About Lena The Plug. Who is she?

Lena the Plug is Famous for her suggestive and uncivilized YouTube video blogs, she is the ordinary case of a trouble maker; you know the sort your mother cautions you about, yea? Despite the fact that she is moderately new to YouTube, her fleeting ascent to fame, and expanded number of devotees, just as perspectives on different online networking stages, lays accentuation on the definitely known reality that sex sells and kid did she benefit from the voracious interest for sex. She got significantly more footing when she declared by means of her YouTube channel that she would discharge a sex tape with her beau on the off chance that they both got 1 million supporters on YouTube.

‘Desire the goods, remain for my overwhelming appeal’; this generally short sentence embodies the very substance of Lena the Plug and discloses to you a ton about her identity. All these set up together has made Lena an exceptionally questionable yet intriguing character and underneath are fundamental realities you should know whether you are an aficionado of hers.

Family, Educational Background

Lena the fitting was conceived Lena Nersesian on the first of July 1991 to guardians of Armenian plunge. She was brought up in a moderate Christian home in Glendale, California and is by all accounts the single offspring of her folks. In the wake of moving on from secondary school in 2009, she picked up entrance into the University of California, Santa Cruz and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Psychology.

While Lena the fitting was considering Psychology at the University of California, she went through a year at Lund University, Sweden as a trade understudy and has affectionate recollections of her time in Sweden. She especially adored the sustenance and individuals in Sweden and filled in as an individual associate and babysitter to battle for herself.

After College

Lena the fitting is known to be book brilliant and is accepted to have graduated with a decent outcome since she was offered entrance into a post-graduate program at the University of Southern California yet turned it down because of the cost ramifications (more than 80,000 USD). She additionally sees herself as a nitwit as a portion of her side interests are perusing and composing verse.

After school, Lena filled in as a supermarket orderly and a Uber driver before she chose to wander into the universe of online networking in the wake of being presented to the tremendous open doors it offers by a web-based social networking new business she worked for. Obviously, her folks are not excited with her life decisions and the profession way she has taken, they are of the sentiment that she would be in an ideal situation putting her degree in Psychology to great use.

Is Lena the Plug in a Relationship?

Lena the Plug

Lena is at present dating Adam Grandmaison otherwise called Adam22 and they’ve been as one since September 2016. He is YouTube whiz like Lena with over a million endorsers of his channel named No Jumpers. Adam is likewise well known for setting up the most famous BMX site (as indicated by him) known as The Come Up. Adam possesses a BMX attire line and a store in Los Angeles.

Adam and Lena the Plug have an ‘open’ relationship. They participate in trios and have no hesitations about recording and spilling recordings of themselves in this demonstration on the web. As of late, the couple shot themselves taking part in a trio with Taylor White. There is additionally a video on Lena’s YouTube channel where she confesses to consenting to her closest companion Emily Rinaudo; who is likewise appallingly tactless (with a few recordings of her stroking off on the web) also laying down with Adam22.

Is Lena Nersesian Bisexual?

Lena the Plug’s sweetheart has communicated his bliss over the idea of his association with Lena and views himself as fortunate, yet additionally advantaged to have occupied with a trio with delightful women like Lena and Emily. He likewise is by all accounts alright with his life partner posting provocative pictures of herself on the web and furthermore charging 29.99 USD for VIP premium recordings and photos of her exposure or her taking part in some type of sexual movement on her Snapchat account.

Lena has likewise been supposed to have dated a young lady all through her school years and these cross-sexual claims are not fantastical as there are recordings online that demonstrate her expertly giving and accepting cunnilingus from a female.

YouTube Career

Lena the Plug is moderately new to YouTube however has made goliath strides. She is an evaluation B YouTuber with more than 1 million endorsers and well more than 67 million perspectives for just 105 recordings posted. Her yearly YouTube profit have been evaluated to be between 13.9 thousand to 221.7 thousand USD and she is as of now positioned number 4,971 as far as the quantity of supporters.

Lena’s posts on YouTube run from video blogs about her private life to relationship exhortation, wellness tips, and sex chat with her companions. She didn’t generally have tremendous numbers however, Lena the Plug began as a genuinely effective YouTuber with somewhere in the range of thousands of endorsers of her channel. She additionally encountered a ton of restriction on Instagram as her record was continually being accounted for and hailed for its suggestive substance and she needed to fight to keep her Instagram account on the web.

1 Million Subscribers

On the seventeenth of January 2017, things took a radical turn to support her when she declared by means of a video on her YouTube channel that she would discharge a sex tape with her sweetheart Adam22 on the off chance that they both got 1 million endorsers each on their individual YouTube channels.

Presently, big name sex tapes are not new to the web. Any semblance of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and even individual YouTube star Abigale Mandler have all had their sex tapes released on the web however the way that Lena utilized hers for YouTube Subscribers just felt somewhat extraordinary and unconstrained.


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