Awesome Print Magazines For Digital Designers

Awesome Print Magazines For Digital Designers

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Who says the era of print publications is over? In the epoch of permanent information consumption, print publications have transformed into valuable artifacts that you buy for a home library, tactile and visual enjoyment and collecting.The printed version of the magazine has a very useful property: each issue offers information structured by time and relevance. Even thumbing through it quickly from cover to cover, you get a very definite charge of fresh ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm. We?ve collected a list of interesting magazines that will proudly be in use for any kind of designer.

Magazines About Graphic & Web Design, Digital Art, Typography, Culture and Technology


Offscreen is an independent print magazine that examines how we shape technology and how technology shapes us. It tells stories and cases about creating cool designs, applications, and innovations. It will be interesting for every web designer.


net is number one for cutting-edge content, tutorials, opinions, and advice for web designers and developers. The magazine boasts a wealth of inspirational collections, expert insight, including detailed instructions, tutorials on frontend and backend, practical projects from the experts, perfect for those that prefer the applied approach. net?s projects section is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty with some code and apply cutting-edge techniques to your websites.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts is the premier source of inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, interactive designers, illustrators, and photographers ? everyone involved in visual communication. It?s the biggest international magazine on visual communications with a 58-year history which is published 6 times a year.

Digital Arts

Digital Arts is a comprehensive coverage of graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effects, and interactive design. It is a leading UK resource for creative professionals. The magazine provides relevant and forward-thinking content and constantly publishes more exclusive reviews and features than any other website on the market.


Eye is a British magazine for graphic designers. This is one of the magazines that are often bought for aesthetic enjoyment and collecting. By the way, on the site, you can order not only the latest issue but also the old ones. The magazine is aimed at professional designers and design students ? there is even a special student subscription.

Backstage Talks

Backstage Talks is an interview magazine about how design can change business for the better by making it both useful and beautiful. Filled with a number of engrossing interviews and essays by leading creatives and designers. The magazine is published biannually.

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Idea Magazine

Idea magazine focuses on graphic design and typography, published quarterly in Tokyo, Japan. The magazine educates its readers about Asian design and visual culture. You can read the latest news, book reviews and information on the latest design events in Japan. Typographic design is one of the design elements of Idea Magazine. From typography inspiration to expert criticism.

Before & After

Do you love and need to know graphic design? Before & After educates you how to design Web pages, brochures, presentations, logos, ads, business cards, magazines, business documents, posters, and more. The magazine describes a graphic design in simple words, making it interesting, useful, and enjoyable for the readers. Before & After is one body of work in several formats ? print, PDF, and books ? each designed for the way you learn.


Slanted is the award-winning print magazine, covering international developments in design and culture twice a year as well as other design-related projects and publications in the field of typography, contemporary art, and design. In each issue, there is a booklet called ?Contemporary typefaces? with a selection of fresh fonts from the editorial staff, including those created in the country to which the issue is dedicated.

Computer Arts

Computer Arts is the leading magazine for designers, illustrators, and creative professionals. The magazine is a great source of inspiration, creative software skills and industry advice, all aimed at making you a better and more successful designer.

Digital Artist

Digital Artist is the perfect magazine for everyone using their computer as a canvas. This is the only community-oriented magazine in which are described all artistic styles and art programs. It makes each issue a mixture of exciting images that inspire you to create your own ones. The magazine includes study guides and manuals, an extensive section of questions and answers, reports on new artists and their ongoing projects, as well as interviews and galleries.

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Juxtapoz magazine, which initially was created in 1994 by a group of artists and art collectors, began with a mission to combine modern genres such as psychedelic and hot art, graffiti, street art and illustration, with a context of wider, more historically recognized art genres such as pop, assembly, old master painting and conceptual art.


Interactions magazine is a mirror on the human-computer interaction and interaction design communities and beyond. It is a multiplicity of conversations, collaborations, relationships, and new discoveries focusing on how and why we interact with the designed world of technologies. The magazine has a special voice that lies between practice and research with an emphasis on making engaging human-computer interaction research accessible to practitioners and on making practitioners? voices heard by researchers. It is published bi-monthly by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the largest educational and scientific computing society in the world.

Lrzer?s Archive

You don?t find these magazines in press kiosks, but those who work in advertising know them by heart. Lrzer?s Archive, the celebrated creative resource for advertising professionals worldwide, has been offering a full set of inspirational tools. Since 1998 the magazine has also published Lrzer?s Archive Specials; volumes on photography, illustration, packaging, product/music design, and other creative fields. In 2011 they began to publish the 200 Best series, along with apps for iPhone and iPad.

Graphic Design USA

Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has been a business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals since 1963. The GDUSA brand now includes a 100,000 visitor-a-month website, a monthly e-newsletter, a print and a digital version of the magazine.


ImagineFX is a digital art magazine that features workshops and interviews with artists from the science fiction, fantasy, manga, anime, game and comic disciplines. If you love to draw and paint, a subscription to ImagineFX is essential!

