these lovebirds. Sumasar noticed that her beau never seemed to actually go to work. He crafted a story about why he was always at the apartment they shared. But Sumasar was not having it and called him out on the lies. ?I said to Jerry, ?You tell so many lies, I think you actually believe what you are saying,? ?

Their relationship began to fracture even further and Sumasar asked Ramrattan to move out. He refused. On March 8, 2009, he raped Sumasar. It was the last straw for her and she called the police. Once charges were pressed against him for the attack, Ramrattan was furious.

This was just the beginning of their breakup.

Charge For Charge

Ramrattan gave his ex-girlfriend an ultimatum, have the rape charges dropped against him or she would pay. Sumasar refused. She wanted him out of her life and he needed to be punished for what he had done to her.

Once the ex-boyfriend was out on a bail, he began plotting his revenge. He talked to three different people and began prepping them on all things Sumasar. The information he would give them would make their stories more believable when they told the police the stories he was going to feed them. One immigrant was even told that he could get a special visa for victims of violent crimes.

With the detailed organization of a sociopath, Ramrattan put the jigsaw puzzle of revenge together. Sumasar would be accused of robbing three people at gunpoint and the evidence would be so overwhelming the police would not need to look anywhere else. The rape charge would vanish for him and Sumasar would pay for breaking up with him.

It was a win-win situation for him. Sumasar stayed in jail, protesting her innocence.

Innocence Proven

Weeks before her trial was set to start, a police informer came forward and told them that Ramrattan had set his ex up. Prosecutors talked to Sumasar and began looking into the things she had been saying since she had been in jail, nearly a year.

Sumasar had airtight alibis about where she was during each of the robberies. Questions then started being asked about why a successful financial analyst and business owner would need to rob people for the small amount of money she purportedly got.

Ramrattan told investigators Sumasar?s business was in trouble and she had lied about her job on Wall Street. He was proven incorrect again. Prosecutors added conspiracy charges to go along with the rape case. Ramrattan swore he was innocent.

A jury did not see it that way and convicted him on all of the charges he faced.

After The Revenge

Jerry Ramrattan was sentenced to 27 and 1/3 years in prison. He is currently being held at Riker?s Island in New York City. His mother swears her little boy is innocent and being setup by Sumasar.

Sumasar lost her business, her home, and custody of her daughter because of this mess. She is working on rebuilding her life and coming back even stronger than before. One of the things she does is to pay for everything with a credit card, to make sure there is a trail. If she is accused of a crime again, she wants to be ready for it.

Nassau County approved a nearly $3 million settlement for Sumasar in 2017. It was a wild end to a wild period of her life.

Or it could not be the end. Ramrattan vowed to get revenge on Sumasar for framing him and seeing him carted off to prison.


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