Activating Disney Now app via Disney Now activation code

Activating Disney Now app via Disney Now activation code

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Disney Now is a TV Everywhere app that can restore Disney Junior and Disney XD.

You can get this app on different streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Besides, you must ensure you have any current cable TV provider.

Don?t have one? Then get one by it by signing up with any of the available providers.

Install the app on the Roku and initiate the activation process via

Then, you can stream all your favorite programs on a big tv screen.

Need to know how to download and activate Disney Now app on your Roku device?

Here are the instructions that can help you to install Disney Now app and initiate the activation process:

At first, make sure to bring up the Roku home screen on your TV.

You can make this by holding the Home button on the Roku remote.

Now, you can see the Roku home screen will be on the TV screen.

After that, go to the left side of the screen and move to the Roku channel store.

Choose the Streaming channels option to download the Disney Now app.

Besides, proceed to the Kids and Family category.

In there, please search for the app, and it is not there, then select the Search bar.

Further, input the channel?s name and choose it from the result.

Thirdly, choose the channel app and pick the Add channel option.

Pressing the OK button will download the Disney Now app on your device.

Once after the installation, return to the home screen and verify for the app?s icon.

Similarly, open the app on your Roku device to get the channel activation

This channel activation code will appear on the TV screen.

Make a note of this link code and open a web browser to reach

Select the pay-TV provider from the list of providers accessible.

Next, you must input the channel activation code into the text box and make it without any errors.

Finally, make sure to double-check the code and choose the Submit option to begin the activation process.

Now, you can install all your children?s favorite shows and series from the Disney app and enjoy it.

List of pay-TV providers for Disney Now app:


Direct TV

Dish Network

AT & T U- Verse





Only after choosing any one of the above pay-TV providers, you can activate the channel app via

And these are the streaming device or devices that are compatible with watching Disney Now app.

Android TV

Samsung Tizen

Roku streaming players



Apple TV

Kindle Fire

Amazon Fire TV

Install the apps on the above-mentioned devices and visit, choose your pay-TV provider, and then you have to input the proper activation code to get all your favorite?s

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