Assassin’s Creed Origins: Rare Tips & Tricks

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Rare Tips & Tricks

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In this article I will not be sharing very general tips/tricks like flying senu when on auto pilot mode or slide in & out from the rearside of a tent or hunt legendary items much later in the game etc, rather this would be a much more interesting & rare selection of tips/tricks which very few players would know about. Find below my definition of a tip & trick for this guide.

Trick – is more a preference than recommendation.

Tip – is highly recommended/useful which might help you a lot.

Trick : You can Fast Travel directly from Senu

To Fast Travel, normally you would pop up the map and fast travel to an already synchronized viewpoint ? but that?s so boring! You can also Fast travel using Senu ?. Call out your buddy and when you point the crosshair at a viewpoint in sight, you will get an option to Fast travel. Ofcourse, you will get the option only at synchronized viewpoints. Yes, you cant fast travel to another part of the map with this as its limited to Senu?s perception range but you still can?t deny the fact that its awesome!

Trick : You can create Poison or Sleeping gas bombs ?

This is one of the most interesting trick I came across in the game. Obviously you firstly need to have the right tools for this trick(sleep/poison darts). Next walk into any source of smoke(even fire) and throw the darts at the source and ?! This becomes very efficient during the night when you see enemies grouping around a campfire.

Tip : Roll when you?re landing/burning to mitigate damage

A large part of AC includes climbing, scaling, jumping off cliffs, buildings etc so there are lot of times when you tend to jump and end up damaging or worse, dying performing the stunt. Though this game is not as bad as Witcher 3 when it comes to damage from heights, you can still mitigate a lot of this damage by rolling when you?re just about to land(square on PS4, B on Xbox ? basically dodge button). Same goes when you start looking like a ghost rider ?.

Trick : You can pet cat(s) ? and Senu

Okay! this as you have already guessed is far from useful and would be categorized atmost under ?cute?. All you need to do is simply crouch next to cat(s) to start pampering them. Same way to pet or feed Senu, you simply need to press triangle/Y when she sits on your arm. Another interesting fact here is that killing too many cats will result in Desynchronization! So yeah, pets are no joke in AC origins.

Trick : Use your torch to set arrows on fire

Bow ?on fire? is arguably one of the most useful effects you will need in the game. Having said that you don?t need to always look for a bow with this effect. You might already know that you use any fire sources nearby to light ?em up. Going a step further you can also create your own source of fire. Don?t forget you have a torch at all times. Bring up the torch, drop it down and use that to light your arrows.

Tip : Don?t get spotted standing next to dead enemy soldier(s)

When you have killed a soldier or bunch of soldiers, make sure you keep your distance from the crime scene & not stand there to take pictures ? If any casually patrolling soldiers see you next to dead ones, they will attack you on sight.

Tip : You cannot detect papyrus loots with Animus Scan

After reaching a potential papyrus loot location, don?t rely on using the Animus scan to locate the papyrus loot item ? It doesn?t detect. You have to find it the good ol? fashion way. However, you will be able to loot it while mounted as usual.

Tip : Unlock fast travel points during ongoing quests

This is something you would have read about a lot but I?m still mentioning it again since its very very useful and will save good amount of time especially late game. Anytime you see an unsynchronized viewpoint within 200m radius, go for it!(even if you?re in middle of a quest). 30?60 seconds you spend at that moment is going to save about 2?3mins of time being wasted later in the game.

Trick : Toggle Bayek?s beard and hair style

Post Bayek getting shaved and him looking like almost every other NPC in the game, you do have the flexibility to toggle the styles. Under the ?Gear? section of the menu, point your cursor at the background ie. empty space and hold left trigger(L2) + triangle to toggle hair styles and right trigger(R2) + triangle to toggle beard styles on PS. The same bindings replacing triangle with Y on Xbox should work ie. hold left/right trigger + Y.

Tip : Mount & Murder

In case you haven?t already noticed, you do waay more damage when mounted than on foot. Adding to this, there are lot of other perks when mounted which are:

  • Easily move in & out of conflicts while dealing crazy damage.
  • Mounts do additional ?trampling? damage to characters unfortunate enough to cross your mount?s path.
  • Chances of enemies missing their attack is very high.
  • Rotate in any direction to rain down arrows on enemies.
  • Loot dead bodies while mounted(including papyrus loots).

You can pretty much do almost everything that you can on foot, mounted and in a much better way I must add. Once you get a hang of it, its fun to circle around your enemies and swiftly slaughter them. It?s pretty evident Ubisoft designed the game around this and wanted players to have a different flavour of gamestyle. In other games, you mostly use a mount for transportation, not this game! ?

I will let you in on a little secret, this is one of the best ways to take down Phylakes. I completed Phylakes? Prey quest when I was just level 33, thanks to this. You can?t easily expect to kill a very high level enemy with this though ? it?s a tip not a hack! ? I took a hell lot of time for the two level 40 Phylakes(ran around a rock and assassinated them million times) and managed to survive killing the level 40 crocs, only because I was mounted.

Point being, if comfortable play as much mounted gamestyle as possible since its one of the very few games out there which gives us this flexibility with much efficiency.

Tip : Assassinate through breakable objects

When I said breakable objects I meant bamboo/straw doors, walls or even ceilings. Although it?s a little funny to see you shove your arm through a bamboo wall/door without even breaking it, but hey ? i?ll take it!

Tip : ?Sell unnecessary items? option

Ever wondered what the ?Sell unnecessary items? option at shops actually end up selling. This option instantly sells all your Trinkets and Animal goods. You also get to know exactly how much you will earn from selling those items(?Inventory? section, bottom). I would anyways suggest holding off till you acquire 100 trinkets since there is a Trophy/Achievement for selling 100 trinkets at once(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Tip : ?Reload Quest Objective? reloads all quests [Confirmed]

There is a slight confusion in the community when it comes to this option in game. This Official Ubisoft FAQ(at the time of writing) mentions :

If you get stuck in a quest, you can rewind and go back to the previous objective.

And at the same time in the game, when you choose ?Reload Quest Objective? option, the popup message says :

This action will reload all quests to their last objectives

Latter mentions plural, which if true is very alarming because we obviously don?t want to end up rewinding all the quests trying to rewind one.

I contacted one of Ubisoft?s Game lead and he mentioned:

This information on our FAQ is incorrect. It will reset all quests. I will get in touch with someone to change this FAQ, thank you for letting us know

Hopefully they add a feature to reload individual quest in the future but for now beware! Will update this tip if there is any change in status.


I?m sure there are still loads of interesting tips/tricks ready to be shared. I will constantly update this article as & when I get reminded of any. Please share and like if you enjoyed this article. ?


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