Background Music for Coding 🎧

Background Music for Coding 🎧

by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ? technical documentation tool

UPDATE: There?s now a new, revamped version of this post!

Music for Programming (2019 edition)

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Do you guys use background music while coding? They say that the right music allows to catch the flow and improve the concentration and performance during the task.

Today I assembled a list of Youtube videos with music for coding. There you?ll find electronic mixes, ambient sounds, gaming soundtracks and many others. I do hope that you?ll find something that suits your taste 😉

24/7 freeCodeCamp radio ? chill tunes you can code to (no ads) community music stream providing light coding music 24/7. The greatest advantage of this stream is that it has no ads.

Awesome Music to Code to

This playlist contains primarily light and electronic music to play in background for you to dive into coding and catch the flow.

DubStep Playlist for Coding

Feel the burst of energy with these dubstep beats.

Programming / Coding / Hacking music vol.16 (CONNECTING LOST)

A mix of electronic and synth music with a voice composition at the very beginning. A full list of tracks is available in the description to the video on YouTube.

Epic Chillstep Collection 2015 [2 Hours]

Chillstep music that is pleasing to the ear and allows to tune into coding. The tracklist is in the description.

Concentration Programming Music

This video includes soundtracks from video games like Deus Ex, Mirror?s Edge, Half Life 2, System Shock 2 and others. A full list of compositions is available on YouTube in the description to this video.

College Music 24/7 Live Radio Study Music Chill Music Calming Music

Some chill beats and calming sounds here to keep you stress-free and help you catch a creative flow.

Concentration Programming Music 0000 (Part 0)

More gaming soundtracks here. Different tracks from Deus Ex, Shadowrun Returns OST, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and other games will make you feel like a coding hero 🙂

Concentration Music for Programming Gamedev

Electronic and light music gathered here in one video to improve your concentration and performance during coding.

lofi hip hop radio ? beats to relax/study to

special thanks to Adrian Surya

Do you use any YouTube playlists or videos while coding? Or maybe you prefer particular music websites? Please, share in the comments and I?ll add them to the list or compile a new post with your recommendations!

Have a nice day!

Bradley Nice,Content Manager at best online documentation tool for SaaS vendors

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