Bit Heroes Hack — Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Bit Heroes Hack — Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Do you want unlimited resources and unlock all on Bit Heroes? Try our Bit Heroes Hack for Android/iOS/PC/Mac

The charming Bit Heroes game, created by Juppiomenz and released by Kongregate, has finally made it mobile! An extremely interesting MMORPG with procedurally generated dungeons and tons of tasks, the game may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially for new players. We are here to help!

Bit Heroes Hack

Finally, our team has managed to find a bug in the game and we created our mod especially for you!

Why spend money when you can have everything for free? Do not continue to spend money on in-app purchases, where, with exaggerated prices, you can get few resources, with this Bit Heroes hack, items are endless and all free!!

With Bit Heroes Hack, you can:

  • Have unlimited gems
  • Have unlimited gold
  • Have unlimited energy
  • Have unlimited tickets

These are the features of the Bit Heroes Cheats Tool:

  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
  • Compatibility with all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
  • It does not require root or jailbreak
  • Based on the web
  • No need to install any files .apk, .ipa, .exe etc.
  • Regularly updated
  • Easy to use
  • Very safe (anti-detection)

How to access the Bit Heroes hack?

To access the hack, all you have to do is click on the link below:


There is no downloading involved like the old hacks, everything is done online, through our private servers.

Bit Heroes cheats

Bit Heroes Tips & Tricks

There are dozens of bit heroes cheats to gather and beat even more dungeons, so let?s not waste a second. Read on for our Bit Heroes tips and tricks!

Bit Heroes Tips & Tricks

Complete bounties

One of the things you should always focus on is the bounties. You get 2 new bounties (quests) daily and you can have a total of 10 active ones. When you complete them, you usually reward them with very good items or a lot of coins, so make sure you always keep an eye on the bounties and try to complete them as quickly as possible for rapid progress

Dungeons Guide & Tips

You spend most of your time defeating the various dungeons in the game, so an overview and guidance would be helpful. So, here are a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to completing dungeons:

– It seems that they are generated procedurally, which means that they will be different every time you play. That?s great because you?ll always get different rewards and you?ll face different enemies.

– In most cases, it seems a good idea to leave the Auto Play option, as the AI does a pretty good job of finishing the dungeons, especially if you?re overpowering. This is especially ideal if you?re grinding at already reached levels (boss levels) to get more XP and improve your player stats. Just go to the highest difficulty you can easily overcome and let the AI fight with it while you?re doing something else. You only need to tap the screen if you have bothered the trader or if there is a chance to convince an acquaintance to join you.

– Keep in mind that when you complete Boss levels, you can bring other guild members as family members. This is very useful, especially if you are in a solid guild with high-level players.

– Always try to collect everything and clean a dungeon before it exits ? even if you defeat a boss, there could be an extra treasure you can collect. Make sure you do this.

– It?s better to repeat Boss Level instead of trying mission missions that you can?t complete. Even if you collect everything you collect during a mission, even if you lose, the rewards are usually better when you complete boss levels. Do this until you have enough levels to beat the regular campaign missions.

Weapon skills are extremely important

There are different weapons in the game, each with its own rarity and abilities that it gives you in combat. Therefore, it is extremely important to check the skills that each weapon offers and find out how useful they are for you in this fight. Make sure you equip new weapons, check their abilities and decide whether to keep them or not. Some weapons are better to provide support, while others can do better damage. You need to find the best for your situation.

That?s all for now. We hope you found this guide helpful, and don?t forget to make use of our Bit Heroes Hack


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