Being a Hotwife

October 7, 2018

I want to say right up front that I am aware this particular blog Post is not going to sit well with the Morals Police. I already know I will receive some hate mail, so bring it! I don?t cry any more when someone does not share my views!

Sometimes my email runs in strange cycles, subject wise. I?m not sure why that is. This time it was about religion. In the last two weeks I have received maybe a dozen emails from both men and women on this subject.

When I first started writing, my readers were mostly men who had the fantasy of wife sharing, but had nobody else to talk to about it, most specifically his wife, so he wrote to me. The gist of those early emails consisted of reasons why he thought his wife would never go for it. The list almost always included ?her religious upbringing? among other reasons. He didn?t actually know that, he simply had the idea in his brain it would be a deal killer.

Once I began publishing in the mainstream media, and began focusing more of my writing on Mary, that is to say writing for women, my female readership went way up. I know that for two reasons. The first reason is because I know who is following me. The second reason is because now my email ratio of men to women is almost 50?50.

The only reason that is important to know is because of what I?m going to say about it next. Men and women look at the subject of religion very differently. The only thing they have in common is they usually are not talking to each other about it.

Men still tell me their wife?s religious upbringing is a major issue. Here is the truth about that. Most of the time when a man tells me his wife won?t date because of her strict religious upbringing, it?s not a reason. It?s simply a roadblock that means she?s not ready, or needs more information, or wants her marriage fixed first.

Surprisingly, I have never received an email from a woman saying she would love to be a Hotwife but couldn?t get past the religious ?implications?. When a woman mentions religion, its usually more in the form of a question wondering how other women think about it. Think about that for a minute. There are not many venues where a woman would feel comfortable asking questions of that nature.

So, what are the religious implications? I have covered this before in a somewhat different form. This time I will cover all the bases as it relates to the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle. So far as I know, the only religious implication is Adultery. I mean when you boil it down to the bottom line it?s about ?Though Shalt not commit Adultery!?

I want everyone to understand that I am not a religious scholar. I also want you all to understand that you need to make your own decisions on what?s right and what?s wrong. I?m not going to tell you how you should think. I?m simply going to tell you how a woman who is a practicing Hotwife see?s this subject.

Here is how I see it. Adultery is less about sex and more about your relationship. A woman having an affair behind her husband?s back is committing Adultery whether she is having sex, or an affair of the heart, without sex.

A woman who is dating other men for the benefit of her marriage, not only has her husband?s knowledge, but also his consent, and encouragement. The Hotwife is not committing Adultery.

I could have said that Adultery is less about sex and more about intent, but I was afraid if I said it that way first, it would be confusing, but if you got this far maybe you will understand what I mean about intent. A woman having an affair, has the intent to deceive her husband. She is committing Adultery. A woman who is not deceiving her husband is not committing Adultery if she has both his knowledge and his consent.

So that?s that. While I?m on that subject though, I also want to address a somewhat related subject. What is a Cuckold? I get two or three emails a week from men who spend the first few paragraphs making it clear they are not a Cuckold, have no tendencies, are not a sissy, do not have a tiny penis, or any other negative trait. They simply have the very normal fantasy of wanting to share their wife with other men, and want to know how to go about making his desire, her reality.

I instantly know these men found me by searching in the porn sewer. How do I know that? Because that?s where the idea of being a Cuckold was born as it relates to this Lifestyle. The porn and fantasy caption writers have seriously distorted the reality of this Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle, by portraying the husband of a Hotwife as a Cuckold.

In the real world that is not even possible unless you are role playing with your wife. By definition, a man is a Cuckold if his wife is spreading her legs for other men without his knowledge or his consent. She could have his knowledge, but not his consent. He would still be a Cuckold, if he knew about it, didn?t like it, but did nothing to stop her.

So by definition it?s not possible for a Hotwife to be married to a Cuckold, unless that?s how you like it because you like to role play fantasy.

So why did I say that these two subjects are related? Because both Adultery, and Cuckold, have similar elements. They are knowledge, and consent. A hotwife is not committing Adultery, and the husband of a Hotwife is not a Cuckold!

So, if you are planning on writing to me, it?s not necessary to add that disclaimer to your email. OK?


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