About the One Minute Millionaire

About the One Minute Millionaire

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Half how-to book, half novel (used to illustrate previously discussed concepts), Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen?s One Minute Millionaire is intended to help create at least a million ?enlightened millionaires? ? people who become millionaires using highbrow methods that benefit everyone around them.

Hansen and Allen?s premise is that a lot of people believe that they cannot be millionaires. But not only CAN you be a millionaire, you can do it quickly, without cheating or hurting yourself or others, and you will become a better person for it.

Introduction: Millionaire Mountain

  • Money falls behind family, health, friends, and spiritual values.
  • These four constitute true wealth.
  • But financial success is not a morally suspect goal.
  • Money isn?t good or bad. It?s an energy tool.
  • Money properly earned, combined with enlightened intentions, makes the world better.
  • The cascade of a million millionaires sharing their wealth of knowledge and cash will positively change the world?s economy.
  • Every 60 seconds, someone becomes a millionaire. There are millions of millionaires.

The millionaire equation:

A dream + a team + a theme = millionaire streams.

  • Millionaire mindset: self confidence and burning desire.
  • W Edwards Denning: Focus on the first 15% of a process to ensure 85% of outcome.
  • The One Minute Millionaire creates tiny movements in your thoughts and actions. It?s the first 15%.
  • The Enlightened Millionaire Decision: decide that you can live a life of prosperity.
  • The Enlightened Millionaire Idea: Almost every day you have a new million-dollar idea. Be aware of it, and act on it.
  • The Enlightened Millionaire Pattern: rich people view purchases as money transactions. They invest an extra minute per transaction.
  • The Enlightened Millionaire Technique: becoming a millionaire can be broken down into one-minute bite-sized techniques
  • The Enlightened Millionaire Moment: occurs after extraordinary failure. Take a breath and take another step forward.
  • The Enlightened Millionaire Threshold: All great contests come down to the final moment.
  • When millions make money the enlightened way, the process of obtaining money makes the world a better place. Like honeybees going after honey help pollinate flowers. This is called precession.
  • Enlightened millionaires are honeybees.
  • Enlightened millionaires create wealth where everyone wins: win/win situations. They focus on adding value, and may not fully understand all the precessional events that occur, but it will all come out positive.
  • Endarkened millionaires focus on going for money without seeking to add value = win/lose outcome, and precessional events are negative.
  • Newman?s Own motto: ?Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Comon Good.?
  • Newman?s Own has donated hundreds of millions to charity. Combining business with philanthropy.

Enlightened Millionaire (EM) principled approach to wealth:

  1. Do no harm: Create only abundance, never scarcity.
  2. Do much good
  3. Operate out of stewardship: don?t amass wealth for its own sake but to create a perpetual giving fund for worthy causes.

The EM Commitment: The First 2 Steps

  • To have a genuine commitment: 1) desire + 2) faith
  • Hans Selye: the most stressful condition a person faces is not having something to believe in.
  • Commitment boils down to behavior. Every day you take multiple actions that line up with commitments.

The One Minute Millionaire

  • 2 ways to millionize your life: long and short route
  • Long route: 1) find investments that yield at least 10% annually after taxes, 2) discipline to keep up the process year in and year out (Ex: $1/day invested grows to $1M in 32 years at 20% interest. Takes 56 years at 10% interest and 40 years at 15% interest)
  • Short route:
  1. Decide it?s okay to want to be a millionaire
  2. Practice imagining yourself enjoying an abundant lifestyle
  3. Spend less than you earn (pay yourself 10% of your income and put in an investment a ccount. Don?t go into debt)
  4. Invest the difference (Put that 10% surplus into investments that can earn at least 10%)

Choosing your millionaire mountain

  • There are 4 major ways to become a millionaire:
  1. Investments: stocks, bonds, CDs
  2. Real estate: owning properties
  3. Business: marketing products, services, ideas
  4. Internet: expanding possibilities
  • Make an initial gut decision and choose a mountain.

The Millionaire Ahas

  • Models: help us understand how the world works.
  • Principles: generate the same result no matter where, when, who uses them. (Ex: gravity)
  • Life is the process of discovering principles, discovering what works.
  • There are 24 principles of wealth, ?ahas?

1. Everyone manifests

  • Everything you see began as a thought in someone?s mind.
  • The word ?manifest? means turning thoughts into things.
  • It comes from English ?manifestus? meaning ?visible? and Latin ?manus? meaning ?hand.? You reach your hand through the invisible curtain separating the tangible world from that of imagination and pull the desired object into existence.
  • Everyone manifests. Some manifest abundance, others; lack.
  • If you don?t have what you want, examine your thoughts to see how you manifested what you have.

