Angels All Time Uniform Ranking

Angels All Time Uniform Ranking

The Angels, founded in 1961 are a fairly young team in terms of baseball. Not in the same category of legendary franchises like the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Reds, Phillies, Cardinals, and Dodgers but also not as new as teams like the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Rays, the Angels find themselves somewhere in the middle.

Given their short history, the Angels have found themselves with many different identities. Founded as the Los Angeles Angels, because they began playing their games at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, they quickly moved to Anaheim and became the California Angels. They held this name for a good 31 years until becoming the Anaheim Angels in 1997. They were the Anaheim Angels until 2005 when they made the switch to the infamous, ?Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?. Below I have ranked the different uniforms worn by the Angels over their 56 year history.

  1. California Angels (1993?1996)

This is my all time favorite Angels uniform set. I love the simplicity and clean look, with a nod to the style worn when the team was started in the early ?60s. I love the use of navy and a small amount of red. Also on a side note, ?California Angels? is definitely my favorite name that the team has used. Sure, there are four other baseball teams in California but it is unique and the ?CA? logo works perfectly.

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2. Los Angeles Angels (1961?1965)

Coming in second is the first uniform that the Angels wore from 1961?1965. Like the uniforms worn in the early ?90s, these jerseys are simple and clean. I love that the road uniforms say, ?Los Angeles? as opposed to just ?Angels? and I am a big fan of the ?LA? hat with the halo on top. Again, a unique yet simple look.

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3. Anaheim Angels (1997?2001)

Okay, so if you talk to most Angels fans out there they would say that these are the absolute worst jerseys that the Angels have ever worn. I completely disagree. If anything, I feel that these uniforms best fit the ?Angels?. There is a heavier use of blue which makes sense since angels are thought of being in the sky. Further, the angel wing is a nice touch as opposed to using just a halo. My personal favorites are the all navy alternates, but I am a big fan of the pinstripes as well. The only thing that dropped these uniforms down to number three is the home and away uniforms being vests. Vests can look really good, but they do not work well in terms of jersey sales and is a fad that has passed on. Pinstripes are cool though and some of the best baseball uniforms feature pinstripes. Take a look at teams like the Yankees, Mets, and Phillies. I would definitely love to see this look brought back.

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4. California Angels (1976?1992)

This uniform set was difficult to put all the way at number four. I personally like these jerseys, I own a Reggie Jackson jersey in this style, it?s almost too simple though. I love the California patch on the sleeve and the use of navy, but I am not as big of a fan of the lettering. All in all, they are still really cool, but they need a little bit more, like a navy alternate with the California halo logo on the upper left.

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5. Anaheim Angels/Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2002-present)

The present uniforms are definitely my least favorite. In the same way that the previous set did not have enough going for them, these ones are a bit worse. I am not a fan of the heavy use of red. It makes no sense. When have you ever heard ?angel? and thought of the color red? Red is usually connected to Hell, the exact opposite. I don?t mind, and actually like the use of red in the other uniforms, but this is too much. I do like how clean the white uniforms look, I also love the ?Anaheim? road uniform. If you haven?t noticed, the Angels are one of few teams that use the team nickname, as opposed to the city, on both the home and road uniforms on all of their jerseys except for the LA Angels road uniform (see number 2) and this road uniform, which they wore the same year that the Angels won the World Series. I became an Angels fan in 2002, when I was 7, so these are the only uniforms that I have ever really known, and I hope to not know them much longer.

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Thanks for reading and let me know what uniforms are your favorite!


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