A glimpse of traditional clothing

A glimpse of traditional clothing

Getting to know more about Korean traditional attire?

Every country, especially the one with rich history and culture, has its traditional folk costumes and clothes which resemble the spirit of its tradition and cultural customs. Even in BIG BERRY, we have our own recognizable BB outfit, and during the Fashion week event, we showed the style inspired by BB brand.

South Korea is a country that values its customs big time. When it comes to outfit, Korean most famous traditional attire is called ?hanbok? and it symbolizes the beauty of Korean tradition.

hanbokHanbok ? Korean traditional clothing

Hanbok consists of a blouse shirt or a jacket called ?jeogori? and a skirt ?chima? for women or loose pants ?baji? for men. Hanbok is particularly beautiful because of its vivid colours and simple but elegant design which comes in endless different variations. Moreover, a wide spectrum of colours and materials used, allow a social classification among the people. Today, formal and casual wear are visibly influenced by the modern, Western styles, while traditional hanbok is still worn during special festivals and celebrations.

Observing these amazing pieces of clothing, we could easily imagine hosting someone from South Korea as a new BB designer.

hanbokstoretypicalA typical store with Korean traditional clothes in SeoulhanbokstoreSome of the many patterns of hanbok

Due to its rich historical value, hanbok became the reflection of Korean cultural heritage and art. As a matter of fact, hanbok is so valuable to Koreans that they even established an official ?Hanbok Day? in order to encourage people to wear it. Even people can be find on the streets wearing traditional clothes, as an exhibition or simply because of fashion.

hanbokpeopleWe couldn?t resist but to take a picture with the ladies dressed in these beautiful hanbok dressesmeninclothesMen on wearing traditional clothes, also known as ?baji?

Although we will not be present here during that special day, we did not miss the chance to visit a hanbok store and find someone casually walking around the city in this high fashion traditional clothing, in order to experience another touch of this fascinating culture!

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