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Every thought has a consequence. No thought lives in your brain rent-free. Each thought is a pebble dropped into the pond of your life ? the ripples are real. The more intense the thought, the more powerful the outcome.

  • [Note: That?s why negativity is so harmful and why we must be so careful what we feed our brains, even more than what we feed our bodies]
  • Think positive thoughts intensely. Speak only wonderful words to yourself constantly. Feel fantastic now. You will attract resources necessary to manifest the world you desire, like a magnet.

2. Be-Do-Have

  • To be an enlightened millionaire (EM), DO what you love, ADD enormous value, LEVERAGE it. But before all that, you have to BE an EM.
  • EMs know and act knowing that 1) abundance comes from making others better off, 2) the primary reason to get is to have more to give
  • EMs are givers by nature. When your BE and DO are correct, you?ll HAVE your desired outcome.

3. Live life above the line

  • Blaming others gives them power over the situation.
  • Blaming circumstances is the same way.
  • Shaming self also is suboptimal learning.
  • Best: view life experiences from the point of personal responsibility. The more we see life from this perspective, the more reins are in our hands. We have more free will. Life is a succession of choices.

4. Abundance is your natural state

  • Sunsets: there?s plenty for everyone. And it comes every day.
  • Sharing always creates more.
  • Our state of mind creates our state of results.
  • Affirm this truth until it becomes THE TRUTH for you: ?I am abundant in every good way. My abundance makes everyone better off.?

5. Givers get

?He that sows sparingly shall reap sparingly; he who sows bountifully shall reap bountifully? ? 2 Corinthians 9:6

  • Paradox: a statement that seems to contradict itself on one level of meaning. But at a meta level, there is deeper truth/understanding.
  • The people who receive love are the ones who are the most loving.
  • Fundamental EM Principle: Givers get.
  • Giving acknowledges the universe as abundant and taps into the spiritual dimension.

6. Changing your reality is a snap

  • We all have an internal voice, sometimes it is skeptical and talks us out of our dreams.
  • Snap yourself out of it whenever you say ?I can?t, I?m not good enough, I don?t know??and replace with ?I?ll find out, I can, I?m worthy??
  • Your thoughts have the power to curse or bless. The choice is yours. Control your thinking.

7. Words transform

  • Words have power. What you say comes back like a boomerang. Use words properly.
  • If we don?t want tot hink about certain things, we don?t say them. We don?t have to eat everything we see, and we don?t have to say everything we think.

8. You are your wealth

  • Whenever you start a new project you?re like a new baby ? helpless, ignorant. Start by taking stock of your resources: assets and liabilities.
  • Net worth: assets minus liabilities.
  • Consider internal assets (creativity, courage, vision, skills) and internal liabilities (anger, perfectionism, fear, laziness, poor organization)
  • You only need 3 resources as a beginner: 1) good idea, 2) commitment, 3) key contacts who have all the other resources.
  • Every resource you need (tangible or intangible) is possessed by someone somewhere right now.

9. Wealth is freedom

Life is a seminar. You were enrolled at birth. You can?t get out of it, even by dying.

  • Money freedom: enough money so future days are prepaid so that you can work because you want to, not because you have to.
  • You can contribute big time when you?re not a wage-slave. Because you are free to risk. You?ll be able to make an incredible difference, be a great server!
  • Relationship freedom: when you have time and money freedom you can pursue this.
  • Spiritual freedom: discover who you are in God and who God is in you.
  • Physical freedom: health is the ultimate wealth.
  • Ultimate freedom: the ability to pursue your real genius. Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard U ? everyone has genius in us. TED talk at TEDxSquareMile (10:37)

10. It all Starts With a Dream

  • Ask yourself ?how good could life be 5 years from today?? Pretend all your dragons are slain, your demons banished. Just you and whatever you want in 5 years or less.
  • Give yourself permission to dream a big dream.
  • What?s important to you about making this dream into reality? Write it down.

11. Clarity is power

  • Neville, philosopher: Don?t think OF your goals, think FROM your goals.
  • Don?t think OF your dream house, think FROM your dream house. Imagine yourself living in that dream house as if you are already there.
  • That?s what golfers do.
  • Trying doesn?t give you brownie points, only achieving does.

