9 Programming Jokes | Funny Side of Programmer’s life (And Bonus Tip)

9 Programming Jokes | Funny Side of Programmer’s life (And Bonus Tip)

Developers life contains some funny but true situations. Here are some programming puns that every coder will definitely relate to. We (IT Services Company) are sure these jokes will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Other than programming jokes, in the end, we have shared a bonus tip for all the programmers.

1. How developers deal with someone else?s code!Infinite loop joke. Fixing bugs after bugs and it goes on.

When dealing with someone else?s code most of the time programmer would be either adding new features over the existing ones or modifying the existing features. Also, fixing the bugs after bugs and it goes on. Programming jokes are hilarious and only a coder can understand.

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2. QA vs Developer

Two people from two different planets working together to deliver a quality product.

This is one of the most programmer funny pictures, QA and Developers always fight like cats and mouse and on a release day, they are hilarious.

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3. Confidence Level of a Programmer

This is an infinite loop joke, programmer?s life revolves around – I can?t fix this- Crisis of confidence- Questions career- Questions life- Oh it was a type

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4. For Programmers, a good day starts with a perfect blend of coffee and neatly written codes.

When a coder doesn?t get his morning coffee; don?t mess with him, even the codes don?t try to mess with them. In this programming jokes, relation between programmer and caffeine is explained.

if (coffee.Empty) { coffee.Refill();} else { coffee.Drink();}

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5. The everyday life of a programmer is like programming.

This programming memes explain a coder?s day in a coding way, how a coder?s day starts and ends.

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6. Computer programming humor

Programming jokes are hard to understand just like lines of code.

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7. When a Programmer receives his salary

Every coder faces the same problem as the others do.

Dear salary, Please come back to stay with me, you left in such a rush last month, I didn?t even have time to tell you about my plans… I miss you I?m sorry about whatever it is?

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8. Web devs who disable pasting passwords get even worse.

This is one of the programming jokes that find hilarious.

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9. Reactjs Developer Powered By Coffee

It isn?t easy being a programmer. They code all day, debug all night and go through thousands of code lines trying to clear up all possible messes before. Programming jokes are something that brings a smile to there face.

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10. Funny Programming Quotes

While there?s code there?s a bug

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Bonus Tips for Programmers

Although the practice is the only way that ensures increased performance in programming, but having some hacks up your sleeve, ensures an upper edge and fast debugging.

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