And Then She Peed On Me

And Then She Peed On Me

Reacting to someone?s kink when you?re not aware of it

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The evening was like any other evening ? I was working at a pub just off campus to make a bit of extra money doing ?security? during my days at college.

My job consisted of sitting near the front, checking out the students who would come inside and determining if they looked WAAAAY too young or not. Every so often, some guy would have one too many wine coolers and get rowdy or even a bit handsy, so I?d kindly show him the express exit.

For the most part, it was a pretty cool environment ? there was always sports on the TV and the music was good, so it was like getting paid to be at home.

One thing when you work security at a college pub is that you are constantly being hit on by the young women. For most of them, it?s their first time away from home, they are pretty new to drinking, and those two things combined tends to make them a bit more sexually expressive.

I have always avoided picking up younger drunk women ? it just never felt right and as I don?t drink, I tend to find drunk people annoying.

There was this one young lady though, she was a regular. Just about every night, she would bring a couple of books, sit in a reasonably well-lit corner of the pub and do work. She would order a steady stream of orange juice and just stick her head in the books.

Her name was Janice, she was 24 (I checked her ID one time for fun) and she was doing her Masters in Economics. She lived by herself in a nice apartment that her parents bought for her to stay in when she came to the school to do her undergraduate degree. Janice?s parents were financially well off and they saw the apartment as an investment for her.

Janice also told me one time that her father was somewhat overprotective, so he wanted her to not have roommates and focus on her studies. She would come to the pub every night to be around other people because she found her apartment lonely.

Over the course of a couple of months, I got to know Janice pretty well and one evening as she was heading home she said to me, ?Hey DJ, I just finished grading some midterms and completed a synopsis, I need to celebrate, would you let me take you out to dinner??

I had never been asked out formally to dinner by a woman before so it caught me off guard. Janice frowned and mistook my surprise for disinterest, and apologized for embarrassing me.

?I?m not embarrassed, I?m flattered and that was not expected. So yes, I would love to have dinner with you!?

Janice?s face lit up and we agreed to meet later that week at this Italian place that she liked. She bounced off down the street and when she got 20 yards away, she turned back to wave and smile at me.

It was funny, Janice wasn?t ?my type?. I already had developed my taste for older women, but besides that, Janice was quite thin, with delicate facial features, pale skin and she was blonde and blue-eyed. She also had no ass, no hips, and was at best, a small B cup.

Again, she was attractive, but not generally speaking the kind of woman that I went for.

The night of dinner came and we had a great time chatting, she was shy but she had a wicked sense of humor that I didn?t know she had. I also was shocked when she ordered our entire meal in Italian ? it turned out that her family owned a villa in northern Italy and she had spent almost every summer in Italy since she was a little girl.

I found myself quite smitten with Janice by the end of the evening.

We did that fake bickering thing that people do about paying for the meal on a date and she said that next time, she would have to pay.

Again, she looked a bit distressed, ?Sorry. I shouldn?t have just assumed you?d want to go out again, that?s awkward.?

I immediately told her that I would let her take me to a movie that coming weekend if it would make her feel better and she beamed that it would.

On Saturday evening, we went to the theatre and the selection of movies was utterly terrible. We picked some RomCom that looked like the least offensive option and we spent the entire thing making jokes in the 3/4 empty theatre.

As the cinema was about three blocks away from her apartment, I walked her home and we went upstairs for a ?coffee?.

There was no coffee, let?s be honest, it was a pretence, and Janice and I very quickly moved from her living room to being naked in her bedroom.

In everything leading up to the nakedness in her bed, Janice was enthusiastic, but once we became horizontal, she sort of became very? wooden.

It was throwing me off.

I was pulling out some of my best work ? using my hands, using my mouth, kissing her in all the right places.

Janice would occasionally let out a small sigh that seemed like she was enjoying things and when she came while I was giving her oral sex her hips bucked upwards into my face and I faintly heard her whisper ?Oh God, yes.?

She reached down after the whispered cry to the Almighty, handed me a condom and didn?t say a word. I guessed that she wanted me to put it on and fuck her, so that?s what I did.

Straight up missionary, a bit of kissing and the occasional moan. I was still having the delayed ejaculation issues periodically, especially while wearing condoms, so we ended up fucking like that in missionary position for close to twenty minutes.

Again, she bucked upwards, whispered to her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and this time grabbed my ass pulling me into her before relaxing and going back to? well? just laying there while I humped her.

Eventually, I finished, hopped off of her and made my way to her bathroom to dispose of the condom.

I stood over the toilet bowl removing the rubber and in behind me Janice had followed me into the bathroom, turned the shower on and said, ?Let?s have a shower together.?

She was silent like a ninja, so it kind of freaked me out. I spun around at the sound of her voice and the shower door opening, whipped off the condom and semen fell all over my thigh and foot.