12. More Clarity is More Powerful

  • Start a special notebook for your goals. Whenever you think of something you?d like to accomplish in your life, write it down in your goal book.
  • Then on a daily basis, write down your six major goals. Every morning. (Idea from Brian Tracy)
  • Record your top 6 goals in each of the 6 major areas of life:
  1. Body (physical goals)
  2. Brain (intellectual goals ? books you read, amount of daily study)
  3. Being (spiritual goals ? time for prayer, etc)
  4. Time (organizational goals)
  5. People (the important folks in your life)
  6. Money (financial goals)
  • Affirm these 6 goals daily, as if you?ve already achieved it, in writing, on a 3×5 card.
  • Ex: ?I am so happy to earn $400 a day, working only 250 days per year.?
  • Start your goal with ?happy? because most people don?t know if they?re happy or sad. Choose to be happy. It?s an attitude that will give you altitude.
  • Now write your service, product, or information rendered in what quantity and quality ?I am providing excellent value by selling X # of products to X # of satisfied customers each day.
  • Keep this card with you throughout your day
  • Get an accountability partner and follow up with this person weekly.
  • Upgrade your card at least monthly
  • Think only of what you WANT, not what you DON?T WANT.

13. Tap Into Your Genius

  • Expressing your genius: knowing what you want to do with your life and doing it because it expresses who you really are.
  • 4 characteristics of geniuses:
  1. Passion ? they love what they do
  2. Talent ? they?re good at what they do
  3. Values ? doing what they do is extremely important to them
  4. Destiny ? they feel they?re doing what they?re born to do, spiritually
  • Your genius list:
  1. Passion: What activities give you satisfaction? What excites you about life? What?s your secret ambition? Your hobbies?
  2. Talent: What do you get complimented on? Where have you excelled int he past? Where have you been successful? What are some of your strengths?
  3. Values: What would I do if I were wealthy? What do I stand for? What won?t I stand for? What would I risk my life for?
  4. Destiny: What?s my unique mission in life? What does God want me to do? What are my unique opportunities? Where can I make a difference?

14. Loverage

  • To be rich quick you must love what you do and be passionate about it.
  • The force that propels human action is emotion. Feelings, not cognitions, drive EMs to turn good ideas into great value.
  • What items from the Genius list (above) makes your emotions sing? List them.
  • Ex: BrightHouse, an ?ideation company?: heartstorming, not brainstorming.

15. Imagination Trumps Will

  • When will and imagination conflict, imagination wins
  • Imagination is the key.
  • Imagine the best ? picture yourself succeeding.
  • Sometimes the worst does happen, but imagining the best works more often.
  • People do read your mind. You project your thoughts subliminally. So imagine, and project, the best outcomes.

16. The Size of the Question Determines the Size of the Result

  • Questions predetermine answers. Ex: ?How do I get a job,? ?Can I earn $50K doing this?? Small sized question.
  • Ex of a big question: ?How do we write a totally original book that stimulates the creation of 1M millionaires and 400Billionaires in this decade??
  • People who ask the wrong questions are living below their true potential.

17. You Already Know the Answer

  • People have perfect memories, just trouble accessing what is there.
  • Your Intuition is like a deaf-mute with vision. It can see what you need to do, but has only subtle ways of signalling you.
  • Each person has a unique pathway to intuition.
  • Before you decide something, check with your gut.

18. Be Congruent

  • All parts of you need to align:
  1. Desire: You have to want it
  2. Belief: You have to believe you can make lots of money
  3. Self-acceeptance: You have to believe (to your core) that you deserve to be wealthy.
  • If any of these 3 are out of alignment, your energy is diffused, ineffective.

19. You are a Money Magnet

  • Magnetism is a prime moving force in the universe. It binds galaxies together.
  • When a nail contacts a permanent magnet, it becomes a temporary magnet.
  • You also have magnetic properties, dormant powers of attraction.
  • Like attracts like, you attract what you want.
  • Things you congruently want WILL be attracted to you.
  • Napoleon Hill: our brains are magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds.

20. Knock and It Shall Be Opened

  • Until one is committed, there?s hesitancy, the chance to draw back, ineffectiveness. When one is committed, Providence moves, too. ? WH Murray
  • Commitment is the spark that ignites the fire: I am committed to this however long it takes.

21. Sharing is Having More

  • EMs donate the first 10% of their income to charities/churches.
  • This giving multiplies 1000X
  • Money exists in 3 dimensions: frozen (material) liquid (mental) ethereal/spiritual.
  • Giving money from attitude of gratitude and abundance thrusts you from material to spiritual.
  • Water expands when heated, money expands when given away.
  • Conversely, the tighter you squeeze your money, the more compact it becomes.
  • You can?t be greedy if you tithe ? Peter J. Daniels

22. God Knows Where the Gold Is

  • It?s ridiculous to learn to master money without involving the Author of All Wealth
  • Bible does not teach poverty as a virtue. Abraham was wealthy ? it was a reward for his faithfulness.

