Ascot Tie

You go to the store to go pick out a tie and then realize there are so many different options. Your significant other tells you, ?Make sure you wear a tie?. What kind of tie are they talking about. Here?s a guide that will help you distinguish the different ties and when to wear them.

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An Ascot Tie, or Ascot, is a narrow band that is wrapped around the neck with wings that are wide and point outwards. The Ascot Tie is worn on formal occasions, and is usually folded over, and tightened with a pin or a tie tack. The Ascot Tie comes from British descent, and over time has become a traditional figure in custom British and Scottish weddings. Unless you are attending a British or Scottish wedding the Ascot may not be your choice of tie.

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Bow Tie

The bow tie is a ribbon made of fabric and is tied around the collar in a way which allows the two opposing ends to form a type of loop. Bow ties are worn primarily along with the traditional tuxedo, and the short collar shirts. Any situation where you are wearing a tuxedo, please wear a bow tie. If you are pretending to be Dr. Who, also wear a bow tie. If you want to stand out in any formal occasion, wear a bow tie, it?s pretty simple.

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Bolo Tie

The bolo tie is completely different compared to common neck ties. Essentially a bolo tie is a chord or string, made of any material, with a metal piece attached that has the chord pass through it. Cowboys are notorious for wearing bolo ties. I would never be caught dead wearing a bolo tie but you can wear one if you want to.

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Traditional Tie

This is your traditional tie you see most people wearing. Your dad wears them and probably has a closet full of them from all the father?s day gifts his kids have given him. They are the standard of ties and can be worn with a suit and to all business type meetings. When interviewing for a job, make sure you put on a nice tie and the traditional tie can never be wrong for an interview if you think you should dress up for it.

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Skinny Tie

The skinny tie is primarily a traditional tie but has a shorter width. The skinny tie can be worn at work as well as roaming the town. The skinny tie shows youth as well as rebellion yet is classy and professional. The skinny tie is my personal go to tie that I wear the most. They can be worn with a suit as well as with a pair of jeans. The skinny tie adds style and class to any outfit.

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Western Bow Tie

The western bow tie is popularly worn by Colonel Sanders. Not many others wear western bow ties. I?ve personally never seen then worn by anyone, but hey, they look cool so I may have to go invest in one myself. Western bow ties can be worn with a suit and should especially be worn when eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Now you know the many different types of ties there are out there and when and where to wear them. Don?t make a mistake and wear a bolo tie with a tuxedo and don?t make the mistake of wearing a bow tie while eating KFC because obviously you should be wearing a western bow tie.


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