I couldn?t say no to a shower at that point.

We got in the shower and immediately Janice latched on to me, water pouring over us and she?s kissing me quite passionately.

In fact, there was way more passion in that kiss than anything else she?d done. She pinned me up against the cold shower tiles, driving her tongue into my mouth and was rubbing her pussy against my thigh.

It was a weird juxtaposition because in the bedroom she was totally passive ? to be honest, she was pretty boring sexually and she just kind of laid there. In the shower though, she was all over me, I just assumed she wanted to have some shower sex or something.

She stopped kissing me, kept grinding against my thigh and let out this groan of pleasure more intense than anything she?d done while we were having sex.

That?s when I realized? Janice was peeing on my thigh!

She had her eyes closed, head bowed slightly, biting her lower lip and was groaning? While she peed on me.

I could feel the urine against my thigh and running down my lower leg. It was warmer than the shower water.


I was frozen while this 5’6″ woman peed on my leg in the shower after having really mediocre sex.

After what seemed like an eternity, Janet threw her head back letting the water hit her face, opening her mouth to take some in and spitting it out.

?God, that felt nice.?

I had no idea if she was talking about the sex, the part where she pissed on me, or both? I managed to say, ?Yeah.?

She grabbed some soap, lathered up my cock and balls gently, and then spent a good thirty seconds washing my thigh? The thigh that she had pissed on just a couple minutes earlier.

When we got out of the shower, I was still trying to make sense of what had just happened. I wasn?t a prude, but that was the first time anyone had peed on me and it was so out of character for Janice.

We dried ourselves off, I told her I had a group assignment to work on in the morning (that was true) and I left.

A few nights later, Janice was at the pub and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner one night the week. I agreed, partly out of curiosity and partly because I really did enjoy her company.

Again, we had very boring sex, followed by Janice pissing on me in the shower.

She asked me to sleepover that night, so I assumed there would be some very boring morning sex followed by another episode of her pissing on me in the shower? I figured why not, boring sex was better than no sex, I was already there and the pissing thing became a curiosity for me.

The next morning came, I woke up before Janice and made my way into the bathroom to pee.

Once again, as I lifted the toilet seat, I noticed her, ninja-like, standing in the bathroom doorway, ?Want to have a shower with me??

This time we didn?t even bother with the mediocre sex, she just straight up pissed on me in the shower. I studied her face this time as she peed on me ? I was pretty much certain she was having an orgasm as she did it.

After getting out of the shower, we went into the kitchen, she made me some eggs and we sat down at her the table like she hadn?t just pissed on me in the shower and we ate breakfast.

I couldn?t stop myself.

?When you pee on me, are you having an orgasm??

Janice blushed, her pale white cheeks turning bright pink.

?Do you find it weird? I?m sorry, I should have asked, but I was embarrassed just to say it out loud.?

I laughed to break the tension and we talked about it. She said that she really didn?t enjoy sex all that much and that I was the only guy she?d ever been with that had given her an orgasm during sex.

When she was 16, she believed she was weird because she couldn?t orgasm from masturbating. One time, after failing to get herself off, she sat down to have a pee and had her first orgasm. She experimented with masturbating on the toilet and everything else, but the only thing that consistently worked was using a dildo on herself and then hopping in the shower to pee.

?I have struggled to get a boyfriend because of this. I posted an ad in the paper asking for men who liked to be peed on and ended up having some pretty awful sex with much older men who liked it. When I started my Masters, I decided to just not bother, until I met you.?

This was the point where I did something unexpected. My mouth and my brain were not working in alignment and I suggested that maybe she should try peeing on me during sex.

Janice?s eyes lit up. She said she had always fantasized about that and she leaned over the table and kissed me.

We agreed that I?d come back later that night and we?d see how we went.

After work that evening I grabbed us a pizza and made my way over to Janice?s. As I walked in she hurried me into her bedroom and showed me that she?d gotten special rubber bedsheets so that her mattress didn?t get wet.

She started stripping off my clothes and for the first time, she gave me a blow job. Without sounding repetitive, Janice was very mediocre at sucking cock.

After a few minutes of a below-average blow job, we made our way to the bed and I worked on pleasuring her. She had a couple of whispering conversations with God, so I knew she was enjoying it somewhat.

This was the part where normally, she reached down, handed me the rubber and I mounted her for fifteen minutes of thrusting.

But this time, Janice changed it up! I thought to myself, ?All right, here we go, she?s getting her groove on.?

Instead, she told me to go on my back, struggled to put the condom on me, tore it with her fingernail and I ended putting one on myself.

Then Janice mounted me? That was a first.

It was disembodied fucking. I can?t quite think of another way of accurately describing it. She closed her eyes and slid up and down on my cock. After a few minutes, she whispered a shout out to Jesus, and I assumed she was cumming.

