Best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click [GENUINE] to Earn side ‘INCOME’

Best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click [GENUINE] to Earn side ‘INCOME’

There are millions of people in the world who believe PTC sites. They believe that they can earn money with the PTC sites as the side income. It is true that most of the PTC sites pay you just for viewing their ads and watching their ad videos.

There are some PTC sites which pay for clicks. Only a few people earning good money with these PTC sites because of the consistency and techniques. It will take much time to make your first dollar in these PTC sites in 2019.

This is one of the main reasons why people see these PTC sites as spam. It?s true that most of the PTC sites don?t pay as they publish. Most of the people get confused on PTC sites, and the don?t know which are genuine PTC sites to earn money.

Hereafter test on these PTC sites, we have come up with several genuine ptc sites which will pay you real money. The list includes some of the best PTC sites which Pay $10 per click.

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites are nothing but paid to click sites where you can join and get paid for watching these ads. If you work several hours on these websites daily, then you can make great revenue.

You can also find jobs in this category where you can just to view the ad, and you can make money. Most of the sites offer free registration and referral programs. That means when soemone make a sign up through your affiliate link you can earn good commissions from the PTC site.

How to earn with PTC sites?

You have to spend a few minutes on some sites to earn good amount of money if you work consistently. You do not need any requirements and any qualifications to work on these sites.

A piece of basic computer knowledge and internal knowledge are the requirements of this job. These paid to click jobs are easy to sign up and easy to make money. Even a beginner can understand how it works and how to make money on these platforms.

Web marketers and online business people need huge traffic for their online business growth and sales. Hence they pay a huge amount to these PTC sites to buy real traffic and to increase their sales.

In return, these PTC sites will show their ads on your profile and when you click the add, you will and small Commission. In this way, the business people gaining the traffic from these sites and you are redirecting to the page.

When the traffic increases, the sales of the business will also increase. Instead of promoting their business pages, these PTC sites will pay something if you visit the business sites.

Here are some best PTC sites to earn money in 2019.

Best PTC sites that pay 10$ per click

We have done complete research on several PTC sites, and we found that these sides are genuine PTC sites that pay you real money. You can join them, and you can start earning money.

There is a no PTC site which will pay you $10 per click. The reason why you are here for the heading is to know the secret of earning $10 per click. I want to make sure that a lot of people searching for this keyword and make your mind clear that no PTC site is going to pay you $10 per click.

You can earn more than $10 per click with AdSense and affiliate sales.

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We are listing our top recommendations to join and to make money from these PTC sites. If you are looking for long term making money machine, then you may switch to earn with blogging.


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Without any surprise, ClixSense is one of the most trusted PTC sites on the internet. But now this site is turned as GPT (GET PAID TO) site. There are a number of ways you can earn money with the platform only if you work consistently.

If you work seriously on ClixSense alone, you can make around $100+ dollars a month as a passive income. You cannot expect huge revenue from these PTC sites because these sites will be for those who are looking to earn pocket money instantly.

You can make money by completing surveys daily. You can earn more if you perform various tasks and offers and the best thing is this site will pay as an affiliate program.

To multiply your earnings and to increase the revenue within the platform you can start promoting the platform and get revenue.

  • You can also win daily prizes worth playing.
  • Payoneer and skrill are the available options to withdraw your payments.


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The most famous and standard PTC site to make money with simple tasks is ?neobux?. You will have a chance to earn huge amount of money with this platform.

If you are an active user and if you use all the earning ways the platform offers, then you can earn more than $300 a Month.

Everyone in the world knows this site and among the all PTC site this is the only site which paid highest amount of money to their users till now. The site was started in 2007 and saying its members regularly.

The Neobux is more focused on the advertisement than the regular paid tasks. You will get payments in time, and the platform offers anti-cheat protection.

Neobux provides many advertisements daily, and it will give instant payments. This is the only PTC site which will pay you on its Upgrade.

  • You Can Win daily prizes up to $90 and you can also add money from direct referrals.
  • Neteller and skrill are the payout methods in this Neobux PTC platform.


If you ever heard about a family package PTC site then it is Familyclix. Familyclix is it genuine PTC site that is paying its members regularly.

Most of the people like this platform and they posted the details of how much the users are paid through this paid PTC site. So many people made thousands of dollars into the platform.

This will give you a clear clarification in your mind to use the platform for making money online. Just like other platforms this Familyclix also has the policy of one used by one household.

It offers a family theme and then memberships named as ?Baby, Baby Plus, Sister, Brother, Mummy, Daddy, Grandmother, and Grandfather.?

  • You can also make money from referral program but you have to keep your account active in Familyclix.
  • To keep your account active in this platform you have to click minimum 4 ads every day.


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The another Genuine PTC site in the list which is genuine and paying a good amount of money to their members. If you are a member of the US and UK when you will get more surveys compared to the other PTC sites.

There are so many people who are earning more than 150 Dollars per month single website by working only 20 minutes a day.

Do you think it is possible?

Unless you are a pro in using these PTC sites, it is impossible. However, if you are a beginner and need pocket money to maintain your website, then you can try these PTC sites.

When we talk about InboxDollar, there is a number of ways you can earn with this platform. It will be best for the users from the US and UK.

This platform will not make you much money, but for a few trials you can try it if you don?t do anything rather than clicking the ads.

PTC sites for Mobile

Most of the PTC sites are accessible in mobile phones too except Neobux. You can try all other sites on your mobile to you and click ads.

However, make sure that you are the only user who registered or a smartphone because multiple accounts will be banned. But in my opinion, these are the best PTC sites(apps) for mobile users which pay you.

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • MintCoins
  • Earn Money
  • Rewardable
  • AppCasher
  • CheckPoints

Are PTC sites legal?

Yes, they are legal to make money. You are earning for your hard work, and all the PTC sites are approved and already paid huge money to their members. You can join any PTC site for free you can make money legally.

It will be better if you join premium membership because of the additional benefits of instant payments and more surveys.

However, in the case of using PTC sites, you may not face any legal consequences. Most of the people believe that these PTC sites are a scam because of the hard work they are doing.

As we said unless you are an expert using these PTC sites and if you have a lot of time to work then you can try these sites.

Before trying, 11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites

Wrap up

These are the list of best PTC sites available on the internet. When you think about earning money online, then there are so many ways to make money online in 2019.

However, if you want to make instant money for your work, then you may try these PTC sites. But as per industry experts and our opinion if you want to survive a long time on the internet, then it will be better if you go with blogging or YouTube.

You can also learn some practices, and you can make money online by teaching someone or by writing your own content on the website. Affiliate marketing and sponsored ads are also the best online money making methods.

Unless you are desperate in making money and you need a few bucks per month, then you can go with these PTC sites. These PTC sites will be time consuming and irritating when making money.



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