23. Desctruction is Creation

  • Hysteresis: tendency of materials to snap back to their original shape when applied pressure is removed.
  • Humans are like this.
  • So to create permanent change, a force must be applied that exceeds the elastic limits of the person?s old conditioning.
  • How to transcend your old habits?
  • Focus on your future vision, so strongly that it dominates your thoughts, choices, activities.
  • What ONE habit/attitude can you eliminate right now that is hurting your ability to manifest a million dollars? Blaming others? Whatever it is, make that behavior off limist. Commit to making one behavior off limit.
  • When you fail to keep your commitment, just acknowledge it and recommit.
  • Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently ? Henry Ford.

24. Putting it All Together

  • Get congruent: desire, belief, self-esteem.
  • Anyone can learn WHAT to do. It?s GETTING YOURSELF TO DO IT that?s hard.
  • Acres of diamonds: Russell H. Conwell, Arabian story about a man who sold his land to find diamonds, except the diamonds were under his land all this time.
  • Your diamonds are in your backyard ? if you will dig for them.


  • Leverage = speed
  • The EM focuses on dreams that advance humanity, add value

Image for postFrom The One-Minute Millionaire

  • You are the fulcrum.
  • Success then depends on the length/stress of the lever.
  • What is the lever? An athlete and a teacher both add value, but though the teacher gives more value, but the athlete has a longer lever (more influence)
  • All large sums of money use the principle of leverage.
  • Leverage: the power to control a lot with just a little.
  • 5 leverages in the business world:
  1. OPM: Other people?s money: See investment book Nothing Down. In real estate, you buy with 10% down and control 100% of the property.
  2. OPE: Other people?s experience: takes too long to learn everything yourself, so borrow or learn from others. Best to apprentice with someone who is rich. Learn what they know, do what they do, but better. 1 idea can save you 10 years of work.
  3. OPI: Other people?s ideas: Ex ? multiauthor books
  4. OPT: Other people?s time: you can buy people?s time. Some people volunteer.
  5. OPW: Other people?s work: Most people want a job for security over opportunity. Delegate things you don?t want to do or don?t do as well to them. Leverage through other people and grow.
  • Alone you don?t have leverage.
  • Types of leverage: mentor, team, a network (loose connections), and the infinite network, tools and skills
  • Millionaires are constantly looking for leverage


  • Mentors give perspective, proficiency, shortcuts/avoid school of hard knocks, remind us to be patient
  • Warren Buffet was influenced by Benjamin Graham?s The Intelligent Investor (a stock market classic)
  • Usually apprenticeships are 2+ years. Absorb their entire body of info, learn all their sources and secrets, their contacts, study all they studied/are studying/will study, learn their cognitive style, learn to think like they think to obtain the results they obtain.
  • All masters need assistants to do their grunt work. Accept it. Do it better and faster. Offer to go the extra mile consistently.
  • Decide on the disciplines you want to master, own it. Be a mmentee to a great and inspiring mentor.
  • In business, you?re either leading edge, cutting edge, dull edge, or trailing edge.
  • Quickest, easiest, safest way to master a discipline is to apprentice with someone who leads in that field.
  • Mentors are everywhere! 3 kinds: 1) serendipitous, 2) hands-on, 3) hero mentors
  • If you are open, everyone you meet can accidentally teach you something to advance your cause. Every trivial encounter is a potential mentorship.
  • SERENDIPITOUS MENTORS: a situation like getting sick or losing a job or reading a book or encountering another life form
  • HANDS-ON MENTORS: find your mentor by making a list of missing resources, networking in your circle and widening your search. Attach yourself to his/her top priority and help him/her accomplish it, and you will be at the top of their to-do list.
  • HERO MENTORS: The bigger-than-life types. Usually inaccessible to general public, but you can read their biographies, articles, etc.

If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn?t seem so wonderful after all ? Michelangelo

Tell me who your heroes are, and I can tell you how you?re going to turn out in life. ? Warren Buffet

  • The lessons of the cliff: The fishing is best where only the brave dare to go. take a guide, and embrace your fear. The greatest dragon you ever face s your own fear.