When she was done her chat with God, she stood up on the bed over top of me and just pissed on me.

No warning. No worrying about me cumming. She just straddled my hips with her feet and pissed on my crotch and stomach.

How is one meant to react to this?

I just looked at my stomach with this urine bouncing off me and my now semi-erect cock still wearing a condom and couldn?t believe what was going on.

Janice sighed loudly with delight as she emptied her bladder on me ? I?d never heard her make that kind of loud noise before. Her legs wobbled and it was obvious that she was having a massive orgasm as the pee came to a dribbling conclusion.

She laid down next to me in the now piss soaked bed and it was obvious that she was utterly spent. She just stared at the ceiling and kept saying, ?Oh my God? Holy shit.?

I got up and went to the bathroom to remove the condom. I was dripping with her piss and not really sure how I felt about the whole experience.

When I took the rubber off, I turned around quickly half expecting her to be behind me getting ready to piss on me in the shower.

But she wasn?t? So I had a shower and washed the piss off myself.

Afterward, I made an excuse and went home. I had decided that I probably wouldn?t see Janice again, the pee thing didn?t bother me, it was the fact that she was such a selfish lover that annoyed me.

I spent the next few days ducking her phone calls and even took a day off work at the pub to avoid seeing her.

Eventually, I had to face her, so I went to work and early that evening she appeared. She asked me if everything was ok because I wasn?t returning her phone calls and I missed work.

I lied and said I?d been sick.

As she was getting ready to head home, she cornered me and said, ?I have something I want to ask you? Will you pee on me next time??

That was an unexpected twist. I had not been anticipating that.

We stepped outside onto the sidewalk and she told me that she wanted me to fuck her and then piss on her. She asked me if I was comfortable fucking her unprotected so that I could cum inside her, then pull out when I was done and piss on her. She said earnestly, ?I?m on the pill and you know I have no diseases, so it would be perfectly safe.?

I sat there stunned and said, ?Yeah, sounds like fun.?

That weekend I turn up at her house, she?s got the piss protection sheets on the bed and we skipped even pretending to talk or have dinner. Janice seemed very horny and excited to try this new twist.

We go through the usual foreplay routine where I eat her out, she says a whispering prayer, and then it was time for the fucking. We were in new territory here and it was her fantasy, so I sort of awaited her instructions.

?Take me from behind. Go hard and fast, try to cum quickly. Remember, when you are done cumming, you?re going to piss on me. Put your dick between my butt cheeks and aim the stream at my asshole.?

Listening to her describe what she wanted was probably the hottest sexual experience I ever had with Janice. It was filthy and I liked hearing her talk like that.

I took her from behind and went hard and fast as she instructed. Honestly, her pussy was super tight and it felt pretty good going bareback on her. It didn?t take long for me to cum.

My orgasm was just finishing and Janice said, ?Piss on my ass now!?

I remembered what she wanted, I pulled out and a small dribble of my semen leaked out of her as I exited ? that looked so hot.

I held my cock and pointed the tip between her ass cheeks right at her asshole? and after a second, my bladder released and a hard, hot stream of piss shot onto her butt hole.

She let out an almighty moan as the jet of urine hit her anus and I found myself thinking it was like that circus game where you shoot the water gun at the target to fill the balloon.

It was an entirely surreal experience ? Janice was obviously having a monumental orgasm and I was thinking of carnival games while pissing on a woman?s ass as my cum leaked out of her pussy.

Time slowed down and the piss seemed to never end. Post sex pisses actually feel really good for guys, so I was kind of enjoying the sensation as well.

When I was done, Janice collapsed on the bed for a second as I stood there trying to process what the fuck had just gone on.

She rolled off the bed, made her way to the bathroom and without even looking back at me, she said, ?Come on, let?s shower.?

As I got in the shower, she pushed me against the wall, mounted my thigh and started to grunt as she pissed on my leg. This wasn?t the usual sigh or even the moans and groans, this was her grunting and while she was clearly cumming again this was more animalistic than I?d ever seen Janice.

When her pissing subsided, she gave herself a quick wash, hopped out of the shower and left me to my own devices.

Normally, she would soap up my cock and balls and wash me down, but this time I stood there watching her dry off and leaving the bathroom.

I finished my shower, got dried and as I walked back into her room she was wearing pyjamas and was changing the bedsheets. When I slept over, she normally slept naked, so I assumed I wasn?t staying.

She didn?t look at me as she continued to make her bed, ?I?ve got an early start tomorrow, so you can stay, but you?ll have to let yourself out, if that?s ok??

I made an excuse about also having an early start and went home ? something wasn?t right, but I couldn?t put my finger on it.

Four days went by and Janice didn?t call me or make an appearance at the pub which was entirely out of character. I tried to call her but it went to her answering machine and she didn?t call me back the next day.

