BRΛVO Welcomes Bob Menery — The Man With The Golden Voice

BRΛVO Welcomes Bob Menery — The Man With The Golden Voice

It is with great excitement that BR?VO Pay welcomes Bob Menery to our team. Menery, known as the ?man with the golden voice? joins as BR?VO?s newest strategic advisor. We are truly honored to have Menery join the team as we break into the sporting market with endeavors to attract a new target audience. A momentous announcement for all at the BR?VO Pay Headquarters as we look forward to the value, insights and entertainment this talented young man is sure to bring to our brand.

Bob Menery is an actor who has found fame and a squadron of loyal fans with his sportscaster routines, which include play-by-play parodies and a variety of other hilarious videos. Menery is especially loved for his hilarious parodies of sports play-by-play?s and his most viral content includes his ?What sports announcers are REALLY thinking during big plays? videos.

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The Massachusetts native, has had a natural sportscaster voice since his adolescent years. In the short time that he has been creating content for his fictional and uncensored sports network, Menery has managed to garner a following of 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 200K on Facebook. The Instagram star has in the past also caught the attention of the beloved rapper, Snoop Dogg, who went as far to repost one of Menery?s videos on his personal page.

Menery started his quest for fame back in July 2017 when he posted his first video and said that he was ?just playing around? with his powerful voice. With one video the influencer became an overnight sensation and managed to acquire thousands of fans as well as a manager and a voice-over agent.

Menery claims that his newfound fame came a mere week after he returned home to Boston after failing as an actor in LA. A year before this Menery was spending his nights in his car in Hollywood after becoming unemployed. At the time Menery told the media, ?It goes to show you the power of social media and how your life can really change overnight?.

Adding to this he claimed that he knew he was onto something after discovering 317 missed calls. His videos have garnered the attention of Instagram star comedians such as Dacquan and HahaDavis who have a combined following of more than 12 million users.

Since his claim to fame Menery has participated in massive collaborative campaigns and has dreams of taking his talents to television as an actor or anchor and hopes to be the star of his own show someday. It is with great excitement and pleasure that BR?VO Pay welcomes Bob Menery to our strategic division as we embark on a spectacular new partnership.

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