How much money can you really make re-skinning apps?

How much money can you really make re-skinning apps?

Surely it does. You can spend ten times less money on reskinning your app and get a fine income from it. Interesting? Let me give you some good tips.

Reskinning ? is making a new app using existing source code and different designs. You can also make some small modifications (for example update design) to that code or develop it a bit, but the main sense is in saving money on a ready piece of strings. The main goal of reskinning apps is getting new audiences by using popular themes and designs.

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Probably you have come across design updates of, let?s say, your favorite game on a mobile phone. But not only the games can be reskinned. A good example of it is a series of Runtastic apps. They are described as ideal health and fitness partners for different sportsmen. Runners, bikers or even pedestrians ? all of them can download personalized apps, both free and pro versions.

Benefits of reskinning apps

Reskinning is all about saving. It can reduce your spending of time, money and people. Working on a reskin scheme you can decrease your expenses by turning one successful code into 10 smaller projects. Each of them would use the same code and your spending will divide into ten. You can try to reskin your app by yourself or hire a professional.

Now, let me show you an example of making a profit out of reskinning.

Statistic says that in 2016 mobile users spent 11% of the time playing games on Android. These apps formed almost 40% of all downloads and brought their owners more than 50 billion dollars. Now, we?ll take a game and see what we?ll have in the result.

In the beginning, we chose one classic game source code ? ?Jelly Garden Match 3? and counted our possible expenses on it. It works both on Android and iOS phones, doesn?t require developer experience and even contains pre-installed ad networks. Here?s what we get while making one reskin application.

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But let?s count some more. In case of a single license, it would probably be wiser invest in the more expensive and qualitative app, because your spending will not divide. But what about multiple cases? What if we make 5, 8 or even 10 apps with multiple licenses?

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We increased expenses on hired workers but still, one app?s price is smaller than in the case of a single license. And the more apps we make, the cheaper they become. Still, each of them can bring the owner the same profit.

The average application can earn $5,000-$11,000 per month worldwide, though most of the developers get less than $1,000.

Of course the tables above are simplified but still, they show the main principle of the reskinning app: the bigger volume of your business is, the better results you get. But don?t forget about the quality, of course. If you buy cheap code or make bad designs constantly your audience will quickly regard all your products as bad and unpleasant.

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