The shortest and best way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it is in their interest to promote yours ? Jean De La Bruyere

  • Search out a millionaire per month. Request an audience and pick their brains. Ask questions like:
  • How did you make your first million? How long did it take you? How long would it take you today? What is the system that you used to make it? Is this system transferable? How long would it take you today to mentor somebody to your same level of success? What would you recommend that I do to become a millionaire? What?s the most important lesson you ever learned? How do you integrate spiritual values into your life? What is the legacy you want to leave? What?s your most important habit? What opportunities do you see that you don?t have time to take advantage of?
  • Afterwards, ask yourself: What most resonated with me about this millionaire? What insights did I have? What specific actions will I take because of this interview? What trait/quality about this person can I emulate?
  • There are two types of learning:
  1. INFORMATIONAL LEARNING: left brain, intellectual, head, structured, serious, rigid, told the answer, repetition, passive, hold back, fear, knowledge, being the best.
  2. TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING: right brain, emotional, heart, creative, curious, spontaneous, discover answers, intuition, active, let go, trust, understanding, being your best.

We live in the age of too much information and not enough transformation. When people get stuck, it?s rarely because they don?t know enough. It?s because they lack the ability to act on what they already know.

God designed life to be a transformational experience.


  • Success is not a solo project ? it must be shared. It?s also not a competition. There?s plenty to go around.
  • Successful Dream Teams: 2+ people with a common purpose where hearts and heads are in harmony.
  • Attitude is critical.
  • TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.
  • Values are the core beliefs that rudder your life, they define the essence of your being.
  • 4 types of works:
  1. brainstorming solutions
  2. strategizing high-priority ideas and coming up with a plan
  3. analyzing what might go wrong
  4. converting the plan into concrete systems and getting it done.
  • 4 types of workers:
  1. Hares who like to think creatively and get bored easily
  2. Owls who like to prioritize and plan strategies
  3. Turtles that are suspicious of new ideas and avoid risk and point out problems that can save people time and money
  4. Squirrels who are great at detail oriented methodical work and keep things organized and running smoothly

No man becomes rich unless he enriches others ? Andrew Carnegie

  • You need at least two contrasting types of workers on your dream team.
  • There?s no dirty work, just the wrong person doing the wrong work.
  • We hate to do what bores us, and what bores us slows us down.
  • Every great idea is born drowning. The best ideas have a lot wrong with them.
  • Initially, ideas should get nothing but support. Then, let the naysayers have their turn. Then pick your final solution and get to work.
  • Ex: real estate dream team (Marshall Thurber). Their strategy was to buy Victorian houses, pretty them up, and sell.
  • Their strategy: if they couldn?t add value immediately, they didn?t buy.
  • You need a team to obtain your dream.
  • Synergy: 1+1=11


Since a relationship involves two members investing in it, its value increases twice as fast as one?s investment ? Kevin Kelly

  • Your weak ties are often more important than your close friendships/strong ties.
  • Cultivating a network of weak/loose ties is of enormous advantage in an information economy.
  • The bigger your network, the greater your leverage.
  • Each industry has a handful of superstars. Study them (read their books, listen to their speeches, watch their videos), befriend them, and be close to them to be part of the action.
  • Make yourself likeable.
  • Networking: who you know, who they know, who knows you.

You are here to make a significant contribution and you can do so more easily with a strong and well-established network.

Someday this will be true for all of us: Our network will equal our networth ? Tim Sanders

  • There?s a network for everything, including LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)
  • How to strengthen your weak-tie network: give something away for free that is valuable to network members. Givers Gain.
  • Excellent network builders don?t expect a specific return. The return is name recognition and trust.
  • Recommended books: Networking with Millionaires (Thomas J Stanley) Love is the Killer App (Tim Sanders)
  • Golden Rule of networking: be quick to build connections and slow to break them.
  • Goal: build your Rolodex weekly/daily. You want multiple contacts in multiple fields. Stay in touch 2x/yr at least via email, phone, letter, face to face, etc.

Infinite Networks

If you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others, the universe will support you, always and only in the nick of time ? R Buckminster Fuller

  • How to tap into the Infinite Network: maintain integrity. That ensures long-term success.

What senses do we lack that we cannot see or hear another world all around us? ? Frank Herbert

  • Messages you send create an echo effect. But feedback is not instantaneous, so it can be difficult to observe and understand the cause-and-effect relationship.
  • There is a spiritual internet that kicks in when a team has a big purposeful dream.
  • Giving is God?s way.
  • God is the mainframe computer of the Spiritual Internet with individuals as miniframes off the mainframe.