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Cool Magazines Not Published Anymore


HOW was a bi-monthly magazine for graphic designers. The magazine served the business, technological and creative needs of graphic-design professionals with a practical mix of essential business information, up-to-date technological tips, the creative whys and hows behind noteworthy projects, and profiles of professionals who are influencing design.

HOW is published by F+W Media of Cincinnati, Ohio. F+W Media filed for Chapter 11 on March 10, 2019. As a result, HOW Design, PRINT and their affiliated websites are no longer in business.


PRINT magazine was created for graphic design professionals and visual communication experts. It has been a general-interest magazine, written by cultural reporters and critics who look at design in its social, political, and historical contexts. The magazine underwent a complete redesign in 2005, and ceased publication in 2017, with a promise to focus the brand on ?a robust and thriving online community?.

CMYK Magazine

CMYK Magazine is a place where novice creators showcase their talents in an industry inspired by new ways to creatively solve problems. At the same time, CMYK Magazine is a place where creative directors, agency directors, and art buyers recruit students and recent graduates from the best schools of contemporary art: art directors, copywriters, designers, photographers, and illustrators.

Where once you could flip through pages of CMYK, now you can tap, swipe, and click through a bold, confident, invigorated platform for the ever-expanding collection of art and design from aspiring and emerging artists, designers, illustrators, art directors, and copywriters. And while the medium has changed, the concept remains the same.

Web Designer

The flagship publication for international web creatives and digital designers, Web Designer offers expert project-based tutorials across modern disciplines such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, and web app development. Every issue features the biggest agency profiles, behind the scenes look at how the best sites are built and cutting-edge trends and techniques. Web Designer will no longer be available on subscription. Issue 293 was the last issue available on subscription.

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(Non-design) Magazines For Inspiration

Thisispaper Magazine

Thisispaper Magazine is an interdisciplinary publication focusing on the interaction between timeless forms and movements in contemporary life and arts. Founded in 2011, the magazine follows one original idea ? modern spirit is sensual, social and harmonious.


Frankie is a bi-monthly lifestyle and design magazine out of Australia that manages to be smart and informative about everything from crafting, to home design, to recipes, to vintage style, to music, while also maintaining a sense of humor about the whole lifestyle business.


Kinfolk has become a ?leading lifestyle authority? that offers their global audience a mix of a print quarterly and online media, as well as books, events, and a gallery space in Copenhagen. Kinfolk explores topics of home, work, style, culture and connecting an international community of likeminded creative spirits.

La Boussole

La Boussole is the first independent aesthetic publication about travel in Ukraine. In French, ?la boussole? means ?a compass?. Therefore, each issue has four sections. The magazine brings a lot of inspiration from different parts of Ukraine about cities, traditions, people and their occupations.

Create! Magazine

Create! Magazine is an independent bi-monthly print and online publication for artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. Each issue is ?filled with vibrant contemporary art, craft, design, and inspiring stories of the makers behind it.? Check out their Instagram for regularly updated fresh work.

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Water Journal

Water Journal is a London-based bi-annual print publication exploring the beauty and complexity of all things life. Dedicated to the experience and cultural significance of water, it exists to tell honest stories from around the world, whether it?s of a personal matter or on a global scale.


Disegno is an in-depth quarterly magazine that reports on architecture, design, and fashion. The magazine covers current events and features articles intended to inspire and create conversation for their design-minded readers.


Cereal is an incredibly smart, engaging, and beautifully photographed biannual travel and style magazine that explores aspects of style, design, fashion, and culture through the lens of specific locations divided into chapters. Cereal also has a line of city guides and an online journal.

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the study of aesthetics and art criticism. It is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the American Society for Aesthetics.

Majestic Disorder

Majestic Disorder is a globally driven print magazine with the ?look and feel of a coffee table book? and content focused on culture, art, music, travel, identity, sustainable fashion, public affairs, and feature stories.

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Rucksack Magazine

Rucksack Magazine is a printed publication dedicated to written and visual storytelling. Using a combination of photographs and writing, the magazine celebrates the world we live in. It?s a design-driven publication that looks for quality and integrity in every story. Each volume of Rucksack Magazine focuses on a specific theme.


Foam is an international photography magazine published three times a year, with each issue focused on a specific theme, such as Talent, Lust, and Propaganda, to name a few. The magazine features an exciting combination of world-renowned photographers and new voices in the field showcasing exciting and compelling portfolios.

The Artist Magazine

The Artist Magazine is the UK?s best practical art magazine for aspiring amateur and professional artists ? since 1931. Well-known artists reveal their working practices and techniques, covering all subjects and media, in every issue. Learn how established and up-and-coming artists create their work and use the tips they provide to help you improve your design skills.


Sceen?ry vision is to create print city guides from across the globe. The journal creates a platform for writers, photographers, videographers, creators, business owners and makers, as well as create a community of dreamers and explorers from around the world. It provides the space for creativity and inspiration in travel.

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To be a professional in the modern world, you need to have comprehensive expertise to succeed. All these magazines are able to become a great source of inspiration which provides you with advice, as well as concepts and ideas that can be useful for your projects.


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