9 Most Expensive Flowers On The Planet

9 Most Expensive Flowers On The Planet

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God has blessed his children with some amazing and incredible gifts, and flowers are one of them. Flowers are the most natural and precious beauties of the world. Their beauty is not only praised out in nature, however, but they are also often given as admiration, a token of love, expression of feelings celebration, among other reasons. Flowers can express emotions which sometimes we fail to express through our words.

Flowers are commonly a part of funerals, birthdays, weddings and many other occasions. With enormous varieties of blooms to choose from, but have you ever thought about giving the costliest flower to your loved ones? Do you know the most expensive flowers in the world?

If you have no idea, then keep reading to know what the 9 most expensive flowers are on the earth.

Some of the most expensive flower in the world

Kadupul flower

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The Kadupul flower is considered as the most expensive flower in India. This Sri Lanka?s native flower is so expensive, no other flower can beat the luxuriousness of this flower.

Because of it?s Cactus roots, each and every Kadupul flower has a very short lifespan and is only able to survive the night.

In spite of this, the Kadupul flower is celebrated worldwide for its amazing calming qualities. Sadly, the only way to experience this beautiful flower?s scent is to purchase a bottle of Kadupul perfume. There are only two types of Kadupul flower you will find in Sri Lanka, Epiphyllum Hookeri and the other is Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

Juliet Rose

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Roses have always been the most loved flower around the world. From the black halfeti rose to the osiria rose, their diversity and beauty seem beyond anything, but it would seem that the Julie rose beats them all.

Juliet rose is a unique flower that took more than 10 years to create that making it one of the most expensive flowers ever developed. The flower has soft peach color petals and looks beautiful when fully open. The Juliet flowers are often used as a wedding flower. Bouquet of this amazing rose actually sells for around 90.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

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There are some unique and unusual orchids in existence but trust me this one is extra unique. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid was first developed by Chinese agricultural scientists and is man-made. The flower got its name after the Shenzhen Nongke University as it was created at the university.

Scientists took 8 years to create this unique and elegant orchid which only blooms every 5 years! Shenzhen Nongke University becomes the most expensive flower in the world in year 200 which fetched a surprising 160,000 at an auction.

Saffron crocus

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The saffron crocus is another most expensive flower in the world. It is light purple in color but its bright yellow stamen makes it look more elegant. The saffron is widely popular for being a space than a flower, however, is still sold as a bloom.

Nearly 80,000 flowers are required to create only 500 grams of spice. Saffron crocus is highly used as a spice in cuisines of many different parts of the world. This adds the value of the flower and thus makes it the most expensive flower on the earth.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

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Due to its beauty and uniqueness, the gold of the Kinabalu orchid is the most beloved and expensive flower in the world. Orchids are stunningly beautiful flowers and are only found in the small area of the Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid aka Rothschild?s slipper orchid, are large sized open-leafed orchid species. Apart from the fact that it?s only grown in Malaysia, another thing is that it is really hard to grow. As it takes many years to bloom before it finally appears.

It is said that one stick of gold of Kinabalu orchid is sold at $5,000.

Gloriosa Lily

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Native only in Asia and southern Africa, the Gloria lily is yet another most expensive flower on the earth for being unique as well as rare. It is also known by various names such as glory lily, fire lily, flame lily, etc. The Latin name of the flower is Gloriosa superba ?Rothschildiana?

The flower is famous for its showy flowers with flexed and pronounced petals and most importantly changing color from top to center. They come in three different colors and are accessible year-round.

Nowadays the cost of Gloriosa in the market is around$5-$10 per vine. The reason behind the high price of this species of the lily is for being unique and rare. Yes, they are quite expensive but when they add to your centerpieces or bouquet it adds the perfect texture.


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Hydrangea is a combination of more than 70?75 of flowering plants native to eastern and Southern America and Asia?s. Hydrangea holds the eighth position in the list of most expensive flowers around the world. They come in mainly white blooms, but you can also find pink, blue, light purple, violet hydrangea in very rare case.

They are popular for their unique and spherical appearance. They can grow up to 3 m in height and cultivate between springs and autumn.


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The Lisianthus blooms all year-round and can grow up to 5 cm in diameter and 60cm in height. Lisianthus is also known as the Eustoma Grandiflorum and can grow in warm regions like Mexico, southern united states, northern South America and Caribbean.

The striking colors and large oval petals are just basic reasons for making this flower worldwide famous. They come in a huge variety of colors from white, purple, lavender, as well as blue-violet.

They need extreme care while transporting from one place to other as they are too expensive. This unique flower cost around $35 bundle. These flowers survive only for a few weeks, thus they are too expensive.

Lily of the valley

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Lily of the valley is the world?s second most expensive flower. The flower is also known as Convallaria majalis. Lily of the valley is a unique shaped white color flower. It commonly grows in the mountainous areas, and it?s blossom time in early March mean end of spring. It can grow up to 1?10 mm in size and 15?30 cm in height.

So, this was our list of the 9 most expensive flowers in the world and I?m sure you must be stunned by their beauty and shocked by their price tags!


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