I decided to do the right thing, so the next evening I went to her apartment and knocked on the door. I saw her shadow through the peephole and there was a short delay before she opened the door, I think she was contemplating pretending not to be home.

We took a seat on the couch and she made excuses about being out of town visiting her parents (the pizza box and Chinese food containers in her kitchen said that was a lie).

I decided to come out with it, ?Ok, something changed with you, what?s going on? If you don?t want to see each other anymore, I?m good with that, but I?m curious if I did something wrong.?

Janice fumbled for words and then she told me that my pissing on her made her feel dirty. She said that it felt like I enjoyed degrading her and that made her feel bad about herself.

I nearly laughed out loud. This from the girl who pissed on me several times without even acknowledging what she was doing until I asked her. Also, everything I did was EXACTLY what she asked for.

?I don?t think we should see each other for a while, DJ. I need to figure out what I like and don?t like.?

For me, it was like an escape hatch had been presented and I ?begrudgingly? said that I understood, wished her well and left.

Janice stopped coming to the pub and I didn?t hear from her for a long time. I ran into her on campus one time, but she was with a professor and she just smiled at me, said hello and walked past.

About three months later, she called me and asked me if I wanted to drop by her place for dinner and to talk. My better judgement was saying that I was out of that relationship, so I should stay away. I was seeing two or three other women at the time, but it sounded like she really wanted to talk, so I agreed.

Dinner was just pizza at her place and while we ate there was meaningless small talk. I could sense she was struggling with something, so I just asked her what was really going on.

?I haven?t had sex since that last time you were here. I liked you fucking me and me peeing on you, but I really didn?t like how I felt when you peed on me. It felt amazing, but I felt dirty about myself.?

I found myself apologizing and explaining that I?d done what she asked, I genuinely felt bad, but was sort of annoyed that she was bringing this up again.

?No need to apologize, sexually I liked it. Would you fuck me again and let me pee on you when you?re done??

Janice just dropped that out there and I had no idea it was coming. I figured that I was there, so why not.

We went into her room and she?d obviously anticipated that I?d say yes because the piss protection sheets were in place.

Clothes were removed, below average blow job commenced, me sucking her pussy while she communed with God in hushed tones, and then the awkward moment arrived ? how did she want to play this?

She got on all fours and so obviously we were going with me fucking her from behind and she didn?t seem interested in a condom, so I guess that part of her fantasy was still in play.

As I entered her she told me she wanted it hard and for me to cum fast.

I went hard, but I didn?t orgasm quickly. There was a bit of delayed ejaculation happening and I could hear some muffled confessions to Jesus coming from her, so she obviously wasn?t too upset by how long I was taking.

Before long I came inside her and just waited.

She got up and told me to lay on my back.

As I laid on the bed, semi-erect, my cock still dripping semen, she stood over top of me and pissed all over my crotch and midsection.

She tossed her head back and moaned with pleasure as she emptied her bladder. This time there was the added ?excitement? of my cum leaking out of her and dripping onto me as she pissed all over me.

When she finished we both just laid there in the piss bed, her filled with my cum and me covered in a combination of her piss and my own semen. She had this entirely contented look on her face like she had just eaten a tub of frosting and skipped the cake.

I just thought the whole situation was ridiculous. The sex with her was not great, I ended up covered in piss and I?d kind of lost interest in her as a person after her little outburst a few months earlier.

?Shower time,? I said and hopped out of bed.

She didn?t follow me into the shower and I was happy about that. I sat there with the water washing piss and semen off of me thinking about how to tell her that was it.

I got out of the shower, dried off and went back into the bedroom to find Janice fast asleep in pissy sheets covered in semen. It was like a crack house without the crack.

That was it, I quietly got dressed and left, there was no coming back from this craziness.

The next morning at some ungodly hour my phone rang and for some reason, I answered it. Janice was on the other end of the phone and broke into an excited ramble about how amazing last night was. She told me it was everything she had always fantasized about since she was 17 years old.

I cut her off and told her that I?m glad she had a good time, but that while we hadn?t seen each other for a few months, I had started to see a couple of other people (that was true) and that one, in particular, was someone I wanted to see more seriously so I wouldn?t be able to see her anymore.

Janice was silent for a second. She said that she understood. She felt like she?d obviously blown it with me when she reacted so badly the previous time. She said if it didn?t work out with the other girl to give her a call and then we said our goodbyes.

I?ve had a few experiences after that in my life with women who liked a bit of piss play, but Janice was pretty unique in the sense that she would literally have an orgasm while she peed on me.

I often wonder whatever happened to her because that?s a pretty weird kink to work into your average relationship and she was not really good talking about it. The beautiful thing about this world is, there?s someone for everyone and I hope she met her own perfect pissboy.

Author?s note: Names and places changed to protect everyone?s privacy.

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