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Best Place to Buy WoW Gold 2019?2020

PVPBank is the best and cheapest place to buy WoW gold. When playing World of Warcraft, the least risky way to buy gold is through a reputable source. You can browse every company that offers wow gold and look for comments from people who have used these services in the past. The more positive reviews you can find, the greater the chance of a successful deal. PVPBank is also rated as 5 stars. I have also played this game for many years and buought gold from PVPBank.

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Flexible payment method: They cooperate with many world famous payment platforms. Therefore, they can accept payment by credit card, PayPal, moneybookers, Western Union, Paysafecard and bank transfer. You can choose any one to pay for your order.

Fast delivery guarantee: They are trying to complete the order within a certain time range according to the game and product category. They use large inventory systems in all games to ensure fast delivery. Due to the unstable game environment, sometimes delivery will be delayed, but it will be solved soon.

Money-back guarantee: During the purchase process, if they fail to fulfill the customer?s order on time or the customer no longer wants the order, a refund will be given. The refund will be sent out immediately. Exception: orders using coupons do not have a refund.

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Safest Place to Buy WoW Gold

With the WoW Token($20), Blizzard is the only legitimate source of gold and cannot buy tokens in classic. If you buy gold, you buy it through a third party, which violates the terms of service, bans risk. In game stores, pay real coins to buy WoW token, and then put them on the auction house. Blizzard sets the price and guarantees you a certain amount of WoW gold. When other people buy gold from the auction house, they only need to purchase the token on the list according to the released order. The gold can be sold easily and the buyer can use the token for one month.

Q: How to buy wow tokens with real coins?A: the World of Warcraft Tokens can be purchased for real coins through the World of Warcraft in-game store. You can access the store through the function button line next to the character bag.

Q: I need gold! How to sell the World of Warcraft tokens to other players?A: you will be able to sell the World of Warcraft tokens through a dedicated token exchange at the auction house in the new game time section. WoW tokens cannot be traded or sold in any other way.

Q: How much gold will I get when I sell the World of Warcraft token?A: The gold value of tokens will be determined according to the demand and supply dynamics. When you sell tokens, you will be provided with the amount of gold you receive after a successful sale. If you subsequently decide to sell the token, the amount will be locked and gold will be sent to your mailbox after other players purchase your token.

Q: I need the game time! How to buy wow tokens from auction houses?A: When you visit the auction house, the system will show you the current market price of wow tokens in the game area ? no bid is involved, and all tokens in the game area will have the same price at any given time. If you decide to buy one, you will receive it in your email and you can immediately redeem it for game time.

Q: How much game time can I get by exchanging the World of Warcraft tokens?A: When you redeem a wow token, you will get 30 days of game time.

Q: Can I buy the World of Warcraft tokens in gold?A: No, each wow token can only be sold once. When you buy a gold token, it becomes a soul binding. At that time, only game time can be redeemed.

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5. Refund guarantee: in the process of purchasing the world of Warcraft classic gold coins, if they fail to fulfill the customer?s order in time or the customer no longer wants the order, they will get a refund. The refund will be sent out immediately.

I?ll briefly cover this topic to add more information. As most people say, the safest way is to buy a token and then use the auction house to exchange it for gold. This may be the safest way, but it?s definitely not the cheapest. For more information about wow tokens, visit wow token information. In order to get the cheapest but also for the sake of security, it is my foolish idea to buy from the game players.

There are many wow players selling their wow gold on this C2C website (, so the price is competitive and even exceeds the exchange rate of wow. Because they are real wow players, you can safely trade with them. C2C platform: View: game virtual commodity trading market and trading platform (if you want to sell your own Warcraft, you can also do it through this website). Or go directly to their wow product page: safe to buy wow gold (USA).

I hope it helps some people. Thank you.

Best locations for farming gold in WoW Classic

This is the best gold farming place in World of Warcraft.

1. The Swamp of Sorrows ? Jaguar swamp ? this place is a deadly and bloody big cat / cat. They scatter a large number of suppliers? garbage (bristle beard and long soft tail), evil claws, 12 space bags, large canine teeth. Jaguar swamp is an excellent place for spoils and also an ideal place for gold farming of grade 40.

2. The Eastern Plaguelands ? Plaguebats, the terrible flying creatures infected by the plague, roamed the south of the eastern plague. Killing these flying monsters will give you a bunch of suppliers? garbage (BAT ears, big bat teeth, evil bat eyes and smooth bat skin), thick skin, evil claws, thick skin, solid skin and solid skin.

The hand of tyre ? can be found in the southeast of the eastern plague land. One of the fortresses of the scarlet crusaders. Any scarlet Crusader member in this location can provide you with a large number of booty tables. The point here is scarlet Archmage, because scarlet Archmage will bring you about 14 pounds of pocket coins , a large number of runes, and most importantly, you will get the formula: enchanted weapons and Crusaders, which are the most valuable of all enchants. If you are an experienced rogue, this position is ideal for you.

3. The Stranglethorn Vale ? Kurzen?s Compound ? in this place, you will meet kurzen horse herders, kursen medicine soldiers, kursen jungle soldiers and kursen commandos. The humanoids here will throw away a pile of silk cloth, wool cloth, suppliers? garbage, some pocket coins , fadeleaf or the source of life, also known as ?medicine man?, or 12 tiger bags.

Cold eyed snake Monsters ? at this point on the west coast of the valley of thorns, deadly snake monsters are everywhere. These monsters unleash a large number of suppliers? junk items (including the complete monster spine, squid monster?s eye, monster?s tail and crooked monster?s claw), fangs, evil claws and cold monster?s eye (please note ? please note when upgrading 35) the Bank of England trinkets are very valuable here because of their unique Trinkets are very precious, most precious in the World of Warcraft classic. Moreover, the monster in this position is the best source of heavy and thick skin.

4. The Wetlands ? at the whelgar?s / dwarven excavation site, this is where the Raptors (mottled sickles and mottled lassos) live in World of Warcraft. You need a skinning professional to work at this location, because most of the revenue in the area is collected by Raptors skinning. In addition, these Raptors dispose of any of the ? vendor bins? and ?Raptor eggs.?.

5. The Azshara ? Sagers are found in the north of Azshara. This area is the perfect source or origin of runes, because these dis men distribute a large number of runes, valuable magic cloth, pocket coins and suppliers? garbage. It is recommended to be used at level 50 or above, but you should be very careful when you are above grade 52, because although Sutter people have the essence of blemish in the area of esalah, Sutter people may be very complicated, but when they escape from lower health, they will attract more enemies.

6. The Feralas ? The island of Filas fear is located near the west coast of Filas area. It is inhabited by the destructively ostriches and elites. If you?re a single player, these nasty beasts are hard to kill unless you?re a highly skilled mage or hunter. Chimaeras at this location provides the vendor ?s trash (forked tongue and scales), but remember that chimaeras is the only source of chiropractor?s tenderloin.

7. The Felwood ? grizzly bear, Muller bear and sour throated bear ? the giant fury clawed bear found in feywood forest is polluted by devil?s magic. If you free these giant bears from the painful world, you can earn coins .


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