Skills and Tools

  • We live in the information economy = means of production are back in your hands.
  • Free Agent Nation (Daniel Pink): the world wide web is 24/7, we?re in the age of digital Marxism.
  • The person who chooses to master the skill of persuasion can positively affect millions around the world.
  • Master teachers use storytelling to communicate effectively and illustrate arguments. Stories create irresistibly compelling word pictures that communicate heart to heart and soul to soul.
  • In a story, context is everything. ?May I eat when I?m praying?? vs. ?May I pray when I?m eating??
  • The most persuasive individuals present questions in a context that will likely get a favorable response.
  • Other useful tools: rhetorical question, humor ? especially self-deprecating humor(Douglas: Lincoln is two faced! Lincoln: Ladies and gentlemen, if I had two faces, do you think I would wear this one?)
  • 3 secrets to persuasion:
  1. Brightness: paint a bright word picture of an exciting future that awaits a person who follows your recommendation.
  2. Darkness: paint a gloomy picture of what will happen if they don?t follow your recommendation.
  3. Frequency: Repeat the message until your audience gets it and automatically does what you recommend.
  • To be a millionaire is to be a student of what motivates people.
  • 7 money skills of prosperous people:
  1. They value money differently, seeing each dollar as a money seed that can grow into a tree. They spend money respectfully
  2. They control their spending, shopping for the best value and examining receipts for mistakes.
  3. They save by spending wisely and saving at least 10% of their earnings.
  4. They have a system for investing money: 1st 10% of income for emergencies, next 10% for investments (3 types of mutual funds)
  5. They have Multiple Streams of Income outside their job.
  6. They protect themselves with trusts, corporations, LLCs, imited partnerships, and other legal entities. They live like a millionaire but have few assets in their own name.
  7. They share, donating at least 10% of their income. Money multiplies fastes when it?s divided.
  • EMs work cooperatively so that everyone wins. There can never be a loss for anyone in the transaction.
  • EMs create abundance, never scarcity.
  • The goal is to enrich self while enriching others.
  • EMs value time:
  1. Focus on the critical few (Pareto principle) work on the 15% that gets you 85% results.
  2. Learn to procrastinate on the less important 85%
  3. Replace your to-do list with an 85/15 list. Top priorities in the 15% box, low priorities in the 85% box. Only work on the top of the list.
  4. Reward yourself: Michael LeBoeuf, GMP: The Greatest Management PRinciple in the World: ?the things that get rewarded get done.?
  5. Do your feared things first.
  6. Planning is like a rehearsal. Take a few minutes every day to rehearse/plan.
  7. Exercise
  8. Layer activities: use waiting time productively.
  9. Write your goals daily
  10. Say no to useless things.


  • People usually want to do a good job. The problem is the system, not the people.
  • SYSTEM: Save YourSelf Time, Energy, Money
  • When things are set up properly, it?s easy to spot things.
  • All wealthy people have systems they?ve developed through years of trial and error.
  • 5 characteristics of the ideal moneymaking system:
  1. Zero cash (Robert Allen?s book Nothing Down)
  2. Zero risk (lelarn to use corporations and legal entities to lower your liability)
  3. Zero time (once your project is running, it operates on automatic pilot)
  4. Zero management (delegate)
  5. Zero eneregy (life is energy. Invest energy for greatest possible returns)
  • The power of multiple streams of income: you must have more than 2 completely different and diversified sources of income.
  • Residual income: recurring streams of income that continue to flow whether you?re there or not. What percentage of your income is residual?
  • The trick is to get money working for you instead of you working for money.

Real Estate

  • Look for sellers forced to liquidate real estate for cash needs, or mortgage holders who want to liquidate mortgages at a discount for cash needs.
  • Look for properties in crisis ? problem tenants, natural disasters, etc ? sellers who want peace of mind over ownership.
  • Look for rundown properties in need ofmajor fix ups.
  • Look for properties that can be converted: apartments ?condos, office space ?retail space, farm land ?commercial zoning etc.
  • Steps/tips for finding, funding, and flipping deals:
  1. Only buy residential property within 50 miles of your home (single family homes, apartments, and condos)
  2. Pick a target territory of one square mile and be an expert. There will be 3?10 bargains per year. Be there first.
  3. Use 1 of 9 methods to locate motivated sellers: Management or money problemsOut of area/work/luck/time/moneyTransferIllness, inheritance, ignoranceVacancyArea in decline, attorney problems (lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies)Tax problemsEstate and probate problems, emergency, early retirementDelinquent payments, divorce, death, debts, dissolution of partnerships
  4. 9 ways to find motivated sellers:Classified adsYour own paid adsRealtorsCanvass a target territoryFriends/contactsBanksInvestment clubsProfessionals (attorneys, accountants, etc)
  5. Analyze each deal with 5 questions:What?s the price? (1-poor, 2-average, or 3-excellent)What is the property condition?What are the terms?How about the location?Is the seller highly motivated to sell?
  6. Choose which Nothing Down technique to use. (Use OPR ? other people?s resources)
  7. Write offers on all properties scoring 12+
  8. Buy it, keep it or flip it.
  • Real estate investors have 2 basic problems: 1) how to raise cash for down payment 2) how to qualify for long-term mortgage
  • 4 C?s: cash, credit, cash flow, collateral. Without these, you must rely on OPR.
  • For more specific techniques, read the book!


