Aoi Sora announces she is married, shatters millions of hearts

Aoi Sora announces she is married, shatters millions of hearts

?He?s not handsome and he?s not rich. But he accepts my past life.?

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Some say that 34-year-old Japanese model, actress, and former AV star Aoi Sora is the most famous Japanese person in China. She has 18 million followers on Weibo, and her exploits in China always go viral. Which makes her announcement of her marriage today sure to break a lot of young hearts across the country.

In a New Year?s Day post on Weibo, she told her fans that the man she married isn?t rich or handsome, but that he ?accepts her past life.?

She also announced it via her Twitter account, where she included a photo and linked to her official blog, where she identifies her husband as DJ NON.

She made the announcement in English via her Instagram account:

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Aoi is called ?Teacher Sola? by many of her fans in China, because she ostensibly provided some much-needed sexual education to a generation of Chinese youths in a country where porn is illegal and sex ed is a joke.

Below is her message to her followers on Weibo, which we have translated in full.

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For my fans:

It has been 15 years since my debut and I want to thank you all for your enduring support.

To be honest, I?ve been extremely worried about making this announcement.

Because I think once it?s public, you won?t like me anymore.

So, I?ve been thinking it over for a long time.

If I don?t say it, everything will stay the same. My days will be normal.


?Do you have a boyfriend??

?When are you going to get married??

?Who are you spending your birthday, Christmas, and Valentine?s Day with??

When asked these questions, I don?t want to lie.

My mother got married at the age of 23 and had her first child at 24. So when I was little, I dreamed of getting married and having kids at that same age.

But I am already in my 30s. I want to get married. I want to have children. I want a family.

He?s not handsome and he?s not rich. But he accepts my past life.

I don?t regret my former line of work. But I know that it is a serious issue. If I get married, it has to be to someone who accepts this issue.

So, I think he is amazing.

I?ve written a lot.

In conclusion, what I want to say is this:

I, Aoi Sora, am married.

I am married, but that doesn?t mean that I have changed. I am still the same person, the same Aoi Sora who loves all of you.

Please take care.

Aoi Sora

2018.1.1 New Years Day

This article was written by Jessica Colwell.


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