  • To climb the business millionaire mountain, you need three things: Dream (a vision and a WHY), Team, Theme (product/service/idea)
  • Warren Buffet: there are only 2 ways to create wealth: find value or create value.
  • Entities that businesses sell to: customers, businesses, government, philanthropy/charities, customer joint venture, joint venture, etc.
  • You can also: buy out your boss and become owner, license your ideas, be a consultant, etc.
  • Complete this 4 step marketing plan and review it one minute per day:
  1. BIG PICTURE: What external conditions will affect business this year? (identify opportunities and challenges for each of the 6 major trends)1) economy2) main competitors3) technology4) ecology5) social/cultural6) legal/political
  2. DESTINATION: What are your business g oals for the next year?Ex: units sold, customers in database, product quality improvement, improve cost per sale, donations to charity?
  3. CUSTOMERS: Who are they and what do they want?Consider: age, gender, occupation, income, location. What your perfect customer wants, and what product benefit they value most.
  4. MARKETING SYSTEMS: How to find and serve customers effectively? how to position product to be superior? What?s your USP?Ultimate advantageSensational offerPowerful promise
  • 3 steps for marketing success:
  1. Look for addicts (everyone is positively addicted to something. Find them)
  2. Make your ads addicting using your USPUltimate advantage: What does your customer get that they don?t get from competitors? Find + flaunt it.Sensational offer: What bonuses can you offer to sweeten your deal?Powerful promise: clear no-questions-asked guarantee with teeth
  3. Leverage with joint venture partners ? find people already related to existing groups of addicts. Get their endorsement.
  • 20% of customers account for 50?80% profits.
  • Find the perfect customer:
  1. What does your perfect customer look like?
  2. What makes him/her tick? (inner values)
  3. What do I want him/her to expect of me? (what do you want to provide?)
  4. What do you need to improve about your business to attract more perfect customers?
  • The clearer you are about what your perfect customers expect from you, the more they?ll appear.
  • Info-preneuring: best way to make millions. You market and sell info (either your own or others): knowledge, entertainment, inspiration, adventure, how to do/be, little known secrets, your life or someone else?s life, special interests, hobbies, etc.
  • All people have at least one good book in them. You have enough info and experience NOW to turn into a lifetime stream of income.
  • What?s your story? Everything in your life has vaue ? falures too.
  • How to be a successful infopreneur
  1. TARGETING: Find schools of hungry fish
  2. BAITING: Create irresistible bait by tapping into a universal want at the right time
  3. LIFETIMING: Land lifetime customers. You can create a powerful info business with a few thousand loyal customers.
  • How to get started as an infopreneur
  1. Select a subject that matches your passion/expertise
  2. Find the hungriest fish in the lake
  3. Discover the kind of bait your fish bite on (market research)
  4. Design your own unique bait (ask fish what they don?t like about competitor?s product, design it exactly as they want)
  5. Test your bait (create marketing that gets people to act)
  6. Roll out your campaign (you can launch multiple versions of the same info)
  7. Enjoy the lifestyle of an info-preneur (work anywhere)
  • Money for nothing: Ex, Dr. Alan Francis wrote ?Everything Men Know About Women? which is totally blank.
  • Or Stan Miller, who made a compilation of quotes ?Especially for Mormons? and sold 10K books.
  • There is a book inside you and there?s an audience for that book.
  • Wililiam Nickerson: How I Turned $1000 Into $1,000,000 in Real Estate in My Spare Time
  • Bob: Nothing Down, Creating Wealth
  • Every 60 seconds, someone in North America becomes a millionaire.


  • To make money honestly is to preach the gospel ? Russell H Conwell
  • Most rich people are honest. That?s why they are rich.
  • You just need an idea and a desire. Everything else can be borrowed or bought.

Michelle?s Story: The Enlightened Way to Wealth

See book for this novel/story

  • The ultimate purpose of wealth is to help others
  • Idea tithing: taking your best idea and giving it to the world (Irving Berling gave rights to ?God Bless America? to the Boy and Girl Scouts)
  • You must get through at least 3rd rejections to get to where the big money is made.
  • Only one person can ruin your life: you
  • You get to decide whether facts make you a victim or victor
  • Everyone of us is a victim of something, but some people don?t act like victims.
  • Anybody can learn to be good with money.
  • Victors are those who figure out what went wrong and rearrange their life so it never happens again.
  • Wildfires are part of nature?s renewal process. Pinecone seeds are released by wildfires. Sometimes people have wildfires.
  • It?s one thing to learn a lesson intellectually, but quite another to ?get it? emotionally ? without that flash of insight, the lesson isn?t complete.
  • It?s just as important to share the AHA with someone else ASAP, to learn the lesson at a deeper level.
  • Skyscrapers seem to go up quickly, but there are years of advance planning and excavating soil. The higher the building, the deeper the digging to hit bedrock.
  • ?Funny what you find out when you stop pushing people away?
  • Use visualization to mentally package a negative thought and dispose of it.
  • The size of the question determinese the size of the answer.
  • How is the wrong question. If the WHY is big enough, the HOW takes care of itself.
  • Doing the impossible never makes sense.
  • A company thrives with a strong mission.
  • The best solution to a problem is usually the simplest solution.
  • Remembering a person?s name is one of the most valuable gifts to give.
  • Changing your life doesn?t take a massive shift, just a few little things every day can transform you.
  • Million dollar ideas can come from themost unusual places if you?re open and aware.
  • Paul Hartunian: made millions selling pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge (maintenance crew threw away old wood) and sent a long an official certificate. Sent a press release to media outlets ?New Jersey Man Sells Brooklyn Bridge for $14.95?
  • Some of the best ideas: something you would want to use for yourself.
  • Big money is always hidden behind a big rejection
  • EnLIGHTened millionaire = a ?lighter? kind of wealth. Money earned for noble purposes.
  • Most business create a product first then look for addicts. We can find addicts first then create the product.
  • The thing about hunches: the thing you think is supposed to happen doesn?t, but in the process, another opportunity reveals itself.
  • You may end up with the result you imagined, just not in the way you imagined it.
  • Side passages is often where the gold is hidden.
  • All your thoughts are broadcast subliminally through your body language, posture, words, eyes. Confidence is like cash.
  • Most people don?t pursue dreams as if their lives depend on it.
  • ?I?ve lived my whole life as if my life depended on it, because my life does depend on it.?
  • Not everyone will rally around you, but the right people will. They?ll join the team because you?re playing a big game.
  • Spiritual math: You and God can do anything. But without that spiritual foundation, your army is scattered, the battle is lost.
  • God = multiply by infinity. Without God = multiply by zero.
  • You?d be a lot less worried about what people think of you?if you realize how little they do.
  • Philantropism: capitalism + philanthropy
  • It?s a numbers game: the more lines you can get in the water, the greater the chance you?ll get a bite
  • Sometimes the goal is not to make a company interested directly, but indirectly, by letting them know that another company is interested.
  • The definition of marketing is building relationships. Unless you build relationships with your clientele, you only have one interaction with them. to be successful, you need multiple interactions.
  • Communication is not telling someone to do something, but the response you get. If you don?t get the response you want, you haven?t communicated properly.
  • Assure success with Multiple Streams of Income: ?If I had a sawmill, I?d sell sawdust as well as lumber.?
  • ? You never can tell where one mine shaft hits gold and the other mine shaft hits salt. So you sink as many mine shafts as you can because eventually they are all going to produce something.?
  • Intuition is a tender flame. It can be bullied by greed and fear. Be careful.
  • The only way an investor becomes a great investor is to lose on a couple and realize there?s no safety net. Learn from the process.
  • ?There are only two doors in life: the door marked ?security? and the door marked ?freedom.? If you choose the door marked ?security,? you lose both.?
  • Integrity is the only way to live. Negative actions compounded will drag you down.
  • Problems don?t drag you down. They?re like the wind. You can?t fly without them. (Winds cause kites to rise, what keeps them up is that someone on the ground has a steady hand = values/integrity)
  • Buckminster Fuller: you don?t belong to you?if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others, the Universe will support you always and only in the nick of time.
  • Fuller went home and did not speak for 2 years, just thought and meditated. Then spent the next 50 years in a creative frenzy.

A Final Word: You Can Be a Millionaire

  • The dream: create a million millionaires